Thanksgiving Day in Boston

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018
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It might have begun as the day of thanking blessings for the harvest of the year or a harvest festival, but today Thanksgiving is much more than just that. It is a celebration among loved ones where everyone presents their gratitude for others. 

Planning on spending Thanksgiving in Boston? The fourth Thursday of November is celebrated across the city of Boston with a lot of activities and fun-filled things taking place. You would not have to wonder what should be done after the Thanksgiving dinner.  The international centre for higher education has a number of young and active population that explore the old and new conversions of the town that includes extravagant shopping galleries, landmarks, restaurants and trendy nightclubs. 

So if one is visiting Boston during Thanksgiving, here is a list of activities to take part in during the holiday season in Boston.

Image Source: wikimedia.commons

1. Thanksgiving weekend game at the Garden

If you are a sport fan and your family is too, then you must catch the Thanksgiving weekend game at the very famous TD Garden. The exciting match-ups will set your festive weekend right and full of fun and joy. Watching a great match and Thanksgiving go well together for all the sport-heads. With the very convenient location of the TD Garden, attending the Celtics’ play won’t be a big deal.

2. See gorgeous Christmas lights at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Thanksgiving weekend is a green flag for all the Christmas light decorations and light shows. But one such place where the Christmas lights cannot be missed is the Faneuil Marketplace. the Feneuil marketplace let’s you get into the Christmas spirit really well. The marketplace might be closed on the day of the Thanksgiving but is available for the people throughout the festive weekend. The next day after Thanksgiving, if you have trouble finding things to do, head to the sparkling streets of Feneuil. 

3. Black Friday Shopping 

Who misses the chance of shopping at the Black Friday Sale in Boston? We are sure that you would not if you happen to be in Boston city for the thanksgiving weekend. Make your huge thanksgiving savings to use at the Boston Black Friday sale. the biggest bargains are waiting for you, so make sure you are really early for the gates to open. The Newburry street is one great spot for people who are planning for a good Black Friday Shopping treat for themselves. the place has everything from designers boutiques to big-box discount shops and consignment stores. One can also look for a big sale in Prudential Centre. 

4. Enjoy the scoring performance at the Opera House by the Nutcrackers

Head to the Boston Opera House to get a great head-start to your Thanksgiving weekend. The Boston Ballet - the Nutcracker performs its scoring performances each year with an enchanting choreography that will take you into another better world. For people who love Tchaikovsky’s masterpieces are in for a great treat at the Boston Opera House the night after Thanksgiving. With every year, the Nutcracker come up with a better and more enchanting choreography that mesmerizes the citizens of Boston. The opening night of the performances is the Friday after Thanksgiving which continues throughout the month of chilling December.

5. Concerts and Theaters during the Thanksgiving weekend

Skip Netflix on the Thanksgiving weekend and take a break from cooking, working, shopping and everything else possible to enjoy some of the best performances at the fall theater and concerts taking place in the city. The once in a year concerts are performed by some of the best artists from around the country to make the festive weekend fun and memorable. You can also pre-book tickets for the shows you plan to attend to avoid last minutes miss-outs. 

6. Plimouth Plantation

The site is the very first place of Thanksgiving celebration, where the pilgrims settles in the early 60s. there is special Plimouth Plantation tour that takes you on a guided tour of the place along with Mayflower II and also gives you a chance to explore the waterfront. You can also cherish the lavish Thanksgiving dinner at the Plimouth that features the classic roast turkey and multiple traditional trimmings. People from around the world come and enjoy the meal at Plimouth Plantation during the festive season. The popular event that is held annually usually witnesses its passes selling out soon. 

7. Franklin Park turkey trot

People in Boston prepare themselves for the massive and extravagant feast to come at the Thanksgiving dinner by burning loads of calories at the famous Franklin Park Turkey Trot. Lads of all ages and gender come together at the Franklin Park to walk in a loop around it. The walk event is followed by the Franklin programs which ends the night just perfectly.

Spend the weekend of Thanksgiving in Boston with your loved ones and witness the city making undoubtedly the best memories each year as the festive season commences.