Best Places for Street Shopping in Bangalore

By Seema Nande on Mar 08, 2019
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We bring to you the best places for street shopping in Bangalore, that will not just get you the best bargains but also make you flaunt it!

  1. Commercial Street
  2. Brigade road
  3. Sampige road
  4. Residency road
  5. Marathahalli
  6. MG road
  7. Chickpet
  8. Avenue road
  9. National market
  10. Dubai plaza

1. Commercial street

Commercial street, BangalorePC: BS

Shoes, accessories, clothing, and other knickknacks, this street has everything you need to get an entire look together! Also being one of the most popular streets in Bangalore, you can choose to generally hang out here in the evening with friends, or just wander around alone or just practice your bargaining skills.

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2. Brigade road

Brigade road for budget Haynes

One of the best cheap shopping places in Bangalore, Brigade road cannot be missed while mentioning shopping in Bangalore on a budget! Dotted with shops and stores selling clothes, shoes, spices, items that are handcrafted, pieces of antique jewelry and much more this is a local favorite. Having a good blend of reasonable and semi-reasonable brands like Nike and food and beverage outlets of Starbucks and KFC, this is also the right place to find ancient pieces of jewelry or décor items for the house.

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3. Sampige road

Sampige road - most preferred shopping places in ETIENNE

Situated centrally in Malleswaram, the Sampige road market is local’s first thought to buy literally anything and everything! Books, religious bric-a-brac, electronic gadgets, silk sarees, fabrics, delicious local sweets and other nondescript everyday items are what you will find here. In spite of the high rises coming up in the vicinity, this is the best place to shop, if you know where to look. The Sampige road is also the most popular flower and fruits market in the city. Follow up the shopping by some authentic Karnataka food at the many restaurants here.

4. Residency road

Residency road - shop for K R

Your search for the perfect handicrafts ends here! In case, you are wondering what to buy in Bangalore, and thinking something unconventional, look no further, this is the place. With several government handicrafts emporiums selling exquisitely crafted-ware at affordable prices, Residency road certainly is one of the best shopping areas in Bangalore.

5. Marathahalli Smith

Not exactly a street shopping place, but has outlets that sell stuff at prices equivalent to street shops. This place has the majority of the city’s factory outlets. So you can expect a lot of brands here at discounted prices. Marathahalli lies on the outskirts of the city, on the airport road. Cheap shopping places in Bangalore, home to some amazing, affordable and fashionable trends, Marathahalli cannot be missed!

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6. MG road

MG road - for some cheap clothes

From traditional handicrafts to silk and even a kids stores, besides the usual affordable women’s’ wear, MG road has something for everyone. This is personally my favorite place to just window shop and enjoy the diversity of shoppers here, from college goers, housewives, and even foreigners. Enjoy street shopping in Bangalore along with stalls dishing out great food, this place is always on the go.

7. Chickpet

Chickpet - oldest shopping area in the

The narrow streets of Chickpet will surprise you as one of the best shopping areas in Bangalore. Famous for a wide variety of saris and wholesale dress materials, this is among the city’s oldest commercial districts. Get an entire Indian look together, as you follow your saree and dress material shopping by heading to Balepet for bangles or Nagarthapet and Raja market for affordable yet fashionable jewelry!

8. Avenue road

Avenue road - an open Marmot

Heritage buildings, food carts and hundreds of shops selling literally everything is what the one way, Avenue road looks like. A bibliophile’s heaven, this is also a place where second-hand books are available at super cheap rates! Avenue Road is close to Chickpet, shop here sell stationery, jewelry, and textile at affordable rates. You can also resell you old or new books here.

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9. National market

National davis-burchat

Another favorite of the locals, the National Market is located centrally in the city. Located near Majestic, this is Bangalore’s go to gray market for clothes, accessories and tech goods like phones, handy cams, tablets and MP3 players. However, lookout for the Chinese knock-offs or go with someone who can differentiate. A great place to shop the likes, especially if you are keen on a good bargain.

10. Dubai plaza

Dubai plaza, Bangalore

Pretty much contrary to what the name might suggest, the Dubai Plaza is actually an ordinary looking building on Rest house road! Inside this building are rows of stalls that sell affordable items like shoes, clothes, bags, wallets, cosmetic products and imported merchandise like perfumes and undergarments amongst other such accessories! At the basement lies the Tibetan Plaza, with quirky fashion outfits, scarves, and accessories. A word of caution Check all your purchases for any defect before you leave!

This list pretty much sums up the best cheap shopping places in Bangalore, all you got to do is head out, venture and treat yourselves or your loved ones.

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