Thanksgiving in San Diego

  • UPDATED Sep 07, 2018
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The months of November and December are ideally the holiday season with Thanksgiving in November and Christmas just around the corner. People tend to spend time with their family, loved ones and relax. San Diego, situated along the coastal lines has a lot to offer for tourists and vacationers during the holiday season. From Thanksgiving Marathon to ice-skating near the beach, San Diego offers a variety of activities that will be exciting and fun for all age groups and families as well. Here are a few things you could check out while in San Diego during Thanksgiving:

1. Thanksgiving Day Camps

Children love activities, something new and exciting during the holiday season. San Diego offers a Thanksgiving Camp for the children at the Live Coast Discovery Centre where the children can venture into nature-driven activities and learn while having fun at the same time. They get to be away from the urban jungle and explore nature trails by tracking wildlife, using a microscope, and observing different and fascinating creatures. They get to feed the sharks and pet the turtles. It will a fun-filled and educative day for the children while the elders can relax during the holiday weekend.

2. Mother Goose Parade 

The parade is filled with grandeur or festivities of the holiday season. People can be seen wearing eccentric clothes, swaying to the thumping music while there are performing groups, equestrians, clowns, colorful banners taking over the road. The parade begins at 1:00 p.m. sharp. The parade is on a smaller scale compared to the New York Parade. Nonetheless, it is really special with special guests, celebrities, musicians, bands and the man of the holiday season himself, Santa Claus. The parade is not chaotic and is enjoyable. You can find a right spot along the route and enjoy the parade. The Parade would be a great way to spend the holiday with loved ones. 

3. Thanksgiving Dixieland Jazz Fest

The annual jazz festival during Thanksgiving is one of the promising events in San Diego. The locals look forward to it excitedly, and if you are a music lover, you will love the plethora of artists and music that you will get to enjoy the festival.

It is also a fantastic opportunity to listen to a new genre of music and artists from all over the world. This will be a fun way to spend Thanksgiving listening to some good music and enjoying the rhythm.

4. Visit Santa by the sea at the Seaport Village

It’s hard to imagine Santa in beachwear and getting down from a ship to greet the people. At San Diego’s Seaport Village, this is a reality! You will get to see Santa in flip-flops disembarking the boat and walking towards the children to greet and take a picture with them. This will be a fun and exciting for the children and adults as well. USA today considers him one of the Top Ten Santas in the country

Here’s to Santa enjoying his beach vacation on the coastlines of California!

5. Ice skating at the beach

Yes, as contradictory as it sounds; there is an ice skating rink on the beach by the Hotel del Coronado. The Hotel offers an ice skating rink on the premises of their lawn as it overlooks the vast sea and the beautiful sunsets. It is quite an overwhelming experience to be part of the extremes of heat and cold. The skating sessions are offered daily from the Thanksgiving Day on to the first weekend of the New Years. The Hotel is decked with white lights adding to the festivities and grandeur. It is recommended to have a prior booking for the ice-skating sessions. 

6. Thanksgiving Marathons for a good cause

Along with the fun and frolic, you can help a good cause by assisting the Father Joe’s village which provides 1.7 million meals through the Thanksgiving Day %k marathon that gets organized every year. You can do your bit for the society by participating in the walk or run through the Balboa Park. The festivities do not end here. At the end of the race, you will be greeted with live music, refreshments and a wonderful beer garden where you can relax and enjoy the rest of your day. This will be one of the most cherished memories where you can be part of something good and positive for the society as well. 

7. Black Friday Shopping

After a sumptuous meal at home or any of the restaurants on Thursday, it's time to buckle up for the shopping spree the next day. With affordable prices and great deals at hand, the shops see a lot of customers who come in to buy the products. Since it is the holiday season, the shopping spree will never end. If you head to any of the malls like Westfield UTC, Fashion Valley or an outlet mall like Carlsbad Premium Outlets, you will get to splurge on shopping with affordable prices and great deals. Black Fridays are the best.

The holiday season is meant for fun, enjoyment, relaxation and some family time. San Diego offers a good amount of all of this and will surely make your stay a memorable one. You should visit San Diego during the holiday season. At least to see Santa suntanned and wearing flip-flops!