A slice Of Heaven - Get Ready To Explore The Beautiful Pakistan You Did Not Know About!

Explore The Beautiful Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful country to visit- it has vast natural wonders as well as architecturally mesmerizing structures, it has intriguing archaeological sites as well as captivating valleys. Sharing it's history with India, the nation has a lot in common with us- the love for Bollywood movies, the delectable food dishes, the love we have for Coke Studio, the passion for cricket and the common man’s dream of achieving peace and finding solace in each other. No country is problem free and Pakistan is no exception. Having said that, it should not stop you from visiting this marvellous country.

Here’s where you should go while you explore the beautiful Pakistan:

Neelum Valley:

Named after the Neelam River, the Neelum Valley is a mesmerizing bow-shaped valley situated in the Azad Kashmir region. Towering mountains, a bustling river, chirping birds, lush green forests and stunning landscapes-all these make up the Neelum Valley.

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Hingol National Park:

Declared a reserve area in the year 1988, the Hingol National Park is the largest national park in Pakistan and covers an area of approximately 610,043 hectares. Located 190 kilometres from Karachi, the park is known to be home to 65 species of reptiles and amphibians, 180 species of birds and 35 species of mammals. It is a heaven for nature lovers.


Ever since I read about this ancient well planned city in my history text book, I have always wanted to visit Mohenjo-Daro. It was one of the largest settlements of the Indus Valley Civilization. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it stands tall above the fertile plains of rural Sindh and is a breathtaking spectacle.

Lake Saif-ul-Malook:

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A popular tourist resort, Lake Saif-ul-Malook comes with an interesting story. It is said that a Persian prince fell in love with a fairy princess. A cave found near the lake is where the couple hid from a giant who pursued them. Due to some miracle, the giant turned into a statue and the couple was saved. One of the highest lakes in Pakistan, it is accessible only during the summers and is off limits during other seasons.

Shandur Top:

Play Polo on the top of the world! Host to the Shandur Polo Festival, the Shandur Top is a plateau located at a height of 12,200 feet. Often called the ‘Roof of the World’, this is where the Hindu Kush, Karakoram and Pamir ranges meet. Love Polo? You have to visit Shandur Top during the Polo festival.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Taxila or Takshashila is an archaeological site situated near Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Considered to be the oldest and earliest universities in the world, this beautiful site is now under threat from looting, war and insufficient management.


PC: Danial Shah

For trekking enthusiast, Concordia is the place to be. Surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the world, Concordia is situated in the heart of the Karakoram Range and is the gateway to many different treks.

Badshahi Masjid:

Situated in Lahore, the Badshahi Masjid is an architecturally stunning place of worship. Constructed between 1671 and 1673 this mosque was build during Emperor Aurangzeb’s rule. During that era, it was the biggest mosque in the world. It is made entirely of marble and red sandstone. The walls and roofs of prayer halls are decorated with intricate Islamic calligraphy.

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Hunza Valley:

Surrounded by 5 magnificent snow-capped mountains, the Hunza Valley feels like heaven on earth. Situated at an elevation of 2500 metres, the valley is a must visit for anyone who is going to Pakistan for the first time.

Deosai National Park:

PC: Qammer Wazir Photography

If you love nature, the Deosai National Park will leave you enchanted. Situated in the Gilgit-Baltistan region, the Deosai Plains is one of the highest plateaus in the world and is home to various types of flora and fauna. If you are aware of William Wordsworth’s poem Daffodils, the National Park will feel like a personification of the same.

Qila Rohtas:

The Qila Rohtas (Rohtas Fort) is one of the legacies left behind by the ‘Lion King’- Sher Shah Suri. Situated on the Grand Trunk road near Jhelum, the fort was built in the 16th century on the orders of Sher Shah. The main fortification is spread across 4 kilometres and has massive gateways throughout. The fort is an exceptional example of early Islamic military architecture.

Kalash Valley:

A popular tourist destination is Pakistan, the Kalash Valley (comprising of many valleys) is picture perfect. Inhabited by the Kalash people, the tribe has its own religion and culture. The best time to visit the valleys is when the Kalashs are celebrating a festival. The entire region come alive and is full of vibrancy.

Actor Fawad Khan recently visited the Indian side of the Wagah Border. According to him, ''From the Indian masses gathered there to the security forces of the Indian army, everybody was very friendly. It shows that the rivalry between our two countries is just contrived and doesn’t really exist.” We second him on that. Peace Out.

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