16 Weird Pizza Toppings Around the World

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We all associate pizza with Italy and today this preparation has become one of the most popular fast foods across the world. Co-opted very well by different cultures, pizzas are prepared with every variation of toppings across the world. Since the toppings of any pizza define the flavor of any country, we shall see some of the weirdest and strangest ones that you shall come across as you travel across the world:

Pizza Toppings From Around the World

1. Green Peas Pizza in Brazil

Green Peas Pizza in BrazilPC:allday.com

Brazilians seem to like green peas a lot. So much so that they like to add peas, carrots, quail eggs, beets and raisins on their thin crust pizza as topping.


2. Kangaroo Pizza in Australia

Kangaroo Pizza in AustraliaPC:Angel Ganev/Flickr

Australians are known for their odd eating habits, and their pizza is no exception. Their pizzas are commonly covered with barbeque sauce and topped with meats like crocodile, emu, and kangaroo. This kangaroo pizza is an example of an Aussie pie.

3. Fried Egg Pizza in France

Fried Egg Pizza in FrancePC:rick/Flickr

Egg and pizza might sound a unique combination! In France, the egg is served yolk up on pizzas. Sometimes it’s baked on top of the pizza, and sometimes it’s fried separately to be added later.

4. Mockba Pizza in Russia

Mockba Pizza in RussiaPC:e-radio.gr

You need to have a tolerant nose for this. One of the most commonly consumed pizzas in Russia is mockba, which is topped with sardines, tuna, mackerel, onion, salmon and red herring.

5. Chicken Tandoori Pizza in India

Chicken Tandoori Pizza in IndiaPC:Wikimedia Commons

A typical Indian pizza has a topping of tandoori chicken or mutton, pickled ginger and paneer (cottage cheese), with loads of mayonnaise on top of it.

6. Canned Tuna Pizza in Germany

Canned Tuna Pizza in GermanyPC:youtube.com

Canned tuna is a popular pizza topping in Germany. It can stand alone, but it’s commonly mixed with vegetables and other toppings.

7. Pizza Berlusconi Pizza in Finland

Pizza Berlusconi Pizza in FinlandPC:Wikimedia Commons

Named after the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Pizza Berlsconi in Finland is topped with smoked reindeer, chanterelle mushrooms and red onions.

8. Mayo Jaga in Japan

Mayo Jaga in JapanPC:youtube.com

Order a mayo jaga in Japan, and you’re going to get a pizza with mayonnaise, bacon, corn, potatoes, and onion. It’s so popular, you can order it from Domino’s.

9. Haggis Pizza in United Kingdom

Haggis Pizza in United KingdomPC:Jim Wolff/Flickr

A product of Yard Sale Pizza, this one comes with haggis and cavolo nero, black chile jam, and mozzarella. Frozen varieties are available at most British supermarkets.

10. Cone Crust Pizza in United Arab Emirates

Cone Crust in United Arab EmiratesPC:citymagazine.rs

This interesting-looking pizza has a crust that you can easily pluck perhaps too easily. Each cone of the Cone Crust Pizza comes stuffed with honey mustard chicken or cream cheese.

11. Chicken Pine nuts Pizza in Palestine

Chicken Pine nuts Pizza in PalestinePC:operamundi.uol.com.br

In Palestine, most pizzas are topped with pine nuts, spices and cinnamon mixed in olive oil.

12. Coconut and Shrimp Pizza in Costa Rica

Coconut and Shrimp Pizza in Costa RicaPC:youtube.com

Coconut on pizza might sound weird to you, but in Costa Rica, it is consistently the most preferred topping. The other favored topping is shrimp.

13. Bronx Pastrami Pie Pizza in USA

Bronx Pastrami Pie Pizza in USAPC:Wikimedia Commons

Rose City Pizza in Rosemead, California, simply swaps rye bread for pizza dough and adds mozzarella to the classic pie.

14. Banana Curry Pizza in Sweden

Banana Curry Pizza in SwedenPC:Carl Johan Crafoord/Flickr

In Sweden, the topping combination of Pizza Africana is very interesting - peanuts, bananas, chicken, pineapple and loads of curry powder, and is often known as banana curry pizza.

15. Sea Food Themed Pizza in Japan

Sea Food Themed Pizza in Japan

This seafood-themed pizza is topped with varieties of seafood and squid ink is used in place of tomato sauce. This pizza uses no cheese.

16. Chocolate and Marshmallows Pizza in USA

Chocolate and Marshmallows Pizza USAPC:Gabriel Rodríguez/Flickr

Want to have a dessert Pizza? Chocolate and marshmallow pizza is the dessert version of pizza served in a chocolate shop of Max Brenner in New York City.

So which one of this have you tasted or would like to taste?

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