Best Theme Parks in New York For a Fun-filled Vacation

By Shraddhanvita Tiwari on Nov 12, 2018
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Being a major cultural and commercial center in the United States and the world, the state of New York has no dearth of fun things to do. If you are exploring the state with your family or friends, there are plenty of places to splash around and go hurtling down a roller coaster. From Coney Island to Long Island, there are many theme parks in New York that can be a perfect boredom buster on a warm afternoon. Not only in summer, but these amusement parks in New York have a plethora of fun-filled attractions for families all-year-round. Why don’t you have a look at some of our top picks and visit when in New York? Here is the list!

1. Adventureland: A Place for Ultimate Adventure

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Adventureland has been a favorite day-trip destination for a large number of New York families since 1962 when it first opened. The most popular amusement park in Long Island, Adventureland offers over 30 exciting rides for the fun-loving people. The popularity of Adventureland New York can be understood by the fact that it has served as a setting for two famous movies called “Music and Lyrics” in 2007 and “Adventureland” in 2009. 

Address: 2245 Broadhollow Rd, Farmingdale, NY 11735

Best features: Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, Carnival-style games, Face-painting area

2. Seabreeze Amusement Park: One of the Oldest Amusement Parks

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Although Seabreeze Amusement Park is medium-sized, it is one of the most famous amusement parks in Upstate NY. Opened in 1879, Seabreeze Amusement Park is regarded as the twelfth oldest amusement park in the world that is still operating. If you are looking for the amusement parks near Rochester, New York, Seabreeze can be your ultimate destination. The popularity of Seabreeze has won it names like “Dreamland” and the “Coney Island of the West”. 

Address: 4600 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14622

Best Features: Jack Rabbit Ride, Out and Back Roller Coaster, The Whirlwind, Great Balloon Race, Carousel

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3. Darien Lake: A Park with Rustic Setting

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Darien Lake Theme Park is considered as one of the best amusement parks and water parks in New York State. Darien Lake Theme Park was opened in 1981 and also has a rustic resort where you can stay and enjoy the entire day at the park. Those who plan to stay in the Darien Lake Resort have free access to the amusement park and can have fun at the 10-acre water park, rides, and water slides. 

Address: 9993 Alleghany Rd, Darien Center, NY 14040

Best Features: Moto coaster, Boomerang, Hoot ‘N’ Holler, Shipwreck Falls

4. Luna Park: the Namesake of Coney Island

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The original Luna Park was located in the Coney Island and began serving in the early 1900s. However, the present Luna Park is located in Brooklyn, the neighborhood of Coney Island on the site of Astroland, a 3.1-acre abandoned amusement park. Luna Park New York offers 28 rides and 6 roller coasters, and houses total 19 attractions for the families. In 2011, a new attraction called the Scream Zone was added to the Luna Park.

Address: 1000 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224

Best Features: Cyclone Roller Coaster, Coney Island Hang Glider, Electro Spin, Wild River, Thunderbolt, Astro Tower

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5. Great Escape: Escape from the Chaos

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Owned and managed by Six Flags New York, Great Escape covers a huge area of 351 acres and is open for the public from May through October. Opened in 1954, Great Escape can be a wonderful choice if you are planning to organize a New York Theme Party on any occasion. Ever since its opening, the park has added several milestones to its entertainment part including the Splashwater Kingdom and Children’s Theme Area. 

Address: 89 Six Flags Dr, Queensbury, NY 12804-6215

Best Features: Ghosttown, Timbertown, Fest Area, International Village & Storytown, Giant Wheel, Comet

6. Enchanted Forest Water Safari: The Most Unforgettable Safari

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The Enchanted Forest Water Safari can be one of the best NY vacation destinations to have fun with family. Located in Upstate New York, the Enchanted Forest Water Safari is the largest water theme park in New York. The park features 50 regular rides and 32 water rides promising a wonderful day outdoors. You will also find a gift shop to buy anything you need. Besides, if you want to add more fun to your visit, plan to stay at the Enchanted Forest Resort. 

Address: 3183 NY-28, Old Forge, NY 13420, USA

Best Features: Storybook theme characters, Family Circus Show, Classic Amusement Rides

7. Huck Finn's Playland: A Paradise for Young Children

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One of the newest amusement parks in New York, Huck Finn’s Playland features all the rides by the Hoffman’s Playland, a former amusement park in New York that was closed in 2014. Huck Finn’s Playland was built on the 3-acre free area on the site of Hoffman’s Playland. It also features a warehouse, an arcade, and a concession building. Huck Finn’s Playland is comparatively smaller than other amusement parks in New York and most of the rides available here are designed for the younger children. 

Address: 25 Erie Blvd, Albany, NY 12204

Best Features: Huck Finn's Playland Railroad, Merry-Go-Round, Umbrella Ride, Tilt-a-Whirl, Sky Fighter Jets

8. Playland Park: the Waterfront Entertainment

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Also known as Rye Playland, Playland Amusement Park features over 50 rides for kids and adults. This seasonal amusement park is owned by Westchester County and its waterfront area also serves as a venue for various entertainment shows such as Oh-Zone, New York Nights, and Magic & Spice. On Friday nights, you can also enjoy the fireworks show at Playland Park. 

Address: 1 Playland Pkwy, Rye, NY 10580

Best Features: Dragon Coaster, Crazy Mouse, Super Flight, Kiddie Coaster, Family Flyer

9. Fantasy Island: Living the Fantasy

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One of the best family amusement parks in New York, Fantasy Island offers over 40 exciting rides, wonderful entertainment shows, and interesting attractions. Fantasy Island was first opened in 1961 and offers unforgettable amusement to the New York visitors from May through September. Owned by Apex Parks Group, Fantasy Island is located over an area of 85 acres. You will also find 7 water rides inside Fantasy Island. 

Address: 2400 Grand Island Blvd, Grand Island, NY 14072

Best Features: Gondola Wheel, Crazy Mouse, Silver Comet, Devil’s Hole, Full Tilt

10. Santa’s Workshop: the Dreamland of Santa

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Located in the hamlet of Wilmington in New York, Santa’s Workshop is one of the unique amusement parks in the state. Opened in 1949, Santa’s Workshop runs from June to December. The fascinating design of the amusement park is the work of the artist called Arto Monaco. Santa’s Workshop is one of the first few theme parks in the United States. Various musical performances and parades are organized here. 

Address: 324 Whiteface Memorial Hwy, Wilmington, NY 12997

Best Features: Christmas-themed Village, Reindeer Barn, Candy Shop

The state of New York is, indeed, a hub of the finest amusement parks in America. Each ride at each of the parks is sure to make your trip full of high spirits. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to New York and do visit these theme parks!


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