Thanksgiving Day in Denver

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Denver is one of the most important cities in the US. It is considered as one of the places with the most business opportunities in the world and people from all around the world travel to Denver for business purposes. If you happen to be in and around Denver during Thanksgiving, you are in luck. Just like any other place in the US, Denver also celebrates Thanksgiving in the best way possible. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest festivals in the US. It is also the time when the Christmas preparations start, and you will see the city lights up to the brightest. From parades to fancy dinners, there is a lot Denver has to offer to its citizens or the visitors. If you are amongst the people, who are looking for something to do on Thanksgiving Day in Denver, here is a list of some common events that you can attend and celebrate Thanksgiving Day in Denver.

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in Denver

Thanksgiving Day in Denver is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. You will see the city decorated with lights and people participating in many events. Turkey carving and dinners with family are a tradition every Thanksgiving. So, here are some of the most common activities that take place during Thanksgiving:

1. Downtown Denver Grand Illumination

The Downtown Denver Grand Illumination is one of the most significant events to take place in Denver. During this, the entire downtown Denver from the Denver Union Station to the City and County Building will light up in bright lights. This is a way to show the city that the festival season is here and people can start the celebrations.

2. Events at The Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo is another place where the usual Thanksgiving events take place for the kids and their families. Different interactive games are organized by the zoo officials to entertain the kids. You will also find magic shows and can take your children to interact with the zoo animals. Each year fun activities get added to the Thanksgiving events. The tickets are available at the zoo.

3. Events at Denver Botanical Garden

Another place where you can go with your children this Thanksgiving is the Denver Botanical garden. Here you will see Thanksgiving decorations and many stalls to entertain the children. The children will learn a lot through the different educational activities and games. You can also participate in the fun with your child and make the day even special for them.

4. Downtown Denver Rink

Visit the Skyline Rink and enjoy a day filled with all the skating fun. It is an open skating rink that is the best choice for the family to spend some time together on the Thanksgiving holiday. There are special entertainment events organized during the festive season which will add on to the excitement.

5. Movie Screening

If you do not want to go to the crowded places and participate in events, you can book yourself a ticket to a movie screening and enjoy your Thanksgiving with a bowl of popcorn in your hand. Buy a ticket to your favorite movie at a theater in the city and enjoy the night by yourself or with your friends.

6. Dining at The Best Restaurants

Another way of spending Thanksgiving night in Denver is by heading out for dinner to the best restaurants in Denver. Most of the restaurants in Denver have the most delicious food. You can choose from different buffet dinners all across the city. Apart from the dinner, you can also indulge in the Thanksgiving brunch which is a great way to give a good start to your amazing day. However, make sure to book the tables beforehand, because the restaurants tend to get really crowded during festivals.

7. The Holiday Roast to Tickle Your Funny Bones

The Holiday Roast is another way to celebrate Thanksgiving Denver style. Be a part of this comedy event and see people getting roasted ruthlessly by the some of the best comedians. The Roast is one of the most loved events of all time and the details about the venue and tickets are made available before the event.

8. Theatrical Events

Indulge in watching some of the best plays of all times at the biggest theaters of performing arts in Denver. Some of the classics such as the Christmas Carol and the Nutcracker are performed during Thanksgiving. You will watch performances by some of the best performances by famous actors in these plays. These are a treat for anyone who is a fan of theater. You can take your family to these epic shows and have the best Thanksgiving family event with them.

9. The Polar Express Train Ride

Visit the Colorado Railroad Museum and buy the ticket to the best train ride of your life. Get on the Polar Express and take a trip to the places unknown. It is actually not a train ride but takes place inside a train car. You and your children can then enjoy a cookie and hot chocolate and end the Thanksgiving fun on a happy note.

10. Mile High United Way Turkey Trot

Turkey Trots are a custom during Thanksgiving, and they also take place in Denver. You can participate in the Mile Hugh United Way Turkey Trot and burn off those extra calories. It takes place in the Washington Park and is a huge event with over 10,000 participants every year. It is just not a race but a full event filled with music, food and a lot of fun. 

11. Leftover Turkey Trot

Another Turkey Trot that takes place on the next day to Thanksgiving is the Leftover Turkey Trot. People participate from all over the city and run to win amazing prizes. You can also participate in the trot if you wish to burn some extra calories or stand on the sidelines and cheer for the participants.

12. Denver Christkindl Market

Every Thanksgiving the Denver Christkindl Market comes to life where you can find everything from food to music and clothes. You can buy some unique art and craft gifts for Christmas and also indulge in German music, food and much more. The admission is free to all the people however you need to pay for the activities.

13. Holiday Celebrations Evening Parades

 The Catch, The Glow Holiday Celebration and Evening Parade, is also one event that you should definitely attend if you are in Denver for Thanksgiving. This is a huge parade that takes place in the evening. The kids can enjoy their time with Santa Clause until the evening and fro 5.30 PM Catch the Glow activity starts. The event is filled with music, lights and a lot of fun.

14. Lights the Night Parade Greeley

The Greeley Lights the Night parade is a family event that has the beautiful display of over 50 lighted parade shows. The events start with the lighting ceremony after which Santa Claus visits the people at the Lincoln Park. After this, the parade starts that does a great job at mesmerizing all the visitors.

What to Eat?

When we talk about Thanksgiving food, there is a lot that Denver has to offer to its people. Being one of the busiest cities, it has a lot of famous restaurants that serve all kinds of food. Some of the biggest restaurants serve special Thanksgiving meals including Turkey and mashed potatoes etc. However, all of the reservations get filled early. Hence if you want to grab a good Thanksgiving dinner, make sure to book the table early. You will also see a lot of feasts and events that serve delicacies from all around the world. If you are a fan of street food, then this is the place for you. You can even grab Thanksgiving brunch at some of the biggest cafes and restaurants in Denver. Choose your favorite food items from the enormous brunch buffets and kick start your day on a happy note.

To Sum Up

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day in Denver can be a treat for the visitors. Most of the big restaurants hold special events on the night of Thanksgiving. If you are unable to get a reservation into the big restaurants, there is plenty of eateries that are not exactly famous but serve equally delicious foods. Additionally, the parade is a tradition every Thanksgiving Day, so don’t forget to be a part of one or attend them. You are sure going to have the time of your life. You can also book movies or concerts on Thanksgiving and spend your night there. Additionally, you can also catch up on some of the best plays at the famous local theaters. If you look for it, you will be entertained in the best way possible in Denver every Thanksgiving holiday.


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