Ten Things To Avoid In Amsterdam

By Deepak Kannan on Nov 12, 2018
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Amsterdam being a famous tourist destination in Europe, the internet is full with thousandS of articles about where to go and what to do in Amsterdam . But shouldn't you be knowing about things that you should not do in Amsterdam? Surprisingly there are only a very few articles that guide you as of what not to do in Amsterdam. How unfair!

This is the reason, we've compiled a list of ten things that you should avoid when you are in Amsterdam. Dive in.

1. Getting too stoned

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Of course, it is legal to take drugs in Amsterdam but avoid getting too stoned in the public is the stupidest thing to do in Amsterdam. Remember too much of anything is good for nothing. It isn't cool to prove yourself by smoking the most number of joints. It won't take you to Rio but rather put you in a hospital bed. And things could get worse, you might even get robbed of your belongings when you are that high to even walk on the streets.

Our Suggestion:
Know your limits and stop hurting your body with too many drugs. If you wish to have a good time being high, have booze at your own premises.

2. Buying drugs from the street

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The cocaine that you are happily holding in your hands after buying it easy off the streets is not what you actually think it is, the chances are that it just might be a talcum powder or a flour. If you still think, you can get high then you, my guy you are a genius. You should be in Breaking bad! Now coming to the point, Street dealers in Amsterdam can be very deceptive and take you for a ride - an expensive one but simply not worth it. Try not to make an eye-contact with one of these junkies. If you feel, you're being followed just run, run like a mad dog, scare the hell out of him and out of everybody.

Our Suggestion: The best and the safest place to get drugs is from a licensed Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. And there are a plenty of them so don't worry.

3. Taking pictures of Women in the Red Light District

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Almost every single tourist who visits Amsterdam yearns to see the Red Light District  for real. Getting excited to see the Red Light District is good but don't get too excited and start clicking photos of one of those scarcely dressed Women by the windows. You are likely to be treated with a dip in the canal by the bouncers or by the pimp himself and it is the same for your camera.

Our Suggestion: If you want to get something to make you remember RLD, try getting postcards and other kinky souvenirs from the Red Light District shop of Prostitution Information Center (PIC) and for the no camera thing, can there be a better camera than the human eye? Click photographs through your eyes and save it in your heart for a lifetime.

4. Walking in the bicycle lanes

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One of the most annoying things you could do in Amsterdam is to walk on the bicycle lanes. Amsterdammers love their bikes and ride them all around the city to explore its beauty. Walking on bicycle lanes which are generally red in color and marked with a picture of the bicycle is really bad and is definitely one of the things to avoid in Amsterdam.

Our Suggestion: When you're in Amsterdam, do as the Amsterdammers do. Rent a bicycle and peddle alongside the locals to get the best of the capital.

5. Pouncing on free cookies

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You're new to the city and you are roaming out in the open puzzled as of what to do when you see a smiling cute Dutch boy or a girl walking towards you with a box full of delicious baked cookies offering it to you for free. Your face lights up and you quickly grab a cookie and start munching only to find that the cookie is drugged and then bam! without any warning, your valuables are gone. You soon realize, it is not free and that it comes with a cost.

Our Suggestion:
Acknowledge them, smile back but walk away (on your face losers). Now since you are tempted, go find a damn Cookie shop.

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6. Renting a car

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Renting a car is the dumbest thing to do in Amsterdam. It simply means you don't know a single thing about Amsterdam and its culture. In Amsterdam, the parking spaces are scarce and a rare gem to find. Even if you find one, you'll be surprised by the expensive parking charges that you would be paying for a mere hour. And the scariest part is that you are more likely to hit a tourist on the road as the streets always buzz with people.

Our Suggestion: Traveling by car can be expensive and deadly, the ideal way to travel in Amsterdam is through cycles and paddleboats in the canals.

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7. Asking for Coffee in a Coffeehouse

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Reading the title, you would think if I am high. No guys, I am not hhiiigh. Yeah, maybe I am a little high but the title is exactly what I intended it to be. If you mistake the coffeehouses here for the regular coffeehouses that you find back home, then you are mistaken. Yes, Coffeehouses in Amsterdam are famous but they are famous for selling soft drugs like Hash, Marijuana, and Cannabis - definitely no coffee here! If you are smart, then asking for a coffee in these coffeehouses is not the right thing to do in Amsterdam.

Our Suggestion: Try the soft drugs if you are okay with using drugs. If you are not into drugs and need your caffeine love to be embraced, then you could settle in one of those quaint sidewalk cafes.

8. Spending money to buy I amsterdam card

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Buying an I amsterdam card that is said to allow you a free entry into the city's most famous destinations is partially true. First of all, the card doesn't allow a chance to visit all the famous destination. For some destinations, it is free and for some, it is slightly at a lower price. Secondly, it is very expensive even for a single day card. If you are not a ferocious explorer and want to take things slowly then it is advisable to skip buying the I amsterdam card.

Our Suggestion: Save the money spent on an I amsterdam card and get yourself a real souvenir from Amsterdam.

9. Waiting in queues for long

Image Source: Kristina D.C. Hoeppner/flickr.com

I am not trying to make you all hasty and anxious, yes I do like to wait patiently but standing in a queue for hours and wasting your holiday in Amsterdam just by standing still is a sure waste of time. Avoid visiting the clichéd yet crowded places like Anne Frank museum and Van Gogh Museum. They hum with tourist crowd all the time and looking at the long ending queues, you will finally understand the meaning of infinity.

Our Suggestion
: If you really want to visit these famous places, research if you can buy tickets online and skip the queue. Also, do read this article on the non touristy things to do in Amsterdam

10. Peeing in the canals

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Come on guys! We're all grown up. Peeing in the canals is not funny, it is not even remotely close to being cool. It can get you fined, if that's is what you are looking for. I am not asking you to let your bladders burst but be considerate and just look for a bathroom to answer your nature's call.

Our Suggestion: There are plenty of roadside urinals you could use and canal waters are definitely not the place to shoot at.


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