15 Best Sustainable Destinations in Europe

By Deepak Kannan on Mar 09, 2017
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If you are an avid traveler, then you would have definitely heard about the term 'Sustainable Tourism'. While it is easy to skip it and carry on, the Sustainable Tourism is the need of the hour and deserves much attention. But before that, what is Sustainable Tourism?

While being green and eco-friendly are a part of Sustainable Tourism, it is more than just that. Environmental Sustainability, Socio-Cultural Sustainability, and Economic Sustainability form the base of Sustainable Tourism.

Environmental Sustainability - Preserving the environment and making it sustainable for future generations.

Socio-Cultural Sustainability - Promoting the cultural exchanges and promoting local culture.

Economic Sustainability - Contributing to the local economy over International brands.

Although in theory, it looks easier, it takes the effort of each one of us to make it possible. With a fast-growing tourism industry in place, it is essential that we take up the responsibility on our shoulders immediately and act to our best of interest to make Sustainable Tourism flourish. The first step in doing that is by visiting these 15 best sustainable destinations in Europe and promoting the cause. Traveling is not just packing your bags and clicking photographs anymore, you are a responsible traveler now. So be the change you want to see.

1. Nin, Croatia

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Situated in close proximity to Zadar, Nin is an Old Croatian Royal town that dates back to the 9th century BC. Home to unique ecosystems, endemic animals, and a provision to produce natural and organic food, the heart shaped town is a spot of health and happiness. Fall in love with the flavor on offer at the organic fig farm, understand the exquisite cultural heritage and relax in the beach shores. Lying in the midst of a shallow lagoon surrounded by sandy beaches, Nin is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe.

2. Gmund, Austria

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Focusing on art and culture for more than 25 years, the town of Gmund in Lower Austria is a compact, colorful artists' town in Europe known for sustainable urban development. Wedged in between two impressive parks of Hohe Tauern and Nockberge, the well-preserved Medieval architecture of Gmund makes it an ideal European destination to host contemporary art exhibitions and cultural events. Gmund is a wonderful place for artists to visit, as it will get you in touch with the local and international artists.

3. Corinaldo, Italy

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Be prepared to be welcomed by the 14th-century walls of the town of Corinaldo. Best-preserved in its original self, Corinaldo is full of lovely churches and old stone buildings, which give you an essence of what the whole town is all about. Take a step back in time by walking along the alleyways gazing at the town walls, hike through the vast vineyards, and as the sun sets, peek into a local theater. With a backdrop of rolling hills, Corinaldo is timeless and the medieval romantic gem is also famous for the celebration of Halloween.

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4. Durbuy, Belgium

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Set on the banks of the River Ourthe at the edge of Ardennes, Durbuy is a pretty postcard town in Belgium. Durbuy is so small in size that it is regarded as one of the smallest towns in the world. Characterized by cobbled streets, timber-framed houses, and ironically, comprising of the largest topiary park, Durbuy looks inviting. Sip a cup of coffee in one of the quaint cafes, go on a stroll through the winding natural trails, and stay mesmerized. Painted in the color of nature, Durbuy is a green delight

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5. Radovljica, Slovenia

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lined with structures from the 15th and the 16th century, Radovljica in the Upper Carniola region is one of the well-preserved gothic-renaissance towns in Slovenia. Radiating in the bright summer sun are the colorful facades of the Old town that exhibit the authenticity of the town. Learn about the Radovljica's heritage at the Apiculture museum, get enough of the charming Old town, and visit the Church of St. Peter. Honestly sweet, Radovljica orients local tourism in accordance with sustainable development.

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6. Sinj, Croatia

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bordered by the fertile land of Sinj and the mountain peaks of Kamesnica, Svilaja, and Dinara, Sinj is a small inland town in the heart of Dalmatian Hinterland. Get ready to be seduced by the age-old tradition and the submediterranean climate, not to forget its immense archeological remains. Be a part of Sinj's annual chivalric Knight tournament of Alka, visit the Venetian fortress of Kamicak, and check the pilgrimage site of the Sanctuary of the Miraculous Lady of Sinj. Sinj is one of the best sustainable destinations in Europe.

7. Ebro Delta, Spain

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Located on the northeast coast of Spain, Ebro Delta in the province of Tarragona is the main coastal delta region of the Ebro river. Boasting of a diverse species of flora and fauna, Ebro Delta is biologically rich and is of great importance. Indulge in bird watching to spot the rare Corsican seagull, go on cycling trips along the completely flat space of the Ebro Delta, and learn a thing or two about the culture at the Museum of the Ebro. The landscape of Ebro Delta is admirable and is an ideal place to relax.

