Interesting Facts About Phoenix, Arizona

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People in different cities do things differently and people in Phoenix in the state of Arizona are no different. But an inside look at the Phoenicians would give you an idea of how interesting and amazing their lifestyle really is.

Sun follows you everywhere

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Known as the "Valley of the Sun", you would realize Sun is your official stalker and it follows you everywhere you go. There may be four different seasons but in Phoenix, for a change - actually there's no place for change, you feel hot all the time of the year! During Winter, it's hot and during Summer, it's even hotter. You soon realize the scorching Sun and burning heat doesn't affect you and that you could still take that unattractive selfie. Better you don't sin elsewhere, the Sun is watching!

Cooking in the open is not weird

With the temperatures predominantly hitting three digits, you could easily cook outside. From cooking to baking, you could do everything on the roof of the car or in the open. Now give your kitchen a break and just live on the streets like Phoebe did.

Chase field is a h(e)aven

Every year during the baseball season, millions of fans from all around America come together to watch their home team compete. Phoenicians are no different. They take their game of baseball seriously. The pleasure of watching the home team, Diamondbacks playing in Chase field is just brilliant. If you're wondering how you could enjoy the game with the sweating and the heat. There's a reason Chase field is one of the best places to watch the game, especially in Phoenix. With retractable roofs and a massive HVAC system, it's the coolest place in Phoenix. The experience is wonderful and Chase field is surely the place to seek.

Desert looks stunning

The Sonoran Desert covering a large part of Phoenix would make you think about the clichéd desert scene full of withered away plants and lifeless landscapes. But the scene is totally different in Phoenix. The desert looks amazing, especially in the nights; With the colorful exploding of spring flowers and endless trail of Saguaros decorating the path, enjoy the crimson Phoenician sunset. 

Food is scorchingly perfect


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Phoenicians are obsessed with Mexican food and they perfect them with absolute precision. The Sonoran hot dog, a Mexican style hot dog with a frank wrapped in bacon and topped with mayonnaise, pinto beans, tomatoes, and jalapeno salsa is mouth-wateringly awesome. Yes, Phoenicians take pride in inventing the best hot dog in the world.

Animal planet is not only on TV

When you're watching Animal planet on your tv, you wish you were there. Wondered what you would do if you were really there? Home to some of the scariest breeds on planet, Phoenix is full of scorpions, rattle rattlesnakes, coyotes and if you're lucky you could even find jaguars and mountain lions. Sleep to the soothing lullaby of coyotes and wake up to the sting of a scorpion for this is a common scene in Phoenix.

Coffee's come with art

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Asking for a cup of coffee would get you the same stale coffee but in Phoenix, it comes with a twist of art. A steaming cup of joe comes either with a heart (please don't consider this a love proposal) or a fine rosette. You could find it in every barista you visit here and you feel attracted to it immediately that you try making it yourself and realise you just suck! Leave it to the professionals, please.

Rains are precious as Gold

With the hot weather taking up almost an entire year, people in Phoenix long for the arrival of rain and treat them like gold. The captivating smell of a petrichor and the thundering sound of the rain is a sweet release to the souls and they run off to the streets as if there's an earthquake. That's how precious, Phoenicians treat their rain. 

Storms are real shit

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Phoenicians have regular visits from the dust storms gushing at the speed of up to 60mph and they totally look life-threatening. The storms and the hurling of winds will make you run for your dear life and it totally looks apocalyptic. Take a bow Dear Phoenicians, you're strong!

Zombie love is everlasting

During the time of Halloween, people in Phoenix dress themselves up in scary Halloween costumes that will give you a heart attack. It's like 'Walking dead' on the streets but alive. The costumes are planned months in advance and zombies be very scared!
Phoenicians do burn like the bird phoenix but they come alive and dance to the rhythm of life.
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