Thanksgiving Day in Miami

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018
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Just as the hot summer ebbs away giving way to the pleasant autumn season, many countries of the west, including Miami adorn themselves for the festival of Thanksgiving. Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year, Thanksgiving is one of the bright and colourful festival celebrated in Miami after Christmas. The day of Thanksgiving was first observed in the early pilgrim days for the humble reasons of showing gratitude and celebrating the end of a good harvest season. With the passage of years, Thanksgiving has become a tradition, and quite a celebrated one at that. Together with the Friday after Thanksgiving, also known as the Black Friday and the Monday following that, known as Cyber Monday, this weekend is the peak time for shopping, spending time with family, stuffing yourself with delicious turkey and general merriment.

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Here are a few things that can be done in Miami during this weekend-long celebration:

Feast on some amazing food

Thanksgiving is the time for good food with your family. It is a national holiday. Therefore, all schools and offices are closed during this weekend. But it is the boom time in business for restaurants. The Thanksgiving weekend is one of the peak times when all families of the city come out to have a hearty turkey-meal in the popular restaurants. To attract more people and thus increase business, many restaurants also offer eye-catching discounts and combos.

Visit the Mall

Thanksgiving holiday is the often translated as the unofficial start of the holiday season in the West. Therefore, stores are decked with Christmas decorations, food, clothes and other accessories. There is abundance of discounts owing to the Thanksgiving weekend and the people do not need prompting to avail them. If the attractive stores are an incentive to dive into shopping, then the maddening crowd is a major setback to the same. It is also to be noted that due to Thanksgiving being the national holiday, many malls or big stores are closed. Therefore, be sure to make sure that the store you are headed to is open on the festive days.

Walk Off all that Turkey

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city during the Thanksgiving weekend, then a quiet walk in Everglades might be a slightly out-of-the-box and abundantly refreshing idea for your weekend. With the approaching winter and dry days, many birds migrate to the warmer regions of Miami and Everglade is one such hub for migratory birds. You can also spot many other animals and reptiles that gather in this wetland in Miami. You can either trace the Anhinga Trail at Royal palms near the main gate of the park by Homestead or the Loop road trail in Shark valley. There are many activities to spice up your walk through these trails. A bike ride through the Loop Road in Shark valley or an Airboat ride around the perimeters of Everglade can offer you some fantastic vies of the beautiful flora and fauna of this wetland.

Light Up the Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving is not called the unofficial start of the holiday season in Miami for nothing. The city does not only show its holiday spirit through the holiday merchandise in stores but also a fifty-foot-tall Christmas in the heart of the city. On the day after Thanksgiving, that is, on Black Friday, a fifty-foot tall Christmas tree glittering in cheerful fairy lights from top to bottom is unveiled in the Bayfront Park. This unveiling of this enormous piece of glittering holiday spirit marks the official start of the holiday season. Besides being alight with fairy lights and other accessories, the tree also shows the countdown up to Christmas. 

You can head to the Bayfront Park on Friday with your family to enjoy the start of the Holiday season. It will be an enjoyable break from all that shopping and eating. However, you are still on a shopping spree then visit the fantastic Spanish market called Feria del Mercado de San Miguel that takes place near the park during this time.

Visit Santa’s Enchanted Forest

The Santa’s Enchanted Forest is an amusement park solely built to enhance the Holiday spirit. It is located in Tropical Park, in the heart of Miami. This 26 year old park is a sight to see with its bright lights, 96” Christmas tree and lively spirit in the form of various events, concerts, activities and rides for children. The Christmas themed Carnival starts from the start of November and stays till early January. Santa’s Enchanted forest is the perfect place to visit with your kids during the long Thanksgiving Holidays. The various concerts and rides are sure to engage adults and kids alike.

You have to buy tickets to get an entry into this park. The kids from 3-9 years of age and senior citizens above 65 years of age need $22.43 to enter the park. The adults from age 10 to 64 need $31.78.

The Thanksgiving weekend in Miami is primarily a time for family and friends to get together and enjoy themselves. However, the city does its bit to jazz up the occasion with various events, beautiful lights, tempting shops, enjoyable carnivals and the Fifty-Foot-Tall Christmas tree in its heart.