Things to Avoid On a Romantic Getaway

By Fedora Lobo on Jan 08, 2019
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Things to Avoid On a Romantic Getaway

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Love has forever been in the air, and there’s nothing better than surprising your spouse with a romantic vacation out of the blue especially if you’re searching for the lost spice in your relationship. The beauty about relationships is that if there’s romance in the heart, the place doesn’t really matter. A simple beach getaway or a romantic rooftop dinner far from the city should do all the magic. This definitely solves the budget problem if there’s any. However, there are quite a few bloopers that may ruin your getaway by killing the romance. Here’s few things to avoid if you want to keep the romance up and build the spice in your lovey-dovey relationship, when on a romantic holiday.

Don't Kill the Surprise!

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Don't spoil it beforehand! If you're longing for a surprise let it come from your significant half on its own. Don’t drop hints. Don’t ask for it directly. Don’t force the other to surprise you let surprises be surprises. On the contrary, don’t get too impatient and eager to see the reaction of your partner by speeding to get there. Remember, 'Haste makes waste.'

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Don't Get Too Drunk

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It’s true that drunkenness sometimes helps to create that boldness, madness and craziness in a relationship. But not always. Keep the romantic getaway sober. Be in your senses to live those priceless romantic moments.

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Don’t Stick to A Tight Budget

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We know you don’t want this single getaway to get you bankrupt. But neither would your partner want that for you. Do not let the fear of spending too much get in the way of the fun and romance. It’s ok to spend a little more and it’s ok to treat the other for a change. It’s not cool or necessary to Dutch every time.

Don’t Get into Unnecessary Fights

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Wrap the fights up and flip them out of that window. Fight are one of the chief factors that kill the romance in a relationship. You don’t want to ruin this holiday or your mood with unnecessary quarrels. Lighten up!

Don’t Let The ‘Hungry’ Become ‘Hangry’

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Shoddy behavior is not acceptable. In the bargain of your big surprise getaway or the joy of the romantic moments you’re looking forward to, do not forget that your partner may be hungry. If you’ve been driving too long or been too busy arranging the line of surprises for your significant half, do not assume that the surprises will please them and the hunger may just disappear.

Don’t Expect Your Spouse to Cook Just Cause Your Room Has a Kitchen

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Remember that your spouse is here to relax and have a good time as well. May back home s/he cooks for you, but not on the vacation. You should in fact go in for candle light dinner or check a famous restaurant in the area and keep the homemade food for home.

Don’t Stick to Each Other Too Much

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We understand you want to make the most of this getaway, but don’t let the romance get to your partner. Spending every minute together might just get suffocating. Give your partner some lone time and enjoy some lone time yourself too. When you’ll meet after this short distance, you’ll will love the together time even more.

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Keep That Phone Away

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Facebook, Watsapp, Hike, and the many apps and games you’re addicted to, can wait. And those business calls can be ignored for a day or two. The best way to keep it romantic is to start by paying attention to each other. Everything else can be put on standby.

This Isn’t a Business Trip

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Remember this is a romantic getaway, not a business trip. Make sure you stay with your partner on the trip. Keep the business meeting aside. Don’t make it an, ‘as I’m here any which ways, let me complete this little office work as well’, trip.

Don’t Make Last Minute Plans

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Plan well in advance and plan everything out systematically. Avoid making last minute plans. May be otherwise, abrupt plans work for you, but on a romantic holiday it sure wouldn’t. You don’t want to waste half your holiday planning 'what next'. And if this is your honeymoon, you should plan every detail of this romantic vacation. Read how to plan a honeymoon to have the most memorable moments of your life.

Don’t Complain

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Things may not go as planned or turn out the way you thought of it to be. It is alright! Don’t throw a fuss. Do not complain. They tend to spoil the mood entirely.

Don’t Make This a Once in A Lifetime Trip

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Travelling is the spice of life. The more you explore the world, the more you discover yourself. Travelling with your significant half may help shape your relationship as well. Let the love keep flowing. Keep the romantic getaways coming.

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Travel can always change your life. It can help you unleash a lot a factors hidden within. It can change a dull day to a romantic one and a lifeless day into an enthusiastic one. All you have to do is pick the right spot for the right occasion and put your heart to the journey.

In the case of romance, choose a beach destination and let nature cast its spell on you and your loved one. Follow this tropical honeymoon packing list for that perfect beach getaway.

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