15 Most Terrifying Adventures You Must Dare To Do!

By Isha Jalan on Aug 02, 2015
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You could relax on the beach with a good book, or you could go on a luxurious cruise. There are many relaxing, restful things you could do during your vacation. But some of us are just different. We have a hankering for the kind of adventure that very few people would have the guts to enjoy. Does this sound like you? Well then, we've got some options for you for your next vacation. Here are some of the most adventurous and terrifying vacations you can take:

1. Storm Chasing at Tornado Valley

PC: Anthony Quintano/Flickr

Yep! This is a thing, and very popular in fact. Storm Chasers equip vans with armor, tracking equipment, and high-quality cameras, and then keep monitoring zones with higher storm probability like the Tornado Alley in USA. Once the storm hits, they drive down to ground zero and film the storm for a shot of adrenaline. You can get a storm chasing tour which assures to take you dead close to these monstrous winds!

2. Wing Walking, UK

Though Wing Walking is usually performed by trained acrobats for aero-shows, AND importantly, looks like a sure shot way to kill yourself, some companies across the globe offer a chance for anyone to simply harness themselves to the plane’s wing and go on for a thrilling ride in the sky! Imagine being hundreds of feet up in the air, flying at blinding speeds, doing cartwheels and not even being inside the plane! Just the picture is enough to give me major goosebumps!! *shivers*

3. Powerboating

Powerboating is to water what NASCAR or Formula 1 is to tarmac, just more thrilling, more brutal and extra dangerous! The boats used for this event are streamlined, have very less drag and are able to accelerate to terrifying speeds in a short span. Maneuvering one of these beasts requires training, superhuman reflexes and ability to handle intense pressure, but sitting next to the driver requires only one thing Pure Courage!

4. Rally Raid

PC: Rafael Vianna Croffi/Flickr

The Rally Raid is a highly popular off-road racing event that covers very long distances and may last till days, depending on the course length. The terrain is extremely challenging, around a thousand kilometers are covered in a day and several problems can be encountered on the route. There are amateur courses too, if you are looking where to start off from. Popular races are the Raid de Himalaya, Spanish Baja, Paris-Dakar Rally amongst others. Also, if you see an overturned car being pushed up by the driver and pillion, don’t act surprised! It’s a common scene in the rally!

5. Kayak over a Waterfall, Alaska

PC: Wikimedia Commons

As if kayaking and whitewater rafting weren’t dangerous enough already, now kayaking over waterfalls has become a sensation with adrenaline-junkies over the globe! Participants use a combination of skill and timing to make the leap at the right time and plunge into the falls, sometimes hundreds of feet below! Chances of failing? Quite high I assume!

6. Rodeo, USA

One of the most thrilling and dangerous sports that involves horses and cattle animals in the USA is the Rodeo event that consists of events like bull riding, bare-back bronc riding, tie-down roping and many more unbelievable events. Extreme courage and skill are required to take part in the Rodeo events indeed!

7. Wingsuit Flying, Dubai

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Wingsuit flying has to be one of the most insane, dangerous yet enjoyable activity to do out of any flight-based adventure activity. Participants wear a wingsuit and jump from great heights like a cliff, chopper or a plane and use aerodynamics to steer their body to avoid obstacles or change directions. The speeds are crazy and thrill factor unbelievable! If your reaction time is fast enough then you have the option of deploying a parachute when in danger.

8. Flyboarding a.k.a. Water Jetpacking, Qatar

If becoming Ironman has been your childhood fantasy, then this brand-new adventure sport resembling a water jetpack should be on your immediate bucket-list. Instead of a flame jetpack, instead water is shot from the board which propels the person attached in the opposite direction. People do all kinds of cool stunts over and even underwater using the Flyboard, and a World Championship was also held in Qatar for the event.

9. Body Blading, China

PC: dailymail.co.uk

If you were fascinated by the contraption Jackie Chan wore in his film Chinese Zodiac and raced downhill, then read below for the answer. Created by Jean-Yves Blondeau, a French designer, the suit is designed in a way that cuts down on the drag force and has roller blades all over the body. The Body Blader can then skate in several different postures according to the road ahead and the speed he wants to reach. The sport is still growing and has steadily seen an increase in the number of participants. Skaters reach very high speeds and require perfect balance and lots of practice to master the art.

10. Parkour, Paris, France

Parkour is a kind of martial art that serves the purpose of crossing obstacles using a combination of running, jumping, rolling, pulling and other similar movements. It was derived from skills required to complete a military obstacle, but the USP of Parkour is that it can be used just about anywhere. Any city can serve as the obstacle ground. People jump from one building to another, from the roof to a small ledge and other death-defying stunts. Just get some basic training in Parkour before you jump in to try.

11. Shark Cage Diving, Cape Town, South Africa

You're underwater in a cage while one of the worlds most fearsome predators is out there trying to see whether metal bars would be enough to protect that yummy little treat inside. This adventure is only for those who are bored of coral reefs and want to see the menacing side of nature.

12. Mount Huashan, Shaanxi, China

Are you afraid of heights and treacherous hikes? Please proceed to skip this option. Sheer cliffs, walking on rickety wooden planks with only chains to hold on to its no wonder that this is called the most dangerous hike in the world. While the entire trek does not consist of walking on planks, its gruelling nonetheless. Its absolutely gorgeous though, if you have the courage to climb it.

13. Volcano Boarding, Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

Snow-boarding is so pass. Hike up the Cerro Negro volcano (which is an active volcano just FYI) and slide down its slope for the scariest adventure of your lifetime. You can get cut by the volcano ash, you could accidentally breathe in noxious fumes, or even get hit by molten lava. Sound like fun, doesnt it?

PC: Alex Washburn PC

14. Insanity Ride, Insanity Stratosphere Hotel, Las Vegas

Do you love amusement parks and roller coaster rides, but boredom is getting to you? Do you want a ride that will make you want to carry an extra pair of underwear with you? Well, this options tailor-made for you! This ride is atop a tower thats 900 feet from the ground, angles riders at 70 degrees so they have a pleasant view of the street below, and spins at about 65 km/hr. Good luck!


15. Isla de las Mu±ecas, Mexico

While this is not a regularly adventurous entry, this options sure to get your adrenaline pumping in an entirely different sort of way. In the sense that its creepy as all hell! The legend of the island of the dolls is that a little girl died off the coast of this island more than 50 years ago. After her mysterious death, the man who found her body, Don Julian, also found a doll in the water and placed the toy on a tree to honour her spirit. And that was the first doll of many that floated into the island. In 2001, Don Julian was also found drowned at the same spot he claimed to find the girl. Visitors say that the dolls (more than a hundred of them) are possessed sometimes you can see their eyes moving or you can hear them whispering. Talk about a scary vacation!


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