Ever Heard Of Thailand's Holi?

Have you heard of Holi being celebrated in Thailand? I always thought  its one of the craziest festivals played only in India. Turns out i was wrong!

If you happen to be in Thailand on the 13th of April, you might want to stay indoors. Or step out if you love water... and getting wet!  You can't escape the water pistols, the water balloons and buckets of water as the Thais celebrate Songkran, the Thai New Year. Songkran festival is also known as Thailand water festival, celebrated with fervor and zeal in Thailands cities.

The Songkran festival heralds the beginning of the solar year and is celebrated as the traditional Thai New Year. It is celebrated much like the Hindu festival of Holi by splashing water on each other. 

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Apart from splashing water on each other, it is also considered auspicious to smear each other with a paste of beige-coloured talc and water. Sometimes this paste could include some menthol as well. Pouring small amounts  of scented lustral water on the heads of the elders  as a sign of respect is also part of this custom.

During this festival, Thais love to spend time to meet friends, neighbors and monks and take the blessings of the elders in the family.

Songkran is an important Buddhist festival . Thais like to visit monasteries during this festival to offer food to the monks and wash idols of the Buddha with water and incense.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Though the Indian festival of Holi is restricted to a single day, the Thai festivities run into three days, and in Chiang Mai it stretches to seven. 'Mahasongkran' on the 13th of April marks the end of the old year, Wan Nao (14th April) is the day after and April 15 is Wan Thaloeng Sok when the New Year begins.

The only vehicles you will find on the streets during this festival are fire engines and ice trucks carrying water cannons which are allowed to partake in the festivities.

No one is spared on Songkran. If you head out then prepare to be drenched!

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