8. Monte Isola, Italy

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Rising from the waters of Lake Iseo, Monte Isola is the largest lake island in Europe with no cars, only mopeds and cycles to go around. With the roads quiet and uncluttered, the tranquility and the old-worldliness will sweep you off your feet and you fall in love with Monte Isola in no time. Rediscover the pleasures of life by going on a trek, taste the traditional dishes of Salami & fish in oil for a flavor of the local cuisine, and spend a picnic along the beach. Visit Monte Isola for its enthralling panorama and artistic beauty.

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9. Mostviertel, Austria

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Extending from the Danube to the Alps and from Ybbs to the Enns, Mostviertel in Lower Austria is a land of rolling hills and pears. Incredibly calm, the verdant fields of Mostviertel is so soothing that it will make you forget about everything. Harvest the pears yourself during the time of April and May when they are in their full bloom, escape to the tempting Traisen Valley twinkling with vineyards, and spread your blanket on the lush green pastures for a picnic. Do pack your bags with fermented pear ciders, while returning.

10. Bohinj, Slovenia

Image Source: Rosino/flickr.com

Wonderfully mystical, the valley of Bohinj in the Julian Alps is extensive and completely refreshing. A significant part of Slovenia's tourism industry, the highlight of the region is the Lake Bohinj with looks totally magical and out-of-the-world. Experience the outdoors by kayaking in the emerald green lake, cycle through the alpine fields adorned with wildflowers, and drift away in the waters on a boat, soaking in the lovely atmosphere of the place. Bohinj is an amazing summer holiday destination in Europe.

11. Sheep's Head, Ireland

Image Source: Masterbutler/flickr.com

Nestled in between Bantry Bay and Dunmanus Bay, Sheep's Head is the headland of Sheep's Head Peninsula in Ireland. Hugging an entire coastline, Sheep's Head comprises of some of the best walking trails in Europe. Exhaust the beautiful walking trails by leaving your boot prints, check out the Sheep's Head lighthouse set at the tip for unparalleled views of the bay, and stay immersed in the picturesque Irish fishing villages. The locals in Sheep's Head are incredibly warm & friendly and will make your stay a memorable one

12. Kuldiga, Latvia

Image Source: Martin Konopacki/fllickr.com

Popularly referred to as the 'Latvian Venice', Kuldiga is an ancient town with a distinct architecture and a medieval vibe. Lined with one storied building of red clay roofs, Kuldiga is endearing and remains virtually unchanged, as if it is bound inside a time capsule. Go on cycling & nordic walking tours to the widest Europe waterfall, pass through the labyrinth of the Riezupe sand caves, and enjoy the Baroque structures in the countryside. Perfectly preserved, the centuries-old town of Kuldiga is indeed charming.

13. Mellieha, Malta

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Contrasting in nature, the tourist resort of Mellieha is placed in the midst of the azure crystal clear waters and bright green valleys. The idyllic location of Mellieha gives it a lovely character and the small town looks gorgeous from all the sides. Meander along the sandy beaches hand-in-hand with your loved one, binge on the Mediterranean cuisine made out of fresh produce, and gaze endlessly at the picturesque views of the bay. Mellieha makes for a comfortable holiday destination and is one of the top sustainable destinations in Europe.

14. Wild Taiga, Finland

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Set in the Finland's Eastern border, Wild Taiga is an escape to the wilderness. Stretching from the Kuhmo to Suomussalmi, Wild Taiga features thick evergreen forests, unmissable nature, and a rich wildlife. Hike through the dense forest region of Wild Taiga to reconnect with nature, try your hand in at least one of the many outdoor activities in place, and learn about the traditional livelihood. Wild Taiga is totally for nature enthusiasts and the region is also an amazing destination for wildlife photographers.

15. Knjazevac, Serbia

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Born at the confluence of the two rivers of Trgoviki Timok and the Svrljiki Timok, Knjazevac is a town in Serbia bounded by three mountains. Highlighted by its perfectly preserved history and truly unspoiled nature, Knjazevac offers its visitors with interesting tradition, wonderful wine, and a great variety of activities. Go on a family picnic to the Stara Planina-park of nature, ski in the artificial ski grounds of the park, and be a part of the Youth Culture festival & the traditional feast of the 'Prayer under Midzor'.

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