14 Things that Northerners Miss as They Shift to London

By Sameer Kapoor on Oct 05, 2015
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London has always been considered as the centre of business and power that attracts a lot of immigrants from the rest of England and around the world. People from Northern cities of England such as Newcastle upon Tyne, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham or Sheffield see London as the city of dreams where their aspirations for career and business can come true. However, the nostalgia for the past still lurks as they cross the cities looking for further avenues. So here are few things that they really miss as they leave north of England to settle in London.

1. The Accent

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Northern accent is not just a way of speaking. It is an embodiment of the English tradition and culture. Accents such as Scouse, Manc, Geordie, Lancashire or Yorkshire are definitely something to be missed as you move to a place where cosmopolitanism has taken its deep roots. You might miss the local tinge to what you speak and your ears might just die to listen to that rustic charm.

2. Virgin Air

Image Source: Pixabay.com

There is just nothing as beautiful and refreshing as the rustic air of northern England.

3. Talking to Strangers

Image Source: australiantimes.co.uk

People in Northern England love to talk to other folks whom they don’t know. Well, something not possible in the tubes of London. Talking to strangers in London can evoke that frown on the faces of people.

4. Leisurely shopping

Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

In London, people just don’t get time to shop around. Thanks to the busy culture that keeps them engaged. Surely leisure shopping might be something that Northerners would miss in London.

5. Walking at that leisure pace

Image Source: geograph.org.uk

People walking get easily swept up in the pace of London. Ah! If only the leisure pace of Northern England can be brought back!

6. The picturesque countryside

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

How to forget the picturesque countryside that embellishes Northern England!

7. The authentic Fish and Chips

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

You can find authentic English Cuisine only in North of England, something to be missed in London.

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8. Drinks at that cool price

Image Source: huffingtonpost.com

Well London can be damn expensive and the same is true for drinks as well. Northerners might miss the cheap prices at which they could procure drinks there!

9. The hippy culture

Image Source: Pixabay.com

In the north of England you will come across instances of hippy culture, something to be missed amidst the proper and business folks of London.

10. The Spacious country Houses(actually mansions)

Image Source: geograph.org.uk

In North of England you can definitely get hold of something as grand as this mansion. Not to mention the claustrophobic apartments that characterize London today.

11. People imitating your accent

Image Source: joemonster.org

People in London seem to be very amused by northern accents. Let on where you’re from and someone will eventually make a hackneyed attempt at mimicking your homely tongue. Let’s get this straight; no one in Newcastle says "why aye man” any more and it’s a rare thing for a Yorkshireman to actually say "ey up, duck.” In fact, these stereotypical catch phrases only ever appear to be said in London.

12. Those stars at night

Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

From the north of England you can observe the best of sky with multitude of stars shining brightly. Alas, something you will miss in London.

13. That Scottish Affiliation

Image Source: geograph.org.uk

The rest of England may feel a vague antipathy toward bonny Scotland, but the North is bonded to her by culture, cuisine and rainfall.

14. The English Shops

Image Source: geograph.org.uk

Last but not the least! While walking down the streets of North of England you can view those fairy tale shops that have a proper English character.

Well London is coveted for the kind of ambition that it accommodates but for that local English flavor, North of England is the best.

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