7 Strange Dating Rules That Show How Weird Love Can Be

By Revati Tamboli on Sep 29, 2018
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Still swiping right to find the perfect match? Take a break off your local dating scenes and have a look at some strange dating rules in the world, just in case there’s a mutual right swipe. These rules would seem perfectly normal if you were to visit the country and date a person there. Just a little low down for unanticipated romantic alliances!

1. Japan: Confession is the key

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The Japanese take chivalry to a whole new level by confessing their love even before going out. Yes, love is blind. But in Japan, love is crazy! It is an unwritten dating rule in Japan that you should like each other before going on a date. What’s even weirder is that the act of confession commonly known as kokuhaku is usually done by women!

2. United States of America: Drunk sex is not worth a SHOT

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When America is not busy defending alien attacks, it is creating absurd dating rules. America has a quite clear and open dating culture. Drunk sex is normal these days. Although, you can face criminal consequences if it in any way is reported as illegal. Better make a drunk call to your ex than doing this!

3. France: Seal the deal with a kiss

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The French are certainly not as cheesy as their French toasts and are in principle very direct. They are very fast in declaring their love. In France, a kiss on a date means that you are a couple from now on.  Now we certainly know why the ‘French kiss’ is so popular!

4. Mexico: No role reversals allowed

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Feminism? No, that doesn’t exist in the Mexican dating dictionary. In Mexico, people strictly adhere to the gender roles when it comes to dating. The men are expected to be all ‘macho’ and pay the bills, while women have to be feminine and the ‘damsels in distress’. Also, Mexicans believe in a lot of PDA, which is not so bad!

5. Netherlands: Get high on equality

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What else is the Netherlands known for other than Amsterdam? Equality! Equality in the Netherlands is reflected by its dating rules. It is quite normal for a woman to ask a man out. Couples usually split the bill after a date. Gone are the days of sexism and the winds of change are finally here.

6. South Korea: No PDAs allowed

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Koreans are very humble and this applies to their dating attitude as well. No matter how passionately you are in love with your partner, you are advised to keep your hands off them in public. A light peck on the cheek and holding hands is okay, but everything else apart from that is off limits. Who said South Koreans are conservative, but rules are rules right?

7. Russia: Keep up with the chivalry

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In Russia, women get offended if they have to pay the bill after a date. Looking at the fact that there are 11 million more women than men in Russia, I think it should be the other way around. Let’s just say that Russia is just trying to keep the tradition of chivalry and gentlemanship alive!

Which of these dating rules did you find the weirdest? Let us know in the comment section below!

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