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summer getaways in India

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As summers approach the scorching heat takes over draining the life out of us. That's when the body yearns for a soothing getaway, or rather a cooling one. If you live in one of the hot and humid cities of India, you'd totally know how badly the summers can get to you rubbing the heat in your face and the sweat trickling down your back. The sun at this moment feels like a ball of vengeance, scornfully spitting out fire onto the baking land getting it parched by the day with its ruthless burns.

The ultimate rescue at this point of time is a holiday to some place unharmed by the golden ball of fire. Instead of racking your brains on the geographical conditions and hunting for a country that’s enjoying winters while you suffer in summers, explore those lucky parts of India that aren’t so damaged by the fierce hot rays hitting planet earth.

To name a few of them, you could pack up and have a sweet escape to these top summer getaways in India:

1. Coorg - (Kodagu) India’s Scotland

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Back home you have the summer season teamed with the flaring sun, the concrete jungle that surrounds you, the irritation of noisy vehicles and the hustle and bustle of the hill station on the whole. Sounds like Satan’s joyride, doesn’t it? a holiday in the blissful hill station of Coorg would simply turn this around for you. Now imagine green carpeted hills with natural soft grass and shady tall trees, the chirping of birds that’s more like a melodious song to the ear, pleasant trekking trails with a lovely weather, options to play golf and a lot more. Wow! That’s like a long hug from nature. Coorg has so much to offer irrespective of the season. However, summers in the hill station are exceptionally beautiful and worth the explore. Plan your stay at these cool resorts in Coorg for a relaxing summer vacation!

2. Ladakh - A Slice of Tibet

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A desert perched at a high altitude, to the north of India, this part of India is an experience to be lived rather than read about. No more the mysterious hidden land in India, Ladakh has been found and explored more than ever by tourists. Summer is the best time to visit Ladakh and also a time when bikers from India and world gather in and around Delhi, Srinagar or Manali to set a road trip to the gorgeous hilly area. Ladakh being the safest place for when it comes to safety, be it of women or from violence, you can truly enjoy a summer vacation here to the fullest.  Ideal for photography, the region features picturesque views and sumptuous landscapes you can feast your eyes on. There’s no reason not to visit Ladakh this summer if a summer vacation is on your agenda.

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3. Tawang - Slay Through Ice

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If you need to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle this summer, Arunachal Pradesh is the best escape. Tawang, in Arunachal Pradesh is usually visited during the summer season itself. The pre-monsoon vacation destination is famed for its perfect weather and the impressive 14th century Tawang Monastery.

The Tipi orchid sanctuary on the other hand is another attraction luring tourists to this part of the state. the best part of vacationing in Tawang is that you cross the snow clad Sela Top Pass to reach the town. This pass is covered in ice for 365 days a year. You could absorb the beauty of nature here while souvenir shopping or enjoying one of their festivals or fairs when in the town of Tawang.

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4. Sikkim - The Heat Doesn’t Matter Anymore

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With the breathtaking Himalayas outlining the majestic state, and the mirror-like Teesta river gliding its way through the land of Sikkim, the state becomes a magnificent icon of beauty to explore this summer. Sikkim is replete with tourist attractions to unleash and learn about like; the Buddhist Monasteries, dancing waterfalls, concealed caves, trekking trails, dense green valleys, sparkling lakes and rivers and a lot more.

The pulchritude of the state is that it stands solitude leaving the traveler to admire its beauty and explore the hidden gems it never divulged on its own. Sikkim also passes for a lavish honeymoon destination with the bliss of nature and the soothing voices of the water, greenery and birds that are part of the state. After a summer in Sikkim you’d probably start loving the season magically.

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5. Manali - Where Nature and Adventure Unite

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Does this one need a description? Doesn’t the name speak volumes? Manali is undoubtedly the most visited destination in India especially during summers. If you see tourists in Himachal Pradesh, chances are, most of them are there to explore the gorgeousness of Manali. A summer vacation in this town would be an exciting combination of adventurous activities amidst the beauty of nature. Sports like white water rafting, paragliding, trekking and zorbing are common activities enjoyed in this part of Himachal Pradesh.

The irony of this town is almost anyone can enjoy it. all it takes is perception. To the honeymooners, it is a romantic getaway while to the ‘family tourist’ it looks like a serene town blessed by nature. Backpackers find the town more like a hippie destination on the outskirts of the city. However, none can argue about how well the town serves as an ideal summer getaway.

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6. Andaman & Nicobar Islands - Water Cools It All

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What other than water can beat the heat better? Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a paradise of sumptuous islands rich with marine life and gorgeous corals. You could simply laze around the luxury beaches here while you soak in the mind sun ray and hydrate your skin in the clean salty water. Swimming, diving, snorkeling and other activities are a part of the Andaman fun. Take an extra break to explore all the 36 inhabited islands of the 52 pieces of land surrounded by water here. The beauty of the islands is that they’ve still preserved parts of the Stone Age culture and maintained the colonial inheritance which is a reflection of history. Summer on an island anyway sounds like an excellent idea. Bid the city life adieu and escape to the land that’s abound by water.

