10 Mouth Watering Indian Street Foods To Try

By Bhoomi Shah on Jan 08, 2019
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Does thinking about bhel puri make your mouth water uncontrollably? Do you revel in your gulab jamuns and ras malais? Does chaat make your day? Well then, were guessing youre a huge fan of Indian street food. And weve compiled a list of the 10 best street foods of the country and where to try them, just for you:

1. Mumbai: Vada Pav

If we didnt put vada pav on the list of the best Indian street food, wed be committing a grave sin against the gods of food. Seriously! This quick meal thats basically potato fritters in a bun, can be found all over Maharashtra. You can find the best vada pavs of the world in Mumbai.

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2. Bangalore: Idli Vada

This south Indian meal is a classic and a favourite of a lot of people, whether they hail from the south of India or not. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, idli vada with sambar or chutney makes for a tasty and hearty meal in Banglore!

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3. Lucknow: Aloo Tikki

The Indian street food space is an absolute haven for vegetarians, and aloo tikki in Lucknow is like a crowning jewel! Mashed potatoes with spices and herbs are balled up and fried. Lucknow boasts of great aloo tikkis, although Delhi is a strong contender too. Check Out : Michelin star restaurants in india

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4. Delhi: Chhole Bhature

Delhis street food game has always been strong. And thats probably why the chhole bhature made here are to die for! Are you dribbling unattractively right now? Dont be embarrassed. We are too! 

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5. Kerala: Appam

A type of savoury pancake made with rice batter and coconut milk, generally eaten for breakfast. If youre craving a light south Indian dish, this ones tailor-made for you.

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6. Mumbai: Bhel Puri

Puffed rice, salad and spices. Who would have thought that this makes for the perfect treat? Mumbai, youve done it again.

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7. Golgappa: Everywhere

Whether you call it golgappa, pani puri, or puchka, different cities across the country have their own version of this street treat. And were so glad for its accessibility!

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8. Indore: Poha

The heart of India is well-known for its scrumptious and delectable street food. The poha made in Indore is light, but filling. Its often served with cut up jalebis because sweet and sour go together so well!

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9. Mumbai: Pav Bhaji

Mumbai, youre just showing off now. Although you get pav bhaiji all over the country, the yummiest contenders would definitely be from Mumbai.

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10. Varanasi: Jalebi

If you have a sweet tooth, jalebis were created for you. Deep fried wheat flour drowning in sugar syrup. Who is going to count calories when the deserts of our country are so glorious?

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