Thanksgiving in San Francisco

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Festivities lighten up the city and bring out the best tourist experience for the people. The city of San Francisco geared up with decorations and numerous activities that will definitely make your stay in the town and the festival of Thanksgiving a memorable one. From restaurants that offer gourmet dishes to activities that will keep the family entertained, from the music to art, the city offers something for everyone. Here are few things that will undoubtedly add to your experience in the city during Thanksgiving.

San Francisco Bus Tour

The hop-on-hop-off tour bus is the best way to explore the city if you are a new visitor. The tour guide will indulge you in the famous tourist destinations with his anecdotes. It is the best option when you are visiting the city with your family because is flexible and worth the time. From Golden Gate Park to Fishermans Wharf, the bus will ensure you have a good time getting to know the city. The bus ticket is usable for the whole day, and you can use it as per your convenience and flexibility. For a new visitor, this tour will give ample information about the city.

Ice Skating and Lighting Tree at the Union Square

The day after Thanksgiving, the city of San Francisco gets excited for the tree lighting ceremony at the Union Square. The tall Christmas tree at the Square is brightly lit,and the event begins at 6 in the evening. Adjacently, the ice skating rink is another attraction that gets a lot of people together. Basking in the glory of the illuminated tree, the ice-skating rink receives people excitedly reveling in the ice rink and trying to stay upright while others seamlessly glide on the ice. It is a sight to relish upon and an opportunity to try ice skating. The admission to the Union Square tree-lighting is free while there is a nominal fee for the ice-skating rink. 

Visiting the Museum of Modern Art

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is one of the contending museums to house some of the world’s best contemporary and modern art. The artwork and installation will definitely blow your mind away and give you a fresh perspective on art. With the redesigned and revamped structure, the viewing experience will be ineffable. During Thanksgiving, the special fall exhibits are the ones to look out for.

Hop on the Unthanksgiving Day Cruise

The cruise to Alcatraz Island will give you an insight into the history and roots of the city’s people. It’s called the Unthanksgiving Day to commemorate the 1969-1971 residence by the Indians of All tribes in the Island and to honor their indigenous traditions. The Indigenous Peoples Sunrise Ceremony is what the event is otherwise called. The event is quite educative for the children to witness and learn about the roots and history of America.  An added advantage is that the cruise is free for children below 5 years of age. It is the only cruise that works on Thanksgiving Day. It is an excellent way to realize and be thankful for the things we have.

Visiting the California Academy of Sciences 

The holiday season can get the children restless and bored. One of the outdoor activities that will keep the children involved and entertained is visiting the California Academy of Sciences. It includes a natural history museum, an all-digital planetarium, and an aquarium. It will enthrall the children as well as first-time visitors to San Francisco. They have many educational programs and activities that are exciting and fun.

Strolling the Mission Dolores Park

The Mission Dolores Park offers you breathtaking views of the city’s skyline, and it’s a perfect place to have a picnic spread or just relax with your family and loved ones. Do check out the Mission Neighbourhood for good food, eccentric culture, and amazing street art. It is not a common tourist destination but worth the visit if you are looking for something different. The crowd is quite different from the city’s general population, and you will get to witness a lot of cultural diversity as well. Balmy Street and Clarion Street are known for the eclectic street art that is present there.

Black Friday Shopping and Food

No vacation or holiday is complete without shopping and food. There are countless restaurants that will offer Thanksgiving spreads and buffets. The plow is one of the famous restaurants known for their brunch spreads. Do make reservations prior in order to get a table. As for shopping, the day after Thanksgiving, a lot of retails stores and shops have insane sales and people queue up for an hour together to get hold of what they want. It is a chaotic experience but fun nonetheless. A few retail store close to prior notice. Look out for the shops and be ready to hustle amongst people to get hold of what you want to buy. It can surely get crazy during the Black Friday sales!

The city of San Francisco has a lot to offer right from the celebrations to relaxations; from the food to the shopping. It never fails to amaze the visitors with its lively lights, ice-skating rinks, beautiful views and rooted history. It is definitely one of the happening cities to spend Thanksgiving with family and loved ones.


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