8 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Flight Attendants!

By Mandar Pandhare on Jul 06, 2016
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Travelling by air is more easier, comfortable and smooth when compared to the other modes of transport. All thanks to the super friendly flight attendants-who guide you, instruct you, serve you food and drinks and even protect you from any unfortunate incident.
There is a lot more to a flight attendant’s work than just being a pretty face and serving food. So think twice before you term them as just waitresses or waiters in the air. Here are some fun facts about flight attendants you need to know:

1. Turning gynaec when needed!


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Believe it or not, flight attendants are given training to help you deliver your baby in addition to other medical instructions. So next time if you are expecting, don't worry. The flight attendants will be for your rescue!

2. Following weight, appearance and even makeup, quite obediently!


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Flight attendants are expected to follow strict instructions about their dressing, hair colour, makeup and even the way how nail paint should be applied.They are also expected to wear minimal jewellery while attending flights. Even if they serve food to all the passengers, the flight attendants have to be very conscious about their diet as several airlines follow weight and body-fat ratios. A healthy body mass index is a must for them.

3. Your life is in their hands!


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With their work not being just limited to a pretty face, the flight attendants also have some serious skills to tackle extreme situations like emergency landing, hijacks. In addition, they can also perform hand to hand combat in such situations.
Also, they're trained for situations like plane crash with special survival skills. After playing the role of a gyanaec and life saver, the flight attendants are also trained in heading a firefighting operation, if in case a fire breaks out in the flight.

4. Serving cranky, jet lagged, hungry passengers is not an easy task:


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With a smile on their face, the flight attendants serve you food, drinks and double drinks. But some people can be hard on them sometimes. They'll abuse the flight attendants, behave rudely and pour out their frustration on them.
The flight attendants, on the other hand set an example of hospitality by taking everything that comes their way, with elan. They'll apologise even if it's not their fault. Being hospitable and kind to the passengers is a must-do job in a flight attendant's list.

5. Mile High Club is a passe!


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It happened in the 80s, but not now! If a person is making any advances to a flight attendant, you'll have to face disappointment as none of them encourages it. Plus, it is considered as an insult to the flight attendants and irritates them like nothing.

6. Being culturally sensitive, wherever they go


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Flight attendants are expected to act sensitively, regardless of the country they are present or flying to. For example they don't allow the passengers to show the soles of their feet, if in Japan. Also, flights to Israel have kosher-dining options in order to fulfil the cultural demands.

7. Global ambassadors!


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Flight attendants travel all over the world and in return, learn various languages from different countries. If you want to learn something new, just talk to your flight attendants who will be more than happy to share their diverse experiences with you.

8. On duty injury is rare for them!


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In some airlines, the injuries which occur during the on air duty are not cosidered as on air injuries except for the cases of extreme turbulence- the time when the pilot loses control of the flight and the aircraft sustains some damage.  Hence, the mid-flight bumps and injuries due to them are common for the flight attendants. Still without any complains, they continue to do their job.
While de-boarding the flight, majority of passengers don't respond to the flight attendant's 'Thank You'. So next time, when you are travelling by flight, don't forget to thank the person who has helped you for making your long flight, a smooth experience.  A little recognition as a fellow human being will not do you any harm.
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