Top 7 Street Foods That You Can Not Ignore in Hong Kong

By Guest Blogger on Dec 29, 2017
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Hong Kong could be considered as one of the most developed city in Asia. I have finished my first trip in Hong Kong, which was for 7 days, and my first thought when coming to the city was "what can I eat and where should I go". After a few days exploring the city with my friend’s advices, I figured out the best 7 street foods which attracted me the most.

1. Squid in brine

The food is extremely attractive

The first food which has to be mentioned is the giant squid, which has been very popular recently in Hong Kong. People in Hong Kong call it orange cuttlefish or uo;Lu shui mo yu” (which means uo;squid in brine”). The squid to be used must weigh from 3 to 4 kilograms. Don’t be surprised because the world can catch the cuttlefish up to a hundred pounds. And because the squid is so big, it's enough to cut a few small squares for a big bowl of squid. The average price of this food is about 45 HKD.

2. Fried pig intestine

The fried pig intestine should not be missed

Intestine is not a preferred choice in the west, however, I was quite surprised to see some of my friends from New York getting addicted to this food. The pig womb is stuffed with fried meat, served with soy sauce, super delicious. The crispy fragrant intestine is slanted into the rod for visitors to enjoy. Hong Kong's organically-made dishes are so great, so do not skip this one!

3. Egg waffle

Egg waffle is also something you should not miss

Have you ever heard of the famous waffle in Hong Kong? In fact, the processing of this dish is quite simple, just pour the flour and egg mixture into a special toaster and you will have a waffle that looks like delicious chicken eggs. Egg waffle in Hong Kong is hollow, crispy and thin inside. This dish is very fragrant when it is still hot. The crust is very crispy whereas the egg is soft and cool to hard.

4. uo;Rotten” tofu (Stinky Tofu)

The smell could be horrible but the taste might make you surprised

Another thing you also have to try in Hong Kong is tofu. Like the name, the smell of rotten tofu is very annoying, some people cannot handle the smell of the rotten tofu, since it is similar to the smell of green cheese or even that of the sewer. But to those who know how to eat this food, the more smelly the tofu is, the better quality it has. When you eat, you will feel that it is strangely fragrant, fat and extremely great when being combined with chili sauce.

5. Fish uo;balls”

Spicy fish ball

In the list of typical street food in Hong Kong, it is impossible not to mention fish curry. Fish fillets are filtered, porked, rounded, fried and then cooked with curry. It has good smell, spicy-sweet taste which is uniquely attractive. Perhaps this is the reason why you must taste this food when visiting Hong Kong. 

6. Dim sum

Hong Kong dim sum is amazing

Diverse and subtle, dim sum is a must-have when here! Dim sum in Hong Kong is really diverse with dozens of types are processed by methods such as steamed, boiled, baked, fried. The elaborate, thoughtful way in each piece of dim sum makes you absolutely convinced from the first tasted.

7. Roast

Roast is famous in Hong Kong

Talking about roast meat in Hong Kong, people often think of the legendary geese goose first. But those who have been traveling here said that in fact, all the types of roast here are delicious, from goose, duck to dough, spinach. Of course, you will have to go to the famous restaurants to have the best dishes, but if you want to have the feeling of a street traveller, you can randomly visit a restaurant which has many customers and try the food. You will definitely not be disappointed.

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