12 Glorious Submurged Wonders Across The World

By Sameer Kapoor on Jan 29, 2019
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Waters have always preserved the past in their deep bowels- history, culture, lost civilizations and in fact a way of life that will always entice the human imagination beyond boundaries. Some of the greatest civilizations have been recovered from underneath the water, they have been stroked, pampered and kept abreast so that they are not forgotten! The deep annals of waters have also preserved vessels that were once meant to cross the waves. So let us look at 12 of such wonders, once above the ground but today would like to stay in the lap of those waves to outwit the passage of time.

1. Lion City Of Quiandao, China

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This can be considered as world’s most picturesque submerged city. China’s Quiandao lake today preserves the Lion City (Shi Cheng) that was built during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-200 CE) and is as big as 62 football fields put together.

2. Dwarka, Bay of Cambay, India

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Mythology, history and legends found under water! This is the city where Lord Krishna was born and raised according to the Hindu mythology. The remains found in Bay of Cambay are as good as 9500 years old and would force you to believe the presence of Krishna, the God king in India.

3. S S Thistlegorm, Egypt

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Sunk by German bombers in 1941, the trains, trucks, armoured vehicles and motorcycles aboard S S Thistlegorm never made it to their intended destination of Alexandra in Egypt. Instead the vessel was considered lost until local fishermen helped French explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau pinpoint its remains near Ras Muhammad in the Red Sea in the 1950s. Now divers can discover the entire ship, including anti-aircraft machine guns and holes left by the bombs, in a single dive.

4. Kwan Phayao, Thailand

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Kwan Phayao is a 500-year-old Thai temple that sits at the bottom of Lake Phayao and to one’s astonishment the lake was made intentionally about 70 years ago. The mystery of this 500 year old temple still seems alive with questions left unanswered.

5. Pirate City, Port Jamaica

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Considered to be the official hangout spot of the rumoured pirate clan, Pirate city is also known as the wicked city on earth. Believe it or not! Beneath the waters one can catch a glimpse of the then bars, brothels, ghosts of folks swigging rum around a tavern table among the many views.

6. Yonaguni, Japan

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Accidentally discovered by a dive tour guide nearly twenty years ago off the coast of Japan are a set of mysterious pyramids. These structures seem to have been carved right out of bedrock using tools which were previously considered as unknown to ancient civilizations.

7. Pevlopetri, Greece

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Said to be 5000-year-old Pavlopetri in Greece, this is considered to be the oldest submerged city in the world apparently dating back to the Bronze Age. Ever Since its discovery in 1967 by Oceanographer Nic Flemming, many artefacts have been restored due to which scientists have recreated a digital picture.

8. Baiae, Italy

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The former version of the modern Monte Carlo is Baiae, popular for its party culture. Apparently it was favoured by many Roman emperors including Caesar for a good seaside party. The ancient ruins of Baiae can be visited in the public underwater archeological parks off the Bay of Naples.

9. Lost City Of Atlantis

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Still to be discovered, if found the remains of this city will be considered as one of the biggest discoveries for mankind. Apparently, while examining an ancient map on gazelle skin, it has been said that Atlantis lies where Antarctica is located today.

10. Cleopatra’s palace, Alexandria

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This would be the most magnetic of all! Off the shores of Alexandria, lies what is believed to be the ruins of the royal palace of Cleopatra. It is said that an earthquake occurred over 1500 years and caused the chambers to go underwater.

11. Havana, Cuba

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A team of researchers has found evidence in the Yucatan channel near Cuba which consists of extensive megalithic ruins. It is said that the civilization that inhabited these, pre-dates any of the already known ancient American ones.

12. North Sea, Europe

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A natural landscape, which was once occupied by huntsmen was recently discovered in the North Sea. Basically, all the landforms like rivers, lakes, and even land are now part of the seabed. Even though there is only digital mapping to access the information, there is hope for people to get more information about mankind.


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