11 Surprising Things That Are Legal In the US!

By Niyati Shinde on Mar 04, 2019
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In a nation as vast as the USA, here are a few things which, surprisingly, are legal in some or all of the states of the country!

1. Spanking students

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You read it right! In some countries, even parents cannot spank their own children! In USA however, corporal punishments in schools are still allowed in 19 states!

2. BHT and BHA Preservatives:

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Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) are carcinogenic preservatives and can be found in USA in foods such as cereal, gum, nut mixes, butter and even meat! Consumption of BHT and BHA is banned in more than 160 countries across the globe. But not in America.

3. Roadkill as a meal:

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Washington, California and Texas are the only states where it is not permitted to collect roadkill to serve as food. While visiting every other state, be careful what you eat, you never know where that food came from!

4. Marrying your 1st cousin:

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Marrying your first cousin is completely legal in 11 states in USA. These states include New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington and New York.

5. Sharing a drink with your kids:

In the year 2013, the Massachusetts State Supreme Judicial Court ruled that parents cannot be held criminally liable for giving alcohol to their own children at home.

6. Beastiality:

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In over a dozen states in USA, having sex with an animal is 100% legal! It is frowned upon yes. But technically, it is not a crime!

7. Counting Cards:

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It may get you beaten and thrown out of casinos, but counting cards in USA is not a crime! Card counting is not illegal under federal, state, and local laws in the United States provided no external card counting device or person is assisting the player in counting cards. 

8. Firing a missile:

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Firing a missile is legal in the state of South Carolina! However, you need to get permission from the aeronautics division of the Department of Commerce.

9. Being the proud owner of a flamethrower:

Under federal law, it is completely legal to buy a flamethrower! Only 10 states ban it. But hey, you can always relocate to the 40 other states where there are no laws that prohibit owning this weapon!

10. Going topless:

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A woman walking around the streets without a shirt or a bra, minding her own business, is completely legal in most of the states in USA. There are only three states that have laws against women being topless- Utah, Tennessee and Indiana. Some cities across the country have passed ordinances that don’t allow toplessness.

11. Plastic Bags:

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The harmful effects of plastic on the environment are well known. In the year 2002, Bangladesh became the first country to ban plastic bags. This was followed by many other nations like France, Mexico and Tanzania. In USA, San Francisco became first city to ban plastic bags in 2007 followed by Los Angeles in 2013. The entire state of California was to implement a groundbreaking law that bans plastic bags. Unfortunately, it was postponed after the plastic bag industry pushed a referendum onto the state ballot to overturn it. 

Which laws would you like to change? Are there any surprising laws in your country? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Note: Laws are subject to change. What is legal today may not be true tomorrow. Please abide by the laws of your state. 

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