Sunburn 2016 Moves Out Of Goa To The City Of Pune

Think EDM, Think Party, Think Sunburn Festival!
The event that pulls EDM lovers every year, Sunburn is more than just a music festival; it’s a culture. The beach, the music and the vibe of the event can instantly elevate your mood turning it into a party that you can never get enough of. Add to that food, entertainment and shopping and you have a winner. No wonder why, the Sunburn Festival is ranked among the top 10 festivals in the world. Rocking the beach party since 2007, Sunburn festival was synonymous with Goa and its striking beaches. 
2016 is a different year though.
The event that is supposed to be held between the dates 28th to 31st of December will not be held in Goa this year. Moving slightly north, this year the city of Pune will be hosting the festival.
After nine successful years of hosting, the organisers of the event are facing difficulties obtaining various permissions from the Goa government.  Although the tourism department of Goa is affirmative to host the event, there are few formal procedures and dues that have to be cleared off for the permission. Since the procedure might take a little longer, the organisers have shifted the event to Pune.
The festival sees a lot of attendees and hence a huge area needs to be dedicated for the festival. A vast table top land in Kesnand district, Haveli, Pune has been chosen for the festival. 
Hits and Misses
According to the CEO of Sunburn Karan Singh, although Goa was a great destination for the festival, Pune is also a great choice because of its large young and student population. Goa is a tourist’s favourite, so while it is a perfect destination to party, it is also slightly expensive, especially during the peak holiday season of Xmas and New Year.
Pune, whereas will be a cheaper destination attracting more and more people to the event. Fondly called as the ‘Oxford of the east’, thanks to the number of colleges and educational institutions in Pune, there are more than 500 thousand students in the city. This means, the event this time will get bigger and better! 
Not a beach party per say, this year; the event is being promoted as Sunburn Hills! 
What’s the best part?
Ample accommodation: No advance booking, room sharing or landing up on the beach since every hotel is full. Pune will be able to host you comfortably in a hotel room.
Great Food: Known for its foodies, you will be literally spoilt for choices when it comes to food in Pune. From street-side to fine dine; Pune has got it all!
No Tan: Save your bottle of sunscreen for you next vacation, the Pune Sun won’t tan you!
Flaunt your winter wear: How and where would you otherwise wear your warm leather jacket! Bring out the best winter wear sitting in your closet and flaunt it at the festival! 
Easy Access: Hop on a flight from Delhi, drive from Mumbai or take a bus from Bangalore; Pune has easy access to most of the major cities in India and the prices won’t rise as they do for Goa!
Booking tickets, are you? 

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