Strange Sexual Customs Across The World

By Neha Kapoor on Jan 16, 2019
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Strange practices make this a strange world to live in! Ever since the conception of this universe and mortals, sex has been the centre of human imagination and fantasy. While this human relationship might just evoke poetry and desire on one hand, it can also incite horrific reactions with its bizarre rituals and practices on the other. Our previous generation might just be horrified by the casual nature of contemporary sex practices today, but there is more to this world of bizarre practices that will make your hair stand on their heads. However, do keep in mind that our outsider's perspective might be the reason they would be termed as strange.

Let us have a look at weird sexual customs and practices that blur the lines between normal and abnormal:

1. Himalayas- One Wife for several husbands

You would have heard a lot of men who have more than one wife! I mean the kings used to have as many wives and concubines as possible in order to assert their political and social power. But one woman with several husbands is something that you would not have heard before, except for the case of Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas. In Himalayas, however, polyandry is not only acceptable but is actually a part and parcel of tradition and culture. While it may seem bizarre at times but doesn’t it put women in a relatively stronger position though?


2. Niger- One Place where wife stealing is a legal practice

The Wodaabe tribe in Africa celebrates a festival where men try to seduce the wives of other men and in the process get legitimately engaged to them. While extra marital affairs might seem to be the order of the day, this kind of an open sexual culture might still seem strange to us. During this festival, the men of Wodaabe tribe get decked up in order to put themselves in pleasing light before women. The major difference with this pageant is that it is the women judging the men - who are wearing makeup and dresses.

3. Egypt- Where Self- Stimulation finds a cultural acceptance

PC:Wikimedia commons

Masturbation might be a hush hush topic for the rest of the world but not for ancient Egypt. Atum, the Egyptian God of Creation, created his children Shu and Tefnut by masturbating and swallowing his own cum. According to Sex and Society, "even the ebb and flow of the Nile was thought to be caused by Atum’s ejaculation. This concept spurred the Egyptian pharaohs to ritually release themselves into the Nile to ensure an abundance of water."

4. Iran- Pay for a Trial Marriage

PC:Wikimedia Commons

In Iran, the young couples can have sex under the aegis of trial marriage. They can pay for a short ceremony that includes a written contract that states the time for which they will be "married.” Once this is done, they can have sex and judge each other at least sexually for themselves. Cool eh!

5. Papua, New Guinea- Where kids start having sex at 6


While we might be still wondering as to whether to include sex education as a part of curriculum for children, the Trobianders tribe in Papua considers it normal for kids to have sex at 6!! Infact 6-8 for girls and 10-12 for boys is considered to be the usual age for them to have sex. And remember, this is not a social stigma for this community.

6. Haiti- Where Sex is a part of Religious Rite

Haiti is well known for its voodoo and strange practices of black magic. The waterfalls of Saut-d’Eau in Haiti get crowded in every July as the religious enthusiasts visit the holy site to take part in a Eucharistic rite, worshiping the goddess of love. From bathing naked under the waterfall to sexual dance and consummation- everything can be seen here.

7. Mangaia- Where boys sleep with Older Women

You would have heard a lot about older women acting as mothers to boys. But Mangaia is one place in South Pacific Ocean where older women are specifically instructed to sleep with the younger boys in order to teach them about sex. The women teach them different positions and how to pleasure women. Older women will sometimes teach girls how to orgasm, or they will learn from the boys that they have sex with. If a girl has sex with a boy who does not make her orgasm, that is looked at very negatively for the boy and he will get a bad reputation in the town. The girl will then go have sex with another boy who will then hopefully bring her to climax and he will show her how to do so.

Who wouldn’t wish to visit this place?

8. Marquesas Island- Where children can see their parents having sex

Children in Marquesas island sleep in the same room where their parents do. Well, there would be many places where it happens in a similar way! What makes a case here so bizarre is that it is considered to be perfectly normal for kids to watch their own parents having sex. Too bold!

9. Cambodia- the love huts

Kreung Tribe in Cambodia follows a sexual practice that might seem bizarre to many but is indeed liberating for girls. The parents here build a love hut for their daughter where different boys come and hold conversations with the girl. These meetings most of the times reach up to the level of sexual consummation but doesn’t bind the two after that. After having several "discussions” like this, the girl is free to choose her partner! I know what the most of you would be thinking right now!

10. Indonesia- Where sex outside marriage is allowed once in a while

During the celebration of Pon in Indonesia, the believers climb to a sacred mountain in the island of Java and practice sex with someone other than their wife or husband. It is said that their wishes of good luck will only come true if they have sex with the same person at all seven celebrations throughout the year. What the most of us might just fantasize, the Indonesians can actually do it, without any entailing guilt or social stigma to handle to!

11. Inis Beag- Where people make love with underpants on

Le all the bizarre customs might sound sexually liberating to a certain extent, this one seems to be bit restrictive. The people of Inis Beag, near Ireland are conditioned so well to repress sex that they actually practice it while still wearing their underpants. My question is- How to they do it?

12. Chhattisgarh - Where teenage girls and boys have multiple sexual encounters

The Deer Horn Muria tribe in Central India's Chhattisgarh region practice Ghotul, a festive encounter of teenage men and women where they learn songs, lore, tribal dance and well, sex. At night, they engage in ceremonial orgies and sexual romps. Girls drink a natural liquor as an herbal contraceptive to avoid pregnancy and then choose different sexual partners every night. Accidentally if a girl becomes pregnant, her baby is made to stay and is adopted by the village. Quite adjusting!

13. New England- Bundling


Bundling was a social mechanism that helped to insure the stability of sacred matrimony. In traditional societies such as that of New England, courtship was seen as a kind of trial period that included some sexual acquaintance, though amid constraints. A couple would spend a night together, usually in bed, dressed or half dressed. During the night, the young couple got to know each other intimately and sexually through various kinds of stimulation and mutual gratification. However, these were supposed to fall short of penetrative sex that could lead to pregnancy.

You need great courage to go to through that! Isn't it?

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