Taboo Destinations From Around The World That You've Never Heard Of

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In today’s era of technology and internet, we think that we get to know every little thing happening under the sun. But, how blissfully unaware we are! There are so many places where you cannot set a foot, some sites that you will not find on online maps, and sometimes entire countries you are not allowed to visit or where tourists are welcomed with cold shoulders. This is the blog that will tell you where not to go and more importantly, why not to go because we all know how tempting it is to do the things that we are specifically told not to do. But, listen to us and save yourself from all the life-threatening troubles that await in the dark corners of the world.

1. Snake Island, Brazil

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Snake Island, that is known as Ilha da Queimada Grande by the locals, can be one of the deadliest places on earth that tourists are not allowed to explore. And even if it were open for people, who would want to go to the island that is home to more than 4,000 snakes so venomous that one bite is enough to melt human flesh? One of the most poisonous snakes, golden lancehead pit viper, rules this place. Only research teams are allowed to go to the island and that too with all the necessary permissions. Now, you do not want to be one of those people who went to explore the island but never returned, do you?

2. Chernobyl, Ukraine

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Chernobyl is the Ukrainian city that has witnessed one of the most disastrous nuclear accidents mankind has ever come across. This city, which was home to more than 14,000 people, had to be evacuated on 27 April 1986 after a late-night safety test went horribly wrong. It transformed a lively city into the ghost town in Ukraine that is considered to be unsafe for any human habitation for the next 20,000 years.  But, that hasn’t stopped many Bravehearts from visiting the empty streets of Chernobyl. The government officially opened this site in 2011 and you can take a guided tour today. You will even find a couple of general stores and a hotel around here.

3. Poveglia, Italy

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What happens when you ship away the Black Plague patients to an isolated island? What happens when the asylum is established on the same island where the patients were subjected to inhuman experiments? The soil becomes rotten with decaying bodies and the land becomes haunted by the cries of sufferers. At least, that is the case with the island of Poveglia located between Venice and Lido in Italy. Though it is one of the taboo destinations on the Earth, there are people who have gone to Poveglia and have come back only to tell the stories of unexplainable paranormal activities. If you are thinking of going to Poveglia, remember that even fishermen avoid the shadows of the island.

4. Lascaux Caves, France

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Lascaux is a complicated cave system founded near the village of Montignac in France. The walls of the cave are adorned with hundreds of paintings dating back to 17,000 years. Different ancient artifacts were also found in the cave making this site archaeologically important. Though the cave was once open to the public, it has become one of the top places you are not allowed to visit as the human contact triggered the growth of fungus on the cave walls. The government is struggling to tackle such issues to preserve the wall paintings and there is a chance that Lascaux Caves may open for the public again in the near future.

5. Mezhgorye, Russia

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Do not let the welcome sign at the entrance of the town Mezhgorye in Russia fool you. No one is really welcomed to enter this bizarre Russian town. Located near Mount Yamantau in Ural Mountain range, many believe that it can be the secret nuclear base or at least a hidden military base. No wonder the Russian government is protecting this mysterious town so fiercely. If you are curious to know what is inside the walls of Mezhgorye, all you will need is a permission from none other than President Vladimir Putin. That certainly makes it one of the secret places on earth impossible to visit, at least for people like us.

6. North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands

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North Sentinel Island is nestled in the Bay of Bengal and belongs to a group of the Andaman Islands. This mystifying island houses the Sentinelese, the indigenous people, that is far away from the touch of modern civilization. For centuries, 60,000 years to be specific, this most isolated tribe in the world has dominated the rocky, densely forested island with arrows and spears. Those who have ventured to the island mistakenly have met a tragic end. There is little to no information available about the history, lifestyle, and culture of the Sentinelese. The Indian Government, after several failed attempts, has decided not to initiate any contact with this tribe making the island one of the most forbidden places in the world.

7. Tomb of the First Qin Emperor, China

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With the army of thousands of terracotta warriors and assumed rivers of mercury guarding the Tomb of the First Qin Emperor, it is hard to discover the secrets that are lying under the hill in Xi'an, Shaanxi from the ancient time especially when it is not open to the public. This site was accidentally discovered in 1974 and from the last 5 decades, archaeologists are carrying on the excavations of the tomb that date back to 208 BC. Though the researchers have not yet excavated the main tomb that has the body of Qin Shi Huang, the artifacts that were uncovered until now have made it one of the top archaeological findings of the era.

8. Metro-2, Russia

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The Metro-2 is the secret underground metro system in Russia that is said to be running parallel to the public metro in Moscow. Every sentence about this confidential transportation system can start with the word ‘allegedly’. It is hard to believe that an entire network of the metro can be hidden beneath the surface of Moscow from at least a last couple of decades. The baffling link of questions starting with how, why, and where has no certain answers adding to the mystery that surrounds Metro-2. It can either be an urban legend or one of the many Russians secrets. So, Metro-2, if exists, will rank on top of the list of places you are not allowed to enter in the world.

9. Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

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The Danakil Depression in Ethiopia is the place that is nowhere near regular deserts. It is hard to survive in the world’s lowest, driest, and hottest desert especially when it has boiling lava lakes and vibrant hydrothermal fields. The site that is archeologically as well as geologically significant is home to Afar people. Salt mining is supposed to be the most important source of livelihood for this community. Though it is not illegal to explore the freakish landscapes of the Danakil Desert, it is definitely one of the strangest places in the world that will leave you baffled. There is no best time to visit Danakil as the soaring temperatures and scorching heat remain unbearable throughout the year.

10. Heard Island and McDonald Islands, Australia

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We understand how the city life can become overpowering sometimes and how the urge to go live in the wild is hard to resist. So, if you are looking for a place where you will get to live alongside penguins, seabirds, and seals, then Heard Island and McDonald Islands in Australia are your answer. But then why these islands are uninhabited, you must be wondering. It is hard to go and stay at one of the most remote places on Earth that have 2 active volcanoes and gets too windy. It is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is protected by the Australian government. Only the scientist can get the permission to go here.

We all have heard about the notorious Area 51 in Nevada and Vatican Secret Archives at least once and have heard many speculations about such places. But, the taboo places in the world that are mentioned above take secrecy and dismay to the whole new level. Thinking of visiting any of the sites? Remember that there is a reason behind the origin of the proverb - Curiosity killed the cat.

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