Thanksgiving Day in Oklahoma City

Thanksgiving Day is one of the major holidays in the United States of America and is deeply rooted in the nation’s history and culture. The decision to celebrate the holiday on the fourth Thursday of November every year was taken by the state legislature, during the tumultuous time of the Civil War, to thank the God that allowed the continued existence of the USA as the country that it is. This goes on to show how deeply significant Thanksgiving is to Americans. Even today, when the socio-economic situations are stable, the observance of the holiday is celebrated with national pride and splendor, and most importantly, gratitude. 

The country is vast, however, and every city has its unique way of appropriating this nationwide holiday and kick off the season in its specific style. The city of Oklahoma in the is no different. Here are a few ways to observe some much-needed family time in the city of Oklahoma during Thanksgiving: 

1. National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

The Cowboys are the iconic symbols of the culture of Western America. With its portrayal across movies and popular culture, this is a continued source of joy for grown-ups and also for those growing up. Don the chaps and the hat and do the trademark accent as well as you walk into the cowboy museum located at Oklahoma City with your family on Thanksgiving Day. Children, generally bored at museums, will be enthralled in this one. One of the most awe-inspiring artifacts is the 18 feet long sculpture known as 'End of the Trails’ by icon James Earle Fraser. 

2. Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

Zoos are generally great places to visit with your family. The Oklahoma City Zoo, in particular, holds greater appeal to animal lovers offering hours of entertainment and easily promising a full, eventful day. Particularly, the elephant exhibit and the Great escape exhibit in the Oklahoma City are things to watch out for. On the day before Thanksgiving, the zoo offers a day of free entry in order to attract people from all walks of life to witness the life of animals. 

3. Oklahoma City Turkey Trot

This is a race which has been arranged for more than 30 years, a twelve-hour long stretch, inviting walkers and runners alike. Registration varies from $20 to $35 on the day of the race. With t-shirts for children and other perks, the race allows the perfect opportunity for the health fanatic to lose some of the calories that he or she will inadvertently gain in the sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner. Run in the Stars and Stripes Park, by the beautiful Hefner lake in your fitness endeavor. The money collected will be invested in the substance abusers prevention programs, youth monitoring and foster care of the children in Oklahoma who are in need of such care. Run this Thanksgiving and give-back through this charitable event. 

4. Holiday River Parade

One of the prime attractions in Oklahoma during Thanksgiving Day and the holiday season is the Oklahoma City river parade on the Oklahoma River. Festive holiday displays float down the river in the Boathouse distribution of Oklahoma City. It is free for all onlookers. There are a 'OG&E Santa’s Elves Christmas Show’s which is spectacular to witness before the parade of boats start, with their holiday displays twinkling on the river water. This is a must, for anyone in Oklahoma during the Thanksgiving season. 

5. Downtown December festivities

Oklahoma City Downtown December festivities are a fairly recent development. It began in 2002, in Bricktown and surrounding areas. The event officially begins on November 10th and has a host of events and attractions. The tree lighting ceremony on the 32 feet tall tree is one major source of joy of people present. In addition to that, the water taxi rides, the Devon ice rink for skating, holiday light displays, winter markets, snow tubing at the Brick, and the Sandridge Santa Run holds a range of activities to indulge in with Thanksgiving vibes in the background. 

Oklahoma City has its unique spin on the Thanksgiving holiday observations which does not deviate from the essence of the holiday but gives ample opportunity for family fun times.


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