Thanksgiving in Seattle

  • UPDATED Aug 24, 2018
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Thanksgiving is a festival celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November as a token of gratitude for all the good spirits and blessings Lord Jesus has given to them. The day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the continent of North America and in countries like Germany in Europe. All over the United States of America, it is celebrated in a grand manner. In the coastal areas of Seattle and New York the sparkle of Thanksgiving is brighter.

Just like another city, Seattle also has a bunch of amazing activities to offer during the Thanksgiving ceremony. Thanking God for the good harvest can be merriful in Seattle with its magnificent parade and illuminations. In addition to these winter and Christmas fests also colour your thanksgiving in Seattle bright with the ice rink festivals and shopping sprees.

Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving Parade is the prime event associated with Thanksgiving Day celebrations in Seattle just like all other major cities of the country. The parade in Seattle is organized by the toy giant Macy’s.The parade is filled with gigantic floats and toy replicas of characters of both cartoon and film series. Models, floats, and cut outs of Santa , reindeer and all other Christmas related elements are included in the event which occurs prior to the Christmas month. With Thanks giving around the corner, the celebrations of Christmas begins in cities all over North America. In Seattle the parade organized by Macy’s kicks off in the 7th avenue and at the Pine and continues till it ends at the West lake Centre. The parade is a great exhibition of the Macy toys. After the exhibition at the streets, the parade enters the Macy’s shop at the Westlake Centre. Santa awaits there for all Seattle residents for giving gifts and blessings. This parade takes place on most of the days of the week. Anyone can step into Macy’s for an amazing time with the Parade Santa. There are spectacular firework shows and stars displayed in and around the city by the organizers of the parade. The huge star at the Macy’s is an attraction that lights up whole of Seattle till the New Year. The parade is the star event for all the residents of the downtown can get a good view of the parade in anywhere along the lanes through which parade proceeds despite of the large crowds.

Light Shows and Illumination Displays

Zoo lights Display

The city is studded with eye pleasing illuminations and light decorations in association with Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. There are several spots in and around Seattle where families and tourists visit to see the amazing LED creations. One such spot is the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. The animal conservatory is decorated with innovative structures of polar animals made of LED lights. The vegetation too is covered with illumination. The Giant Flame Tree which is decorated with pink coloured lights is the main attraction made of the splendid decorations. These illuminations are done as per the Tacoma tradition. The zoo is usually well crowded during the Thanksgiving Day. The admission to the zoo constitutes a fee. One can book prior tickets to have a hassle free visit to the zoo decorations.

Fantasy lights 

Fantasy Lights is a series of decorative lights display in around the Spanaway Park and Lake. The area along the shore of the lake and the trees along the park are decorated with lights thereby providing a feast to the eyes during the festivity.This is one of the greatest illuminated dive in are where families can enjoy their family times with food and other refreshment activities even late at night. This is comparatively a cheaper destination as there are no fee requirements for access.

Bellevue Garden d’ Lights

This is an annual light and sound show organized at the Bellevue Botanical garden societybeginning at the mid of November. The 53 acres of land is adorned with beautiful light decorations during the festive season which attracts a number of tourists to the area. The picturesque meadows and plants sparkle in the glitter of lights. There is an entertainment and amusement show conducted along with the light show. If you are in Seattle for thanksgiving, Bellevue garden d lights is an event never to miss.

Snowflakes Lane and Celebrations Lane are two expensive residential areas along Bellevue which are intensively illuminated during thanksgiving. Many people stroll through these lanes to watch the decorations. There are illuminations along the Candy cane lane too.

Wilds theme park and Ivar’s Clam lights

There are light decoration at the wilds theme amusement park and Ivar’s Clam Lights in Gene Coulon Park. There are a handful of trees and shrubs in the park which are decorated with about 1 lakh illuminating lights.

Christmas Ship Festival

Argosy Cruises organize a Christmas and Thanksgiving parade along the waterways in its cruise ship. The parade ship decorated with lights and entertainment activities and choir take place all along its ride through the waterway. Spectators can either travel in the ship or track its way staying at the banks. This is an interesting event to participate.

Seattle Centre Winter Fest

The Settle Centre organizes a winter fest which has a lot of amusement and ice skating activities to entertain its visitors. The ice rink which is a part of the fest offers skating classes and ice sculpting lessons for its visitors. The fest begins at November 24 and lasts till January 1st.There is a small replica of a winter train village and live singing shows to mesmerize the audience of all ages.

Ice Rinks

If you are one among those ice freaks, there are a number of rinks that get active around the festive season.Winter fest rinks, frozen fountain in Tacoma, Bellevue magic season ice arena in Downtown Park are some of the options to go on. They conduct skating events and provide coaching lessons during the holiday season.

Black Friday Shopping

The Black Friday shopping spree begins on the day of thanks giving. A number of street shops sprout up during the festive season with cheap goods. All malls and shopping centers give amazing discounts and giveaways to attract the customers.

So, Thanksgiving in Seattle can be a day worth remembering if you can enjoy your day visiting these places availing the entertainment and amusement options that are put up exclusively for the festivity.