Interesting Places to Visit in Sydney in 2018

My City of Sydney, I miss the Warmth of you

Tommy Leonetti was so right while saying this! A bustling metropolis, the oldest and largest cosmopolitan of the land down under, Sydney is one of the prettiest cities in the world. Undoubtedly, Sydney has been termed as one of the most liveable cities. Proudly boasting two of its majestic structures amidst the various Sydney points of interest - the Sydney Opera house and the Sydney harbour bridge, this city enthrals and pacifies. Eclectic charm of the historical places, natural bounty that stuns the beholders, array of mixed cultures, show-stopper fashion, art and delectable cuisine- Sydney is a destination every traveller dreams of!

Sydney is formed by tiny clusters of suburbs coalescing to form a huge hub around the city centre. Although the city centre offers you the typical metropolitan experience, the farther you move from the city centre, the quieter it gets. The Sydney suburbs have some pristine beaches, sublime parks and cheaper shopping areas which adds the finishing touch to your Sydney Voyage.

Sydney has efficient network of rail, ferry and bus that allows you to explore the city. The multi-modal tickets are the best deal for people who want to use the public transport. There is also a Prepaid Opal Card which can be used at any modes of public transport which calculates the fares, deducts the amount and reduces the hassle of buying every time you are getting around in Sydney.

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You can start your Sydney itinerary by visiting the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Crossing the harbour and overlooking the alluring skyline of the city, the bridge connects the The Rocks to North Sydney. You can walk around, grab a bicycle and ride all the way or have a picnic under it; the Bridge is one of the best hangouts in Sydney.

Another interesting activity to do in Sydney is to hang out at the fantabulous beaches of Sydney. There are over 100 scenic beaches dotted around the city and few of the most popular are the Bondi Beach, Coogee and Manly. With beautiful harbour coves and surfing opportunities, these beaches are a delight to every traveller. Already started planning? Check out how to explore Australia on a Budget.

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When in Sydney, its a given to take a tour to the Sydney Opera house. This multi-performing venue is an international landmark and is one of the busiest art performance centres in the world. With around 1500 performances and an audience of whooping 1.2 million, the opera house is a UNESCO world heritage site and even if you cant catch a performance, you can hop on a guided tour of the place.

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Sydney is a paradise for wildlife lovers. You can go whale watching in the Pacific; spot the Kangaroos & Wallabies in the citys national parks or adore the possums that cling on your hotel roofs after midnight.

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There are many wildlife parks, sanctuaries and zoos where you can have a little picnic, click pictures and be out in the wild!

Boasting a diverse array of museums, the Australian museum dedicated to natural history, the Australian National Maritime Museum with both indoor and outdoor exhibitions and the Powerhouse museum spinning around technology is for the geek traveller! The art lovers shouldnt give a miss to the Art Gallery of NSW focussing on the aboriginal art and museum of contemporary art. Besides, there are tons of other chic art galleries in East Sydney if you want more!

Thanks to the 2000 Olympics, Sydney is a proud home to the Sydney Olympic Park which now serves as parkland and offers top-notch sporting facilities. Royal Botanic Gardens that date back to 1816 and Modern Sydney Tower which is the tallest structure in city, Sydney is a perfect amalgamation of old meets new!

Sydney offers a phenomenal culinary experience to its visitors. Right from the street eats to Michelin star restaurants; you can find it all in the city. The fish preparations top the must-eats and there are also steakhouses, cafes and restaurants serving country cuisines from all over the world! There are weekly food festivals where you can binge on the variety of delicacies and yes, it would be a very good idea!

Sydney sojourns are delightful; more because the city has something for everyone. What does it have in store for you? Travel to Sydney and explore amazing things to do in Sydney.

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