Thanksgiving Day in Austin

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year and is out rightly the most celebrated event. Thanksgiving day is that day of the year when the feel of festivity rejuvenates a sense of gratitude towards all the things that one has in his/her life, the most important being your family. The Thanksgiving tradition started with pilgrims feasting to celebrate their initial harvest and it is mostly seen as an all American festival but the beauty of Thanksgiving is such, that it is quite easy to join and celebrate irrespective of religious preference and be a part of the love and gratitude.

‘Gratitude’ yes this one word we keep hearing all the time, besides the Thanksgiving dinner, this is all about gratitude. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that much of the Thanksgiving celebration is based on practicing gratitude. And things are no different during the Thanksgiving day in Austin, where individuals get together with their families and go for dinners, Thanksgiving events and parades. We have brought together some of the events, parades and also listed the best dinner spots below that will keep the level of fervor and excitement intact.

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1. Thanksgiving events in Austin 2018

Annual Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot

It has been more than a quarter of a century and the ThunderCloud Subs Turkey is marching on with time along with getting more people moving and taking the community forward one day at a time. On a lighter note, you would not like to miss out on the fun. The Thundercloud Turkey Trot is now one of the largest events and that is clearly reflected in the numbers it draws, which is over 20,000 people from all over Austin each year. 

As the event completed its 25 years, it had raised over $2.5 million for Caritas, which is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. The amount raised has been of great use in bringing some sort of stability in the life of working poor and making them self-sufficient along the line through education and support services.   

If you are in any kind of dilemma regarding the events that you must take part on Thanksgiving, then this can be one of the best events that you can take part in and give back to the community at large. Other than the noble cause, enjoyment and fun is also an important part of this event, as the entire family can take part in the event from a 1km route for the kids to 5km route for the family. On the other side, if an individual is not keen on running the miles on Thanksgiving day morning. Then he/she can be the volunteer in the event.

Operation turkey

It has been almost 18 years that operation Turkey has remained a complete volunteer organization without a paid employee. The Operations Turkey group has over 20,000 volunteers bound together with a common aim to provide a healthy meal on Thanksgiving Day. It doesn’t matter how old or how young an individual is, he or she can take part in the event and help beat hunger, one day, one meal, at a time.

There is an interesting history as to how all of it began in 2000 when Richard Bagdonas felt the necessity to help the people in need. Later in 2010, he handed over the organization to Brain Tolbert, he immediately realized the importance and the potential effect that this single event would have on the lives of many people who are in the pits of despair. Throughout the years, it has grown leaps and bounds. In 2016, the organization delivered more than 40,000 meals in 6 states and 13 cities and the numbers are definitely growing with time.

2. Thanksgiving dinner in Austin

Thanksgiving dinner is the most memorable part of the Thanksgiving day. The memories remain intact and come to the surface with every passing year. Certainly, no one would like to mess it up as bad memories are not a good thing to have. On the other hand, a great Thanksgiving day is a perfect way to bring all the family and friends together, it can sometimes be a taxing task finding the right place to have the Thanksgiving dinner as not everyone can host the Thanksgiving dinner at their homes. It is almost certain that confusion will crop up with a host of restaurants out there. Here, are some of the places where the Thanksgiving dinner won't be a disaster.

Thanksgiving at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines

Starting a new family tradition is not a bad thing. Having a Thanksgiving Day Buffet at the Hyatt Regency Lost pines could be a new tradition and one that would last for years to come. Inculcate a new family tradition at the annual Thanksgiving day feats with a buffet enriched with some of the favourite holiday meals which make the Thanksgiving day a lot more joyous. Thereby, become a part of the Hyatt Regency Lost Pine for the upcoming holidays beginning form Thanksgiving. They create a fun atmosphere during the entire week for the whole family.


It is as perfect as late night go to gets. The Thanksgiving menu here includes brined and roasted turkey, house-cured ham, turkey confits, pumpkin pie and traditional sides.


This is considered to be the spicewood gem and their menu includes- cider-brined and slow-roasted heritage turkey, duck and foie gras terrine, and tasting of early winter squash.

3. Austin Thanksgiving parade 

Thanksgiving in Austin is not just about having Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. The Austin Thanksgiving parades are also equally important and at the same time interesting. Below are some of the interesting parades:

HEB holiday parade 

it is recognized as the annual Thanksgiving tradition for more than 70 years now. This day marks the beginning of the holiday season in the Houston area. Parades start quite early in the morning and are free for the community. The major attraction of the parade is the entertainer, parade goers, and the lasting holiday enthusiasm produced by the mayor.

The Hyundai Sun bowl parade 

The Hyundai sun bowl parade is in itself a unique parade. The beginning of the parade dates back to 1936 as a prelude to sun bowl and was originally held on New Years’ day. But from 1978, it has been a dominant thanksgiving day tradition and has till date attracted almost 2,50,000 visitors. Activities in the parade include super fun unique bloats and magnificent marching band      

Ford holiday river parade 

Ford holiday river parade happens just after the Thanksgiving day but has derived its roots form the Thanksgiving day. The lighted riverboats make their way through the hour-long course of spectators. After the mayor hits the switch, all the attendees can enjoy the live Christmas music, costumed float riders, and free viewing areas.     

Fort Worth parade of lights 

The Sundance square parade of light is held every year in downtown Fort Worth holiday tree. This is quite a popular event that takes place on Thanksgiving weekend.  Visitors during the parade can get to look at the volunteers, who come dressed as cowboy Santas collecting toys.