Swarovskis Newly Reopened Crystal World's Museum in Austria

By Gaurav Tembe on Jul 21, 2015
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Commemorating its 120th anneversary, Swarovski's crystal world is back with a bang and is bigger and better. One of the most visited attractions of Austria: Swarovski Crystal World, located in Wattens is visited by more than 0.5 Million visitors annually. The Museum has recently undergone extensive expansion, there are several new art installations, a family-friendly play tower, and a beautiful glittering restaurant.
Swarovski is a crystal manufacturing company founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895, in Tyrol, Austria. Let's take a look at some of the most beautiful installations here:

The Giant In The Garden

A giants head, created out of shrubs by Austrian artist Andr Heller, spewing water into a pond greets you at this fantastical playground.

Image Source:Costel Slincu/Flickr

Crystal Dome

The Crystal Dome uses 595 mirrors to give the viewer the feeling of being inside a crystal.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Crystal Cloud

Another new expansion is the Crystal Cloud, designed by the American-French duo CAO PERROT (Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot).  

 Image Source: Swarovski Kristallwelten/Facebook

The Leviathan sculpture

The Leviathan sculpture, by Tyrolean artist Thomas Feuerstein, is made with more than 10,000 crystals. You'll find as a part of Fabrizio Plessis Crystal Forest installation.

 Image Source: kristallwelten.swarovski.com

Crystal Tree

Created by Tord Boontje and Alexander McQueen this spectacular crystal tree is made of 150,000 crystals, and inspired Boontje to surround it with an entire winter landscape is an another new feature.


 Image Source: kristallwelten.swarovski.com

Crystal Forest

Crystal Forest is a work of the Italian painter and video artist Fabrizio Plessi. This unique composition is dedicated to the elements of fire, water, and crystal and combines the natural material of wood with video technology.


Image Source:kristallwelten.swarovski.com

Transparent Opacity

Transparent Opacity by Arik Levy is an homage to the diversity of crystal. The title of this work already embraces both of its apparently contradictory aspects: its transparency and its impenetrability. The room installation is both a game with the most diverse array of materials from glass, marble, and steel to synthetic 3-D prints as well as a play on shapes and sizes.


Image Source:kristallwelten.swarovski.com

Lattice Sun

Korean artist Lee Bul created Into Lattice Sun, a dramatic and utopian landscape in the Chambers of Wonder that stages an interplay of mirrors and crystal.


Image Source: kristallwelten.swarovski.com

Crystal world

Inside the Blue Hall, which houses works by the likes of Andy Warhol and Salvador Dal, the centerpiece is the Centenar, more than 310,000 carats it is the largest hand-cut crystal in the world.


Image Source:kristallwelten.swarovski.com

Experience the aura of the crystals, fall in love with the glitter of Swarovski, Admire the illumination as you sink into the beauty of the place- that said, do you need a reason more? Don't miss out to visit this museum next time you plan a visit to Austria.