Thanksgiving Day in Dallas

By Swathi Ramaswamy on Jan 08, 2019
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One of the best time to spend is on Thanksgiving day in Dallas as there so many things to love. The weather is cool and perfect, followed by cool enough days and frosty evenings. The month of Thanksgiving will lead to the Christmas lightings and too much of shopping which makes the time even better. Another best thing about this day is the food and the traditions that are followed. This beautiful festival is all about feasting together and thanking each other and god for all the blessing we have received and will be receiving through rest of the year. The another most common tradition to be followed on this day is making Turkey at home for dinner and enjoying it with friends and family.

The Feast

The most important event on Thanksgiving day is making of the feast. It is very well known that this day is also known as The Turkey day sometimes and the reason is that families cook turkey and pumpkin pie for the meal and people enjoy this meal with their loved ones, eating and sharing gratitude with each other. This part of this holiday brings everyone closer as people give thanks to each other for being in their existence. This festival is all about love, family, homecoming, and feasting, all these things that bring people together make them blessed. Having a dinner together is one of the best ways for spending a quality time with family and friends and this is what people do on this day.

Turkey Trot and Thanksgiving parade in Dallas 

What could be better than an eight-mile run before a big giant dinner plate of turkey? If you are celebrating Thanksgiving day in Dallas then you can bring your family to this amazing Turkey Trot which is being hosted in Dallas YMCA since 50 years. This eight-mile run might be challenging for your stamina so you have other option for a moderate run which can be done by kids also. Many people come to this parade every year and join this run together with their family as a part of their family tradition. There are different runs that can be accomplished by any person of any age. This is a fun way to start a Thanksgiving day if you are in Dallas. The Dallas Thanksgiving parades are unique and famous all over the world. If you are spending your Thanksgiving day in Dallas then these are the perfect place to start your day. 

Parties, concerts and free family events

For those who love music and parties, Dallas is the right place to celebrate Thanksgiving. There are so many places that you can visit after enjoying your dinner to fulfill your music craving. No matter what taste you have in music, Dallas has something to offer everyone. There are so many music concerts of different rock bands and other country music stars on the day of Thanksgiving that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Thanksgiving events in Dallas are famous for music performances as the people there loves to party. Other then music, there are several other events and shows that happens every year on Thanksgiving in Dallas that you can enjoy in free with your family. Every year, so many different music stars perform in Dallas on Thanksgiving and you can enjoy all of them with your family and friends. Dallas is the perfect place for spending Thanksgiving for every person as this place have events for every person with any taste. From music to marathons and from feasting to feeding, Thanksgiving in Dallas is one of the best holidays you can spend.

Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities in Dallas

Thanksgiving is a festival of coming home to your family and spend a quality time, but unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a family. There are many homeless people who do not have a family or maybe not enough money to celebrate this beautiful festival of love and food. For those who like to volunteer in feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving day have the perfect opportunity in Dallas. There are so many charities like Operation Turkey, Turkey Trot, Dallas life, Mission Arlington and Our Calling who like to have people volunteer in providing food and other charitable items to the homeless on this day. If you have enough of what you need then you can always pass on something to the ones who need it more. Dallas is an amazing place to this great deed on the day and there are so many  thanksgiving volunteer opportunities every year so you can always find a place.

Other things to do in Dallas on Thanksgiving day

Every family has their own traditions that they follow every Thanksgiving. Some people like to do their Thanksgiving dinner at some particular restaurant every year,  some people like to do the Turkey Trot run together with their family, some people simply like to cook their meal together and enjoy. There are so many different things to do in Dallas on Thanksgiving day with your family and friends. There are also options like going to Hip Hop Karaoke at Expo Bar Dallas, bike riding version on the Trinity Levees at The Local Hub, Cowboys Watch Party, Bleach’s Bitchfest at Double Wide and so much more. Every year, there are different events that happen on the Thanksgiving day and you can never attend all of them. You can simply decide few days prior to the Thanksgiving that where you will be spending this holiday. As long as you have fun with your family and friends, the Thanksgiving day remains a memorable holiday and it always gets better every year. There are uncountable events that occur on this day every year and it is not possible to enjoy each and every one of them but you can still have a lot of fun on this beautiful holiday.

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