Thanksgiving Day in New York

Thanksgiving marks the kick-off of the Christmas season across the world, but it is celebrated in its true essence in the United States of America. Indeed, the holiday is taken seriously in the country, with a state legislature deciding that the fourth Thursday of November every year, is to be celebrated as Thanksgiving Day. Traditional family dinners are normal with turkey most definitely on the menu. But every city brings its own ethos to the festival, as will be obvious to anyone visiting any other American city during the day. This is no different for New York as the festivities are appropriated into its rich cultural fabric.


New York City is the heart of America. The celebration of one of the country's favourite holidays, therefore, is bound to take up astounding proportions. Some of these festivities are mentioned as follows:

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Balloon Inflation

It is safe to say that the New York City holiday celebrations commence with the grand parade on Thanksgiving Day. However, as we know, Thanksgiving is about the preparation. The Balloon Inflation forms a part of the preparation of the parade and is indeed a thing that should be witnessed by everyone in the city at the time. Giant balloons with forms belonging to beloved characters like SpongeBob, Shrek and others are blown into proportion on the day before Thanksgiving. Visit the parade venue at dusk to witness the balloons go up against the setting sun.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The parade is one of the features that gives shape to New York, and it’s quirky cultural identity. Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade has been arranged for more than 90 years now, and it only gets grander every year. There is no better way to get into the celebrities than with this parade beginning at W 77th Street and Central Park West. Giant balloons, high-kicking rockets, Santa's sleigh are only some of the characteristics of the parade which is made fuller with celebrity appearances announced and unannounced.

Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park

Bryant Park has a 17000 sq. Foot outdoor rink which is perfect for skating in the cold weather and welcoming the Christmas holidays. The entrance to the park is free, and in the festive season, it is kept open late for patrons and tourists. By renting skates at 20 dollars a pair, you can guarantee a perfect winter wonderland for yourself. The Public Fare restaurant offers a place to eat and warm up after your time on the rink.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular

This is a holiday stalwart in New York and has become so after eight decades of performances bringing the very best of artists together. The traditional gimmicks of Santa, wooden soldiers and the leggy, spunky rockets can be still be found in the shows. However, with newer technological advancements, new lights and more eye-catching showcases of art have guaranteed to draw compliments from all fronts. The city goes all-in in hosting the Radio City Spectacular every year and cannot be missed.

Prospect Park Track Club Turkey Trot

Prospect Park is noted for its proliferous foliage providing a perfect scene to whoosh past as you run in the Turkey Trot race. This is purely for fun and perhaps to burn off in the morning, some of the calories that you will most evidently gain with a sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner in the evening. There are a host of people running, and if you can be at the top of the pack, you stand the chance of winning the very traditional prize of a pecan pie.

The holiday spirit is out and about in New York City, and it is only the matter of finding it within you through the many events and arrangements. Gratitude is the defining factor of this holiday- experience it with the tradition that NYC has to offer.


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