Thanksgiving in Nashville

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018
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Thanksgiving is an age-old tradition celebrated throughout most of the European countries. However, each city has its own unique way to celebrate this unofficial beginning of the Holiday season. Having the soul of country music, Nashville naturally wraps its festive season in a string of fairy lights and the choicest music in the world. 

The day of Thanksgiving was first observed in the early pilgrim days for the humble reasons of showing gratitude and celebrating the end of a good harvest season. With the passage of years, Thanksgiving has become a tradition. Together with the Friday after Thanksgiving, also known as the Black Friday and the Monday following that, known as Cyber Monday, this weekend is the peak time for shopping, spending time with family, stuffing yourself with delicious turkey and general merriment. In addition to the general tradition of eating turkey and spending time with your family, you can also immerse yourself in soothing country music to start your holidays in this musical hub of the world.

Here are a few things that you can do in Nashville to kick-start your holidays the right way:

Enjoy sumptuous Food

Well, Food is life. More so during the Holiday season. Nashville offers you a host of quaint little cafes and restaurants serving you sumptuous Thanksgiving dinners that you can enjoy with your friends and family.Each street of the city is bright with little shops and stalls to satiate your sudden urge to burn a hole in your pocket. The stores are decked with Christmas decorations, food, clothes and other accessories. The Thanksgiving weekend is one of the peak times when all families of the city come out to have a hearty turkey-meal in the popular restaurants. To attract more people and thus increase business, many restaurants also offer eye-catching discounts and combos. You can enjoy the famous Annual Thanksgiving buffet at Commerce street grille or enjoy a traditional meal with your family at the Renaissance hotel. Although some of the restaurants remain closed on Thanksgiving, the number restaurants open surpasses the former. You can also order the food at home to enjoy the warmth of your own room with a fancy meal.

Indulge in an amazing Shopping Experience

Going on a shopping spree is quite common in the Holiday season. The streets of Nashville are crowded with little stalls and shops that are loaded with bright little accessories to jazz up your Thanksgiving.There is abundance of discounts owing to the Thanksgiving weekend and the people do not need prompting to avail them.Thanksgiving holiday is the often translated as the unofficial start of the holiday season in the West. Therefore, stores are decked with Christmas decorations, food, clothes and other accessories. However, it may happen that some of your favourite stores are closed on Thanksgiving. Fret not! The next day, that is Black Friday, is officially the day for a grand shopping tour. You can treat yourself to little merchandise to decorate your home or buy clothes or even just roam about through the fest of colours and city noises. Do not forget to look for special Thanksgiving discounts to make your shopping experience more enjoyable.

The Small business Saturday is all about the little stores lining the pavements where you can find almost anything in the cutest versions. You can head over to the Musician’s Hall of Fame and Museum, Barbershop Harmony Society, etc. Even after two consecutive shopping days, the Cyber Monday is available for you to get some closure to your shopping spree. Visit any mall or boutique to satiate your materialistic thirst. However, note that during the Thanksgiving weekend, the roads are crowded beyond imagination. Therefore, analyse your options carefully before committing to a day out with your family or friends.

Attend some Musical Events

You cannot celebrate anything, much less Thanksgiving in Nashville, without resorting to music. The Music city dances to the harmony of Holiday Spirit throughout the Thanksgiving weekend. There are many music shops in the city where you can go to listen to some music or buy records. The city also hosts some of the liveliest music concerts in the world. Head to those concerts with your friends and family to lose yourself in some good old country music. These concerts are enjoyed by the young and old alike. Some of the most famous concerts are given below:

1. Tracy Lawrence “Mission Possible” Turkey Fry at Wildhorse saloon on November 21st.

2. St.Vincent at Ryman Auditorium on 22nd November.

3. Second hand Serenade in The High Watt on 22nd November.

4. Purple Masquerade Prince Celebration at 3rd and Lindlsey on 24th November.

5. Opry and Ryman in Ryman Auditorium on 24th, 25th and 28th November.

6. Mayhem at The Cannery Ballroom on 27th November

7. The Drums at Exit/In on 28th November.

8. Pop Evil at Exit/In on 29th November.

Nashville is no different than any other city in the world when it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is, after all, a festival of showing gratitude all over the world. However, Nashville has carved out its own unique way of celebrating the Thanksgiving Weekend through sumptuous food, family, shopping, music and happy faces.