10 Realities No One Tells You Before Your First Dive

By Grishma Raj on Jun 24, 2016
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For a new scuba diver, there are plenty of unknowns that would haunt the thought of living underwater for few hours. What if my face crams into the wear? What if I jump into something alien? However, you might not notice their wistful look hiding behind the trepidation they put up. It is true that one needs to fulfill their curiousity by experiencing it in real. So, forget the misconceptions and myths holding you back and muster up strength to try out into something spectacular and life-altering.

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Here are some advices to cheer you up before the first dive:

Attend nature's call before diving

Well, it's quite natural that our body reacts unusual to the underwater atmosphere. That psychological sensation to pee might pop up anytime! And you can pee in the wetsuit and no, it doesn’t make you a sick freak! However to be extra safe, it is always advisable to visit the loo before the dive.

Think twice if you don't know your hydrophobic limits

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Each of us have different tolerance levels. It is good to admit your general fears or even letting out the fact that you have never seen the equipment before. But nevertheless, there is nothing wrong in sporting for a small test dive to see how you like and respond to it rather than living with those childhood fears of hydrophobia! And please, regardless of that, it is also better to leave the speed at home!

During surprise knocks from Aunt Flo

Be it visual hygiene or the myth that ‘shark chases when you’re menstruating’, many first timers are concerned over taking the dive during those days! Well, ladies, diving during your periods is perfectly fine because you sometimes cease to menstruate when submerged in water. The increased pressure keeps liquids from escaping your body. Rest assured, if in case of sickness or excessive cramps, you can always reschedule!

Even after 40 years of JAWS, sharks are no less the same

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Nobody tells you when you might encounter a shark and the fact that you're sure to crap your pants when you do! But they also don't tell that these deep aquatic animals are indeed common to live 6600ft, which is nowhere close to the average 40ft depth experienced scuba divers take! So chill. You are not expected to leap off a boat and dig deep into the blue sea on your first dive. So, get off the fears and start diving!

Kiss goodbye to itching for few hours

You will thank us later. Divers always hope somebody creates an equipment down there to aid them scratch their nose, as one cannot obviously cut the cord! Well, in reality, on your first dive, the experience of new sensations gradually ease your body and the thought of itching might not even bother you!

Your eye mask is your saviour

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A leaky eye mask is probably the last thing you might want to deal with underwater. While wearing the mask, it is essential to strap the mask firmly (making sure all the edges are in contact with your skin), and double-check the closure of the strap at the back of your head with your dive master or companion.

You die if you forget the hand signals

The underwater world exposes new divers to a different environment. Adapting to the feeling of magnifying water and weightlessness takes time to regulate and just when you feel good, all those instructions said on the surface might seem to be pushed back in the brain! Well, do not panic! All you have to do is to stay calm, follow the instructor and enjoy the beauty around. It's an amazing world down there! However, you can always bring your buddy along if you are worried about diving alone.

 If you don't swim, you can't dive

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Being an active sport, diving can be easy for those who are ultra fit swimmers but frankly, any individual with an average fitness level and appropriate healthiness can do it. There are basic swim lessons that instructors might want you to take initially but those are not within time limits, rather, they are done to check how comfortable you are when submerged in water. And unlike swimming, you don't use your arms much while diving. So, its pretty clear that even couch potatoes who can rise above their normal activity level can try it.

To touch or not to touch

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It is important to descend slowly because you might meet the cutest and weirdest of creatures any moment. Hence, even it might be tempting to touch the back of a turtle or the colourful coral, you want to reconsider. Because you have no idea the damage that might cause entering their space. Therefore, touch only when your instructor indicates, unless you badly want a jellyfish to follow you all way long!

Be patient and trust your confidence. There is nothing like that!

You might have a dream where you're suffocating underwater just a night before your first dive. They are common and it is best to brush aside the stress and relax yourself. Remember, a good diver is patient. So, spice up your confidence.

So, all the measures checked, are you ready for your first dive? 

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