Things That Every Traveller Should Do In Jaisalmer

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Explore the Golden City Jaisalmer which welcomes travelers irrespective of the age and allow them to enjoy amemorable holiday as the region is loaded with fabulous wonders. One of the most beautiful regions of the Rajput kingdom Jaisalmer is loaded with wonderful attractions andmarvelous constructions. The region reflects the art and architecture of the Rajput’s and one can see the bewitching palaces, sand dunes, interesting museums and many more make the vacation a thrilling experience.

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Here are a few exciting things which every traveler must enjoy during the visit to Jaisalmer.

The royal region

Bewitching constructions: The Jaisalmer fort is one of the fascinating forts of the region and is a one must visit place.The finest carvings and the intricate designs of the forts and other constructions reflect the Rajputana culture and taste of art. The huge yellow sand stone monuments are exceptionally beautiful and stands as an example of the architectural brilliance. The fort is a dominating structure and reveals the wonderful skills of the artisans along with this one must even see the elegant temples.

Tazia Tower:
Along with the Jaisalmer Fort onemust visit the magnificent construction Tazia Tower. The complex is a blend of Islam and Rajput art and architecture and stands revealing the exceptional grace of the construction style. The architecture of the building fascinates people and the admirable beauty of the tower is worth of exploring during the holiday.

Temple of Vishnu and Lakshmi:
The laxminath Temple in Jaisalmer is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi grabs the attention of visitors with the unique charm. This is one of the oldest temples and the temple is decorated with many paintings.

Folklore Museum:
Out of all the museums of Jaisalmer this owe a unique significance. This museum presents a magical collection of costumes, paintings, photographs, accessories, pottery and many more artifacts. Exploring the museum is a fun filled task and offers a memorable experience of the holiday as one can see marvelous collection of goods.

Taste yummy delicacies: A holiday to Jaisalmer allow people to enjoy the majestic ambience and a golden opportunity taste the food that tickles the taste buds. One can enjoy eating pyaz ki kachori, dalbatichorma, kadi, lalmaas and a few more Rajput dishes along with Mughal delicacies. Don’t miss a chance of tasting the delicious beverages and desserts that make people become a foodie.

Jain Temples:
Jaisalmer is one place of Rajasthan with a rich Jain heritage and there are Jain temples which are dedicated to several Tirthankara.There are several pilgrimage centers, including Lodavra, Brahmsar and a few places owe temples dedicated Jainism.

Visit Havelis: The havelis are worth of exploring during the vacation to Jaisalmer asthe incredible beauty of the constructions amazes the travelers. The Patwo ki Haveli, Shreenathji ki Haveli, Nathmalji ki Haveli, Salim Singh ki Haveli and a few more are dedicated beautifully and stand as attractive place to explore. Visiting the havelis allows people to spend an exciting holiday in Jaisalmer.

Desert safari: The camel rides and spend quality time in the Sam Sand Dunes as this offers a chance to see the impressive elements. The desert camps are apt to stay and the tented suites with enough amenities are easily available in various ranges of budget. Stay in the dunes and the camel safari as well as the cultural performances like the Kachi Godhu, Chari Dance, Fire Dance and a few more are much graceful to enjoy during the holiday at Jaisalmer.

The abandoned village: Kuldhara is an oldest region nearby to Jaisalmer grabs the attention of the visitors with exciting stories. This was an abandoned village and there is no clear reason while the place was deserted. With a reputation as a haunted place, this region is most visited part of Jaisalmer by the tourists.

A shopper’s paradise: Shopping is a great fun andpeople can easily bag a few fashion accessories that are of excellent quality along with a few apparels and handmade goods. The traditional attire and the other antiques stand as a special attraction and one can purchase a lot of goods as per thechoice.Even pick the fabulous handicrafts from the shopper’s paradise that reveal the crafts manship of the Rajasthani workers.

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Earn a chance to explore the historic land Jaisalmer by planning perfectly in the lavish trains as exploring the historic land Jaisalmer along with a royal reception ensures a marvelous holiday experience.Just get an opportunity to enjoy a stunning holiday in the striking place and plan a vacation by booking the tickets in the Palace on Wheels and enjoy witnessing the beauty of the breathtaking view in the desert. The picturesque locations stand as a special attraction and there are many exciting things to do in Jaisalmer which offer an opportunity to spend a memorable holiday.

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