Vienna - Culturally Driven City With Best Coffee Houses

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Vienna: a city of culture, classical music, ancient architecture and a heaven for Theatre lovers! That's how many poet and travelers has defined Vienna. Its elegance and tradition dominates the center. Take a tour in the first districts of the city and you will see brilliant architectural work in the form of museums, theatres, palaces and churches. But are these the only things Vienna has? Tourists who are in ignorance of the true beauty of Vienna come up with the belief that this beautiful Austrian Capital has nothing more to offer apart from architecture. 

Pity those travelers who missed out in seeing the hidden treasure of this city. Dig a little deeper into the core  and you will come across the young soul of this ethnic city which is  bohemian in nature and trendy in style. Unlike the orthodox face that Vienna  portrays, it's care free soul loves to party till the wee hours in the night. Long story short, Vienna has much more to give than just cakes and cathedrals. And to see it, you need to explore the pulsating vibe secretly staying behind the old walls.

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Treating Sweet Tooth With "Kaffeehauses”

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If you have a sweet tooth, Vienna coffee houses or "Kaffehauses" is the medicine for you. Offering creamy concoctions paired with confectionery masterpieces, these coffee houses promises to stay on your tongue till long after. Its laid back ambience let you enjoy a cozy afternoon with friends or just by reading books. Unlike the classy cafes that comes with guidelines, the fancy-free coffee houses nestled in every corner of the lanes  boasts about its casual attitude. That's why, Vienna café’s are often described as the ‘living room outside the house'.

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Admiring The Inspirational Artwork

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Inspirational artwork or architectural masterpiec? Vienna is your answer! Right from its palaces and cathedrals to its museums, Vienna is filled with  architectural treasures. Love it or hate, you cannot ignore the museums of Vienna.  Start off your journey from MuseumQuartier. You cannot overlook its exhibitions. Whether it is temporary or permanent, both are equally jaw dropping. Besides, how can you forget Belvedere! It is the famous two Baroque palaces where you can see exclusive paintings of famous Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt. Competing with museums, cathedrals are not far behind! Especially Church am Steinhof - an ideal example of Viennese Art Nouveau which is enough to keep you in awe of its eternal beauty for quite some time. 

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Swaying With Classical Music And Opera

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Does your heart sway with classical music or are you an opera buff? Remember to add the names of the Vienna State Opera and Vienna Philharmonic in your bucket list. However, buy tickets in advance. Still, if it is a last minute decision,  buy tickets on discount from the Tourism Office. Else, attend the Sunday morning performances by professional opera singers with orchestra at Augustiner Church. However, beware of people in period costumes trying to sell off tickets of so called "best concerts”.

Exploring Outdoor Markets

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Vienna has a long historical connection with the Turks. In fact, Turkish immigration  has immensely influenced Vienna's food habits. You can make out that from the fresh food city markets in Vienna selling Turkish goodies like creamy spreads, flat breads, olives and stuffed peppers. Wondering which one to go up? Naschmarkt is the local's favorite. Around 500 years old, this market is crowded with stalls and permanent shops. Here, you get everything related to food; right from fresh vegetables and colored fruits to spices and ready-to-eat authentic cuisines. Not to miss out the bakeries selling freshly baked breads. The aroma of the breads is surely going to pull you. 

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Tasting Viennese Wine

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Vienna trip is incomplete without tasting its traditional wines. And when it comes to wine, Heurigers family wine tavern restaurants are the best place to look up. Settled near the vineyard at the edge of the city, Heurigers bring locals and tourists together over a glass of wine. Yes, you heard it right! Vienna has vineyard right within the city border. Come in a weekend afternoon and you will see how people have ‘heart to heart’ conversation with strangers and ends up building a lasting friendship.

Wandering In Downtown Hipster

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Wondering where Vienna’s heart lies? Come to the Danube Canal and check the brightly colored street arts that prove Vienna is still young at heart. The most surprising fact is, the entire region is devoted to these awe-inspiring street arts. People say that this region is a den for hipsters. It’s maybe because the free-spirit attitude of these people are far different from the orthodox face of the city. Dotted with late night clubs, outdoor bars and restaurants, this region let you know how Vienna's nightlife is. 

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Did we miss out anything? Brainstorm whatever more ideas come up to explore Vienna in a better way and remember to add it in your bucket list. I have done it already!

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