Thanksgiving Day in Washington

Thanksgiving is the day when people feel thankful for the things they have and the opportunities that have been given to them. This is the day to celebrate everything that has been given to you and to hope for a bigger and brighter future in the times to come. People of Washington also celebrate Thanksgiving just like the other parts of the world. Washington DC is the capital of US and one of the most prominent cities in the world. The city has many historical monuments and is a popular tourist destination. People from all around the world come to Washington to visit the White House and a lot of other monuments. However what people do not know is that the Thanksgiving Day in Washington is a celebration that people should not be missing. Washington grandly celebrates Thanksgiving, and you will find an array of activities to participate in during this time of the year. So, if you are visiting Washington on Thanksgiving Day, be prepared for a lot of enjoyment and fun coming your way.

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What to Do on Thanksgiving Day in Washington?

The whole city celebrates Thanksgiving in the best way possible. Some of the traditions are repeated every year and have now become a part of Thanksgiving in Washington. You can see things like a parade, turkey trot and tree lighting ceremonies at various places. Here are some of the events that take place almost every year in Washington on Thanksgiving Day.

1. Turkey Trots in Washington

Turkey trots are one of the traditions that have been going on for ages. This is a race which can vary from 5k to 10k and the people participate in it enthusiastically. The runner that comes first takes home prizes. The race is open to all participants. Different turkey trots take place all throughout Washington at different locations. So, if you are willing to participate, register yourself beforehand. 

2. Spend A Day Volunteering on Thanksgiving

What better way to spend Thanksgiving than volunteering for a good cause. Many organizations arrange for donation drives on the Thanksgiving Day, and they need volunteers to help them reach the targets. You can volunteer at one of the organizations that work for the cause you support and help the people in need.

3. Season’s Greetings at The Botanic Garden

Season’s Greeting at The Botanic Gardens is an annual event that takes place during the Thanksgiving. The event includes an exhibit where you can see tiny model trains moving on the train tracks. You will also see some of the most famous buildings in Washington DC being replicated and showcased at the event. This is a fun event for the kids as well as their families to get together and have a good time.

4. The Downtown Holiday Market

The Downtown Holiday Market is another annual occurrence. You can find some beautiful handicraft items on sale at this market. People from all around Washington come to the market and buy beautiful gifts for their loved ones. You can also eat some tasty food and get involved in some festive activities here.

5. City Center DC Holiday Tree Lighting

The City Center DC Holiday Tree Lighting ceremony is the biggest tree lighting ceremony that takes place in Washington. The event involves a party, and the main attraction of the party is a giant Christmas tree that is lit by hundreds of twinkly lights. The place sure does look like a wonderland and is loved by the children and their families equally.  

6. The Thanksgiving Parades

Thanksgiving Parades are a significant part of the Thanksgiving celebration, and Washington has some of the best parades in the whole US. You will find floats, marching bands, dancing troupes and live music on these parades. The parades take place at different parts of the city, and the entire city gathers up to see them. Each year these parades have a different theme, and the locals, as well as the tourists, love them.

7. Christmas Village 

Christmas Village is one of the most anticipated attractions of Thanksgiving. The village is a beautifully decorated venue where you and your children can be a part of the celebration. You will find live entertainment, music, food, and drinks. This is a German-style event, and you can find some authentic German traditions and their art and craft being showcased at the event.

8. Tour Around Washington

There is no better day to take a tour around the beautiful Washington city than the Thanksgiving Day. You can visit all of the famous attractions and witness the special Thanksgiving events taking place at these locations. You can either decide to take a tour by yourself or join a guided tour for a better understanding of the history and the culture of Washington.

9. Holiday in The Park

The Six Flags America is an amusement park that organizes a special Holiday in the Park event every Thanksgiving. You can be a part of the holiday celebrations and be mesmerized by the decorations in the park. You will also witness some great entertainment events and seasonal treats. The Special Santa’s Village is also open from the Thanksgiving Day. There are also special discounts and offers on some of the most popular rides in the park.

10. Live Performances and events

The festive season in Washington brings artists from all around the world to perform here. You will see live performances by the bands and singers. You can also catch up on some of the most famous plays of all the times such as the Nut Cracker, The Christmas Carol and much more. There are also many comedy events organized in the city at this time of the year.

11. Christmas at the Gaylord National Resort

The Christmas at the Gaylord National Resort- ICE! Is a small winter wonderland created with over 5000 blocks of ice. These, when combined, can weigh more than 2 million pounds. About 40 sculptors and artists come together to create this amazing attraction which is open to all the people during Thanksgiving season.

What to Eat on Thanksgiving Day in Washington? 

Food is a significant part of any celebration, and when we talk about Thanksgiving, the entire festival revolves around food. Turkey carving is one of the most famous traditions OF Thanksgiving, and you will get a lot of delicious turkey dishes all around Washington. If you are interested in dining at some of the finest restaurants in Washington on the Thanksgiving night, here are our best choices for you.

1. Honeysuckle

One of the newest places in the City, Honeysuckle has the best Thanksgiving menu. The restaurant serves South American and Nordic cuisine, and their special Thanksgiving menu has an Old’ Fashioned Turkey, sausage stuffed legs and smoked bacon. There are a lot of other different food items that you can try out at Honeysuckle and have a hearty dinner on the Thanksgiving night.

2. Le Diplomate

If you are in the mood to indulge in some French food on Thanksgiving night, the Le Diplomat is the best place for you to be. This is one of the best French restaurants in Washington DC. They serve not only delicious Thanksgiving dinner but also thanksgiving brunch that starts at 9.30 in the morning. You can indulge in their Thanksgiving feast on the Thanksgiving Day.

3. Plume

Plume is a part of the Jefferson hotel and is one of their best restaurants. Every Thanksgiving, they have a prefixed dinner for the guests. This I a Michelin-star restaurant so you can expect the food to be nothing but perfect. They have foods to meet the taste of all kinds of people. However, their red kuri pumpkin pie is a must try.

4. 1789

If you want to opt for something classic, then head to this historic restaurant 1789. You will get the best traditional Thanksgiving food such as turkey, roasted apples, soups and much more. Enjoy your meals in the beautiful wooden interiors of this restaurant where dining is a world-class experience.

5. St. Regis

Another place that serves delicious Thanksgiving dinner in St. Regis. You can indulge in the four-course menu that is usually paired up with the best wines in the country. The architecture of the restaurant makes this a pleasant experience.

6. Hay-Adams

If you like your food with a view, visit Hay-Adams. This is a beautiful restaurant from where you can catch the full view of the White House and the other parts of the city. Along with this fantastic view, you are served everything ranging from traditional Thanksgiving dinner to dishes from all around the world. 

To Sum Up

Thanksgiving Day in Washington is one of the best times you will have in the city. With the streets covered in decorative lights and people in high spirits, it will be a delight to explore the city and its attractions. You will be amazed by the number of activities and the kind of food that is served during Thanksgiving in Washington. Do not restrict yourself to the Thanksgiving activities and do whatever you want to during the Thanksgiving Day. The celebrations begin a few days before the festival so you might be able to catch up on many activities on your trip to the city. So, get ready to have much fun and eat a lot of festive treats this Thanksgiving Day in Washington.


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