7. Rishikesh - A Cradle to Yoga

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The emergence of yoga happened in this city of Uttarakhand at the foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of the holy river Ganga. Ever since, Rishikesh has always been a lovely place to vacation at irrespective of the season. Having that said, you cannot deny the fact that the summers in this city are more pleasant and charming.

The city is home to temples, ashrams, yoga retreat centers and a lot more. It is also famed for adventurous activities like hiking, bungee jumping, white water rafting and other activities. If you’re looking for a summer that would strike a balance by boosting your adrenaline rush and calming your nerves, pack your bags and set on an exciting journey to Rishikesh.

8. Ooty - The Weather Is Taken Care Of

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Ooty was used as shelter from the heat by the British once upon a time. Since then hasn’t lost its luster in serving as a great retreat from the scorching summer heat. The gorgeous town is a mark of elegance with its well-maintained botanical gardens, old fashioned cottages, flowery gardens and a lot more.

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9. Kashmir - Heavenly Beauty

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It would be sin to keep Kashmir off the summer vacation list. How can someone not think of this pristine beauty? The state flaunts its commendable infrastructure and is home to luxurious resorts and hotels. The mesmerizing dal lake and stupendous houseboats brightened with amiable sunrays makes the state look like a beautiful bride decked in gold.

The gorgeousness of the magnificent state is often reiterated in the movies. Summers are mild here and hence the summer getaway would make complete sense in this state of India.

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10. Shimla - The Ultimate Escape

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Being more of a honeymoon destination, it’s an open secret that Shimla is home to the serene beauty of nature with an unmatched climate and beautiful surroundings. The winter season is showered with snow while the summers get mild sun shine enjoying a pleasant climate.

It is a lovely destination to run to if you’re escaping the sweltering heat of the summers. Especially if you want to beat the Delhi heat, when the capital feels like an oven ready to bake, Shimla would might as well be your answer.

11. Mahabaleshwar - Strawberries with A Pat of Fog


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Let your skin glow with the yummy, healthy strawberries while you wipe that ugly tan off on a visit to Mahabaleshwar. The city is strategically located 1372 meters above sea level, positioned so well to overlook the deep lush valleys and enjoy panoramic views of the surroundings. When it is all hot around the country, in Mahabaleshwar it is foggy. There are plenty of points in the city with interesting stories behind them. The gorgeous lakes and lush valleys in the city shape the beauty of this exquisite summer getaway. Book a hill resort to live the calm and tranquility at the sumptuous destination.

12. Darjeeling - Let Have Some Tea

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I bet you’d replace that cup of piping hot tea with a big glass of cold drink of beer. In Darjeeling, you can still enjoy that cup of tea this summer. Of course the town is famous for its lavish tea plantations but even otherwise the climate is cool enough to still sip on a cup of hot tea.

The hill station also hosts the Tibetan fare and is home to Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, verdant gardens, artistic shops, souvenir outlets and a lot more. There’s no doubt, a lot to explore and enjoy here while simultaneously you elude to irritating summers back home.

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13. Wayanad, Kerala - Nature, The Prized Possession

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If adventure excites you and a day of trekking completes you holiday, while on the contrary you need a blend of waterfalls, panoramic views from tall peaks, pristine beaches, unique caves, gorgeous picnic spots, and a heap of adventure in on place, Wayanad is your best summer getaway. With a little of everything, this district fulfills the dream of a traveler by going out of the way to have them please.

Explore the one of a kind Edakkal Caves and the isolated Kuruva Island. The proud Chembra Peak and the milky Meenmutty Waterfalls define the glorious beauty of the district. Being so close to nature, to climatic conditions are just perfect even during the summer season.

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14. Mussoorie - Snow Isn’t Unnatural Here

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Referred to as the queen of hills, Mussoorie defines gorgeousness amid nature’s bliss and the proud Himalayan trenches. Where most of India is so unfortunate to even get a glimpse of the sparkling white snowflakes, Mussoorie flaunts its snowcapped mountains and the snow covered Himalayan trenches. Summers in the district are hardly felt and hence this beautiful part of India becomes a glorious stop during the same season. Think no further, you’ve just found your twin. You can’t take the summer heat, so can’t Mussoorie.

15. Matheran - Where The Chills Set In


A ride to Matheran is like moving from a sunbath into an air-conditioned room. You can literally feel it in the air when you approach this peony town. With a carpet of red mud, Matheran is a little hill with a heap of exciting activities and luxurious resorts. Take the train to get to the core of the little town and explore the beauty of the place while you throw yourself miles away from the city and the sweltering heat.

The good news is India still has ample of getaways to beat the heat. Unfortunately, just about two decades ago there’d be many more cities to add to this list, however the bad news is that global warming is really taking us down leaving us with horrendous climatic conditions. You could still find solace at these exquisite places that shower their pleasant weather on their visitors. Summer is just another reason to travel.

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