What Makes Indians the Best and the Worst Travelers

By Neha Kapoor on Jan 15, 2016
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Indian travelers might come across as a bunch of crazy lot to people who hardly know them. But, there is something that makes us unique and distinct (both better as well as worse) when it comes to exploring the world around. On the one hand while we are endowed with a DNA constitution that defies the civic rules and regulations, on the other hand there are certain cultural characteristics that make us better than the rest of the travelling world. Let us have a look at those practices that make Indian travelers an interesting species to study:


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What makes us better

Better points first to raise your expectations:

1. Indians are born with a natural talent to haggle!

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Bargaining runs in our blood and we leave no stones upturned to practice it anywhere and everywhere in this world. So while the Westerners are most of the times easily made to believe in the inflated prices, we Indians know how to bring down a 100 to 10! Even though this inborn talent might put you in embarrassing situations at times, it is still a talent that should be lauded.

2. We travel in groups! 

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While solo travelling might have become a trending phenomenon amongst Westerners and even Indians to a certain level, still you will see a lot of Indian travelers travelling in groups. The mamas, tayas, chachas, buas, maasis walk and talk in groups. Might seem as a crazy lot at times, but then since families are so much important to us, why to leave them at home and travel alone?

3. Ghar ka khana is the best!  

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While this tendency to carry food with us to almost all the locations might just make us fall under the category of fussy travelers, it does help us in keeping travel diseases at bay. And of course, this way we tend to save a lot!

4. The Great Indian Smile! 

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Believe it or not, we Indians perpetually carry a beautiful smile even while travelling. While we might not just smile at the right places and at right people all the time, it’s still there beautiful and inviting.

5. Taking a shower daily even while travelling comes necessarily to us.

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While the westerners can comfort themselves by skipping their baths for one or two days, it is actually a ritual for us that we can’t for go.

6. We love to chat while travelling!

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While the world may consider as the noisy lot, talking to each other while travelling is one quality that we love to possess. And we are proud of it! Nobody in this world can beat our cathartic chats that can range from politics, world, philosophy, sex, bitching and every possible topic in this world!

7. The essential Indian! 

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While displaying one’s nationality might go against the tenets of globalization in today’s world, Indian travelers are unique in the sense that they love to display their Indian-ness. While you’ll see the modern Indian wives traveling in skimpily worn dresses, a dash of sindoor, a set of bangles is what makes them makes them unique. Culture is a part of our identity and we love to keep it to our hearts even while travelling to distant locations.

8. We are an adjusting lot.

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Children don’t mind to share their rooms with parents in hotels and we love to make travelling nights memorable with company and endless conversations. While the westerners might love to explore the world, we love to explore each other while travelling.

India is a great country to explore. Make sure you visit this country and experience what makes it unique! Check our trip plans for that!


What makes us terrible travellers

1. For most of Indian travelers, travelling is synonymous with leisure only. 

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While the westerners love to walk, take up hikes and follow trails, its very rare that you’ll see Indians pushing beyond their boundaries of comfort. Sitting and enjoying the views is what we prefer to do. Buck up guys!

2. Ogling and staring are the twin birth rights that we are born with! 

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While the sophisticated lot might have upgraded to the level of spying and furtively glancing, most of the Indian travelers still think that staring is a quality that we are blessed with. And we should practice it at anywhere, any place and any gender.

3. Putting hotel’s shampoos, creams and soaps while we are checking out of the hotel comes naturally to us. 

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This practice might have been born out of the desire to fully utilize the services of the hotel, but then isn’t it too much at times?

4. This is a universally acknowledged fact that Indians love to litter. 

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Whether it is stealthily fishing out the waste, throwing stuff out of the car or openly challenging the civic rules by throwing on roads, this is one practice that we can’t resist even while we are travelling.

5. Ruining the historical monuments with our proclamations of love comes naturally to us. 

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Indian lovers love to show how much they love each other. Whether it’s uo;Suresh loves Anju” or uo;Mahesh loves Tina”, we want to immortalize our love by inscribing it on historical monuments.

6. We love our food to such an extent that everywhere we just wish to have food that gives us a feeling of being at home. 

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So even if we are in London or in Mexico, we still want to visit restaurants that serve Indian food. Westerners love to try new cuisines and textures of food, a quality that comes hard to us.

7.  We revel in window shopping. Period!

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The problem is that we don’t go beyond that. We are an inquisitive lot and asking the prices of all the things on display even without the purpose of purchasing is what defines our shopping.

8. Asking personal questions from the fellow travelers doesn’t come across as awkward to us! 

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We think that it is ok to ask salaries and relationship status from people whom we find interesting enough to talk.

Disclaimer: All the opinions stated above do not apply to all the Indian travelers!

Is there any other positive or negative attribute of Indian travelers that you wish would have been a part of this blog? Let us know. We would love to add!

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