13 Surprising Things To Experience on Your UK Trip

United Kingdom is replete with an undying charm that mesmerises its visitors. And while there is so much you could anticipate when travelling to UK, there are some things that will take you by surprise!

Here are some quirky things that will leave you dazed on your visit to the United Kingdom:

1. Cars Can Be Rarely Used To Commute

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Being a huge city, it’s anticipated that London will have a chaotic traffic. But the London streets are tremendously crowded so much so that even if you have a car, it is parked 96% of the time. Cars are mostly used only to travel to the countryside.

2. Pre-packed Sandwiches For Lunch

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Everyone is in a hurry to reach somewhere. And pre-packed sandwiches are the best meals to go! Available not only in convenience stores, you can grab one even at a supermarket, a pharmacy or at newspaper stalls!

3. The Accent

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 Don’t drink coffee I take tea my dear, I like my toast done on one side.
 You can hear it in my accent when I talk; I am an Englishman in New York.

We all are very well versed with the heavy British accent and are quite intimidated by it most of the time, but the surprising fact about the British accent is that it changes every 25 miles!


4. Punctuality And Manners

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UK is a place of manners! Greeting strangers you meet on the bus, wearing formal clothes, being extremely punctual are some of the attributes that are both inspiring and surprising!

5. Out-Punch At 6 pm

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The people of UK are extremely punctual, having said that, it will also surprise you that they are punctual to leave for home after office too! Every office in UK and all the public spaces close after 6 pm and you will find the locals chilling at a local pub or enjoying a warm meal back home!

6. Pub At Every Corner

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

UK loves its Ale and Lager! Practically every corner in London has at least a couple of pubs and this pattern runs throughout UK. The love for the beer makes the people of UK start their weekends on Friday afternoon and yes, you can get a bottle of beer to work on Fridays!
Also, it is not illegal to drink after the age of five under parental supervision during family dinners and get togethers! Now, that’s a really surprising fact we weren’t aware of! 

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7. Obsession With The Royal Family

Image Source: businessinsider.in

Yes, we are aware of the love and respect people of UK have for their Royalty. But the obsession is surprising! Be it spending tremendous sum of money just to get a glimpse of the Royal newborn to the paparazzi trying to make news of little happenings in the royal palace; people of UK have a huge obsession for their Queen!

8. Student Discounts

Image Source: Pixabay.com

If you are a student in London, you have a sale all year round! London offers great discounts to students, right from bars and pubs to transportation to hospitals to clothes and departmental stores.

9. Horses, Ponies And Donkeys Need A Passport

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you thought you could ride a pony and feel like a royal when in UK, think again! Your pony needs to have a valid UK passport. Not just the ponies, but the horses, donkeys, zebras need to have an animal passport with microchip declaring their details and the fact that they are not available for human consumption.

10. Free Museums

Image Source: Allan Henderson/flickr.com

A UK trip might be a little hard on your budget with high priced accommodations, transportations, over all expensive cost of living and more, but one pleasant surprise is that most of the state and council owned museums have free entry! This includes major ones like the British Museum, Science Museum and Natural History Museum in London.


11. Separate Taps For Hot And Cold Water

Image Source: Pixabay.com

So you like you drinking water cold? There is a tap for it! And you want a hot cup of water for your green tea, there’s a tap for it too! The concept of mixing units in plumbing has probably not been accepted by the people in UK and every place will have separate taps for hot and cold water! Not that we’re complaining!

12. Gregg’s

Image Source: Pixabay.com

You will find this one practically every where in the UK! Gregg’s is the largest bakery chain in the UK with around 1600 outlets selling lip-smacking pasties ( British Baked Pastry), sandwiches, doughnuts and sausage rolls.

A hot pasty here and you will be more than happy!

13. Wetherspoon’s

Image Source: Elliott Brown/flickr.com

We’ve already spoken about the love for the beer and the multiple pubs of UK but Wetherspoon’s deserves a special mention! Owning 1000 outlets throughout the UK and Ireland, Wetherspoon’s is more about the experience it offers rather than just the drinks. Low prices, no music, long opening hours and cask ale, we all can imagine why it is the hot favourite among locals and tourists alike!

Did these facts surprise you or you already knew them? Do you happen to know more surprising facts about the UK? Comment below and let us know!

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