Thanksgiving Day in Los Angeles

Thanksgiving is a time of universal celebration. Earlier it was celebrated as a way of showing thanks for the previous year’s harvest. It is on the 4th Thursday of November; Thanksgiving is celebrated. The time and day differ from country to country, but this is the most widely accepted norm.

Thanksgiving in Los Angeles is full of events and parades. The city decks up to celebrate Thanksgiving and makes way for other festivities which follow. The months of November and December are times to celebrate with friends and family. Thanksgiving dinners are organized, and turkey is the must-have item on the menu. It is a time for celebration and spreading joy.

Are you planning a trip to Los Angeles this Thanksgiving? Here is a list of things which will help to make your experience a memorable one:

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Watch the Hollywood Parade

The Hollywood Christmas Parade in Los Angeles is one of the most famous parades during the holiday season. This parade consists of bands, music performances, balloons, floats, etc. Both celebrities, as well as ordinary people, participate in this parade. The parade begins at Hollywood and Orange and comes to an end at Sunset and Orange.

Be a part of this grand parade if you want to get an essence of the L.A style Thanksgiving. Children will enjoy it a lot, and it will be an enjoyable experience for all. This parade has been a tradition of L.A for over eighty years now and to be part of it will be a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

Participate in the Turkey Trot Marathon LA

Are you looking to spend Thanksgiving in a healthy way? Participate in the LA Turkey Trot Marathon. It begins in downtown L.A, and runners or walkers need to sign up for a 5K or 10k route. You can also run dressing up like a Turkey. Even kids can participate in a 1-mile run. It is an excellent opportunity to spend a fit Thanksgiving. It also increases the appetite so you can gorge on food later.

It is not just running. It is running for a cause. The money collected from the marathon is given to charity.

So, this Thanksgiving signs up for this event if you are visiting L.A and contribute to the cause. After all, the festive spirit is all about giving and sharing.

Celebrate the Thanksgiving at Westside

This is a volunteering event and again an event for a cause. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what we have. It is also about returning gratitude. Here, volunteers provide the traditional turkey dinner for free to many homeless people as well as low-income families. It evokes the festive spirit of Thanksgiving because it means ‘giving and sharing’ in the true sense.

Volunteer and be a part of this wonderful concept if you get a chance. It will be an experience of a lifetime. We do everything for ourselves and our families. This time, do something for others. The joy of giving will be unparalleled.

Watch the Zoo Lights at Los Angeles

Thanksgiving means that Christmas is approaching. The whole city decks up in lights. So, does the L.A zoo. People visit the zoo at this time to marvel at the beautiful fairy lights which make the zoo look illuminating and fascinating. There are a lot of attractions for children. Animal structures are built of fairy lights.

Do visit the zoo during this time and be enthralled. Children will enjoy it even more.

Visit the Forest of Light

The Botanical Garden at Los Angeles is illuminated with Christmas lights during the holiday season. Descanso Gardens is all lit up, and it is a truly mesmerizing sight. It looks like an illuminated forest. There are many programs arranged during this time for people to enjoy with family and children.

Do visit this place if you are spending the holiday season at Los Angeles. It will be an enchanting experience.

Participate in Thanksgiving Run and Food Drive

It is mainly a fund-raiser program for the community. Similar to the Turkey Trot, it is a 5K run or walk. Everyone can participate in it. There are events specifically for children too.

Participants can bring food items to donate to those in need in the spirit of Thanksgiving. It is a joyous experience and a must-do too.

Enjoy the Ice Skating

What is winter without ice skating? Indulge in the festive spirit by going to any of the L.A ice skating rinks and showing off your skills. Skate together with your children and see how fun it will be. You may trip and fall but the time will be memorable. Many rinks even let you rent skates. Enjoy the ice at Santa Monica or Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square. It will be an enchanting experience if one visits L.A during this time.

Feast on Sumptuous Food on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is incomplete without a sumptuous brunch or dinner. Enjoy Thanksgiving brunch in a Horn blower cruise in L.A. It will be food with a view. Enjoy your surroundings while you dig in your Turkey.

You can also have your family dinner at famous restaurants like Akasha, AR Cucina, Barton G, Bourbon Steak, etc. many of them serve Thanksgiving specials during this time. Food costs around $70 to $120 per person.

Thanksgiving is about celebrating and sharing with people. It is a time to be thankful and give back more than we get. Make your Thanksgiving in L.A unique and different by participating in volunteering events and marathons. It will be a cherishing experience.


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