Thanksgiving Festival in Atlanta

When we show gratitude to each other, we say thank you. And this approach has become a festival around the world which is called Thanksgiving Festival. The origin of this festival dates long back when America, as a nation, did not come into existence. Back in 1620, many a Pilgrim died out of the scarcity of food. And then they made their survival with the successful harvesting of corn. Thus, in the month of November of 1621 they decided upon celebrating a feast for giving thanks for the successful harvest.

Thanksgiving is a grand festival celebrated in the USA where families meet and greet with each other with foods, excitement and positivity. And with grandeur comes fun events to fully enjoy the festive mood. At Atlanta, you can spend the best of best Thanksgiving festivals ever in your life. This article will suggest you on what things you can possibly do at Atlanta on the Thanksgiving holiday.

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1. Comfortable Stay

Festivals are all about staying fit and fine and enjoying every single moment of the holiday. So it is very important that you first confirm a comfortable stay at an Atlanta hotel with your family. With the festive mood on at Atlanta, each and every hotel will be ready to welcome you with warmth and happiness despite the budget.

2. Give a Hand to become a Volunteer

Thanksgiving cannot be any better if you can give your hand to help somebody; that will be the best recognition people will get from you. And in this way, you can also become an inspiration for your kids and family. There are various volunteer opportunities going on and on for you to choose from in Atlanta. “Hands on Atlanta” is a website who has taken the initiative to let you go further in volunteering by offering you with matching services.

3. Get refreshed by taking a Hike

Thanksgiving festival is all about food, food and food. So, if you are stuffed with a tight stomach and need a fresh air to breathe and to release, then hiking is the best thing that you can take upon. Atlanta has some amazing hiking place, such as Sope Creek Trail, Sweetwater Creek State Park, and Amicalola State Park etc, at a distance of some hours where you can make your holiday much more interesting and refreshing with a challenging approach.

4. Let’s Go and Do Some Shopping

Shopping can anytime bring happiness in our lives. And when you are on the Thanksgiving holiday of Atlanta, you cannot ignore this part. Black Friday deals are some of the most attractive one’s for you to go on shopping. So, never ever miss this chance to grab some fresh products at the best affordable price. 

5. Explore the Art of Atlanta

On the “Day After Thanksgiving”, you must go to the High Museum of Art to discover the fantastic artistry of Atlanta. With a free admission in this place, you can enjoy every moment freely.

6. Discover the Atlanta Symphony

You will be mesmerized to see the ceremonial celebrations at Atlanta Symphony. The performance of Atlanta Symphony Orchestra can boost up the festive spirit to a different level. This will somewhat give you the best feeling while enjoying the holiday at Atlanta. 

7. Run on the Streets of Atlanta

Atlanta organizes a Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon and 5K for everyone to share the spirit of festivity with each other. You will go on running on the streets of Atlanta and wil say thanks for your health and fitness - basically this is the concept of the event. The celebration cannot be this better without the marathon on the go. 

8. Biking and Ice Skating

Biking can be an additional rejuvenating event for your Thanksgiving holiday at Atlanta. Places like Silver Comet Trail, Atlanta Beltline and Hard Labor Creek State Park etc. are some of the popular places where you can go to enjoy your bike ride while seeing the scenic beauty.

You can also do some ice skating at different places in Atlanta. Each and every ice skating rink has a distinguishable character where you can really feel refreshed.

9. Enjoy the Lights

Festivals are all about enjoyment and brightness. Lights bring that brightness on the roads and also in our lives. The night of Thanksgiving day at Atlanta is the perfect one to experience some vivid lightings. Atlanta Botanical Garden brings life to the festival with their dazzling lighting at the garden. And the Drive-Thru Christmas Lights at The Rock Ranch offers you with open Thanksgiving night so that you can enjoy every bit of the beautiful lighting.

10. Have Fun with the LEGOS

On the Thanksgiving day, you will get extra discount for LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Phipps Plaza. So, stop wasting a single moment in your holiday and grab the tickets faster. Take your kids to the fun place or go ahead on enjoying the placing on your own while playing with LEGOS.

11. Enjoy the Essence of Christmas

Thanksgiving days are celebrated at the end of the month of November, so Atlanta will be filled with Christmas spirit. You will get the essence of Christmas at every step on the streets of Atlanta. This will surely make you feel livelier. The Atlanta Christkindl Market in Atlantic Station can anytime become the best attraction with their best holiday treats. Give a visit to Santa, enjoy some musical performances, do some ice skating - rather, in a nutshell, enjoy every inch of Christmas essence with Atlanta.

The opening weekend of Christmas at Callanwolde is the most enticing thing that you can enjoy while on your Thanksgiving holiday at Atlanta. The decorations, the lightings will keep your up for the festival.

At Atlanta, there are a lot of things to do to enjoy your Thanksgiving festival. Starting from shopping to roaming around the roads in the lights - everything has their own taste of beauty. Your Thanksgiving holiday at Atlanta can become your energy for the rest of the year. So, go on living every moment of this festival at none other than Atlanta.



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