14 Best Piers Around the World

By Sameer Kapoor on Oct 12, 2015
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If you are a hard core traveller, and love to explore an array of natural manifestations in the world then you shall perhaps need another life to finish your bucket list. Apart from the natural beauty which surfaces itself through beaches, mountains, lakes, falls and what not, it is also interesting to see how human beings have further beautified the naturescape through their art of construction. Today we going to display a range of the best piers (the raised structures supported with pillars) around the world that seamlessly blend with the water bodies to which they lead on to. Have a look:

1. Huntington Beach Pier, USA

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Huntington Beach Pier is 15.4 KM long making it one of the longest piers in the world and definitely the longest on the west coast! In today's time it comes to represent the surf city USA.

2. Virginia Beach Pier, USA

The Virginia Beach Pier is one of the most popular attractions on east coast. This is a fishing pier where the locals and visitors come to sample their favourite fishes.

3. Pier at Imperial Beach, San Diego

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The pier at Imperial Beach in San Diego is known for unravelling breathtaking sunset views and clean swimming waters at its base throughout the year. Check out the most beautiful piers in San Diego.

4. Pier 39, San Francisco

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San Francisco’s most famous pier, Pier39 facilitates waterfront dining, shopping and amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It also serves as a viewing platform to observe resident lions basking in the California sun.

5. Scripps Pier, La Jolla

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Although Scripps Pier in La Jolla is not for public use, but it is simply spectacular and is one of the longest research piers on the southern California coast.

6. Naples Pier

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Historic Naples Pier extends out into the Gulf of Mexico and is a popular spot for casting a line and or watching a southwest Florida sunset.

7. Clevedon Pier, UK

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Clevedon Pier in UK is definitely one of the most beautiful piers in England.

8. Busselton Jetty

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Busselton Jetty is 1,841 meters long, the longest in the southern Hemisphere.

9. Los Muertos Pier, Mexico

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Los Muertos Pier in Mexico is especially popular with couples- Los Muertos is one of Puerto Vallarta’s most romantic place.

10. Umhlanga Pier, South Africa

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Umhlanga Pier in South Africa has a distinctive whale bone structure that won the South African national Award for outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement.

11. Kastrup Pier, Denmark

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Kastrup Pier in Denmark is built up in such a shape that its end encircles an outdoor swimming area.

12. Harborwalk, Boston

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Boston’s popular Harborwalk covers its neighbourhood along the seafront that houses some of the city’s best museum waterfront restaurants and hotels. With such an outstanding view it's hard to call it one of the best piers in the world!

13. Scheveningen Pier, Netherlands

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Scheveningen Pier in Netherlands is unique because of its unusual construction that comprises of four island-type sections and upper and lower areas.

14. Stearns Wharf pier in Santa Barbara, California

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Wharf pier in Santa Barbara, California is more than 130 years old and is perfect place for whale watching during spring and summers.

Walking on one of these best piers on earth can render you an unparalleled experience, one that converses between human effort and natural form. Which one would you like to visit?

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