Thanksgiving Day Football Games in USA

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018

NFL Games always tend to attract a lot of attention, as America looks on to see how the teams will fare in their matches. The games that take place on the Thanksgiving Day, however, has something more attached to it. These are usually the most watched games of the season, and the three games which are lined up for 2018's Thanksgiving Day should be more than enough to excite and intrigue the fans. Each of the games is a Divisional battle, and the results have repercussions attached to each game. Be it a little history, or a strong rivalry; these are the games set for this year's Thanksgiving Day NFL Games.

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1. Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions, 12:30 p.m. EST, CBS:

A Divisional Matchup that has taken place a lot of times in previous years, there is a reason this game has an additional cause for intrigue. Both the teams are hiring new coaches in the offseason which is sure to change the style of the game which they will play. Though both the coaches are Matts, Matt Patricia of the Lions will look to strengthen a shabby defense, while Matt Nagy's usual approach will add a layer of offense to the Bears' game.

The Lions have been stuck in the center of the group for a while and ended both the previous two season 9-7. Their team remains more or less the same other than the addition of a coach who will look to instill in then a way to work on the defensive aspect of their game while winning the matches. 

Trubisky is sure to help the Bears, as despite going 5-11 last season, it was clear to see that Trubisky was improving with the progress of the season. 

It will come down to the two chief names of Trubisky and Stafford, which is sure to make for a riveting game.

2. Washington Redskin at Dallas Cowboys, 4:30 p.m. EST, FOX:

Stuck at an extremely disappointing 9-7 last season, the Cowboys failed to rise to what was expected of them. Not only did they not secure the wins which were theirs to have, the injuries and suspensions added to the frustrations of the fan. The team fared far worse than they should have, and that is the first thing that will need to change this season.  

The talent on the Cowboys team is not something which is a doubt for a second. Now that Dez Bryant was released from the team, there is a question of what sort of chemistry will build up among the rest of the team members in his absence. 

The majorly inexperienced defensive line of last year is no longer inexperienced, and with Ezekiel Elliot as one of the top running backs in the team, they have a strong enough back line. The offensive line remains strong too, however, Dez Bryant's absence gives rise to the question of who will be there to receive. Dak Prescott will have to work double-time to make sure that is one absence that is not felt. 

Much like the Cowboys, the Redskins too suffered injuries. They were not able to perform as well as they'd like as a result. The team has been unable to defeat the Cowboys recently, but this will be the third Thanksgiving Day game they will play. They defeated the Giants in 2017 but lost to the Cowboys in 2016. With the arrival of Alex Smith in their team in place of Kirk Cousins, they will look to take out their biggest rivals on one of the biggest Game Days of the year. A victory on such a day would be sweet and help them in their season's pursuits.

3. Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints, 8:20 p.m. EST, NBC:

One of the biggest games of the year with the most potential for drama, the rivalry between these two teams, has been extremely juicy, to say the least. It has yielded some of the best games over the last decade.

The teams are set to take on each other at Thanksgiving Night. Atlanta will be wary going into the Big Easy, as last year their best players all had a season which was not really their best. Devonta Freeman, Matt Ryan, and Julio Jones played well but were unable to produce the same quality of a game that fans had become used to. Despite their apparent bad season, they reached the Divisional Playoffs in 2017, where they suffered a tragic and narrow defeat to the Eagles. Their defense has only improved over the years, and this will be a trend that they will look to continue again in 2018.

The Saints used to have no defense but also changed this around completely last season, finishing 11-5. Their pass-heavy attack changed up completely last season catching their opponents unawares. 

Drew Brees and the Saints team will look to rectify the wrongs that they suffered when they lost last season in a heart-breaking manner to the Vikings in the second rounds of the playoffs. They will work to make sure this does not happen and will look to make sure the Falcons are not able to upset them and their plans.

Those who are connoisseurs of the NFL will know exactly how big a deal these three games are. Each of the games has a long history behind them and is set to be classics which will go a long way in determining the overall outcome of the season as a whole.