6 Things to Do Around Canal Rings in Amsterdam

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Capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam's old world charm has still survived. Thanks to the canals sprawling across hundred kilometers, islands, and bridges that make Amsterdam, Venice of the North that it is!
First and foremost, how many canal rings are there in Amsterdam? Already in the UNESCO World Heritage list, there are about 165 canal rings and 1281 bridges in Amsterdam. And how deep are the canal rings? They are about two to three metres deep and the beauty of this city is enhanced by these canals. A prime location for some important cultural and sporting events, around them, these canal rings have attractions in plenty. 
If the thought of what to do at Amsterdam Canal Ring is worrying you. No worries! Because we at TripHobo, have compiled a list of 6 such great attractions which you can explore near Amsterdam Canal Rings.

1. Some enlightenment regarding the history of canals!


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The beautiful canal rings were ahead of its time when they were constructed way back in the 17th century. Hence, knowing about what it took to make this wonder, is definitely a good idea. Constructed neatly alongside the canals, the Museum van Loon and Museum Geelvinck are the most popular ones. 

2. Ladies take a cue!

Other museums that will catch your attention are the FOAM Amsterdam and Huis Marseille Photography Museum. If you adore shopping, then visiting the Museum of Bags and Purses is one thing you should do keeping everything aside. It is one of the few museums specially designed for bags and purses. 

3. Celebrate King's Day!


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If you are planning your trip around April, then it's possible for you to witness the mega King's Day celebrations near the canal rings. The canals are full of vibrantly colored boats with party animals. You can dance all the way or just enjoy some peppy music from the bridge.

4. Take a Canal Cruise, an experience like never before!

One of the most important attraction, Amsterdam's canal cruise ride is one thing which you should definitely gift your partner. Sailing all the way to Amsterdam for one hour, popping champagne and enjoying a heartfelt romantic dinner is what your partner will love most. Forget exploring around on foot, when you have the option of floating through the shimmering canal rings.

5. Binge on some delicacies!


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The hustle and bustle of the Western Canal Ring by the day transforms into a sparkling view by night, due to the neatly lit canals. The restaurants near the canal rings have an amazing view and are high on food . Trying these restaurants is one thing you should definitely do at Western Canal Ring. Pamper your taste buds by visiting one of the famous food joints. Most prominent ones being the Seasons Restaurant and Restaurant De Belhamel.

6. Or just chat over some drinks!

If you are done with sightseeing, shopping, eating, then watching a football game with a glass of booze in one hand can be a great idea! Southern Canal Ring has bars, clubs and pubs in plenty. The atmosphere here will set your mood for a party. The most popular bars being the Bulldog, Bar Moustache, and Taboo Bar. We would recommend that you should take your friends along with you to one of these fun bars. Definitely, our pick for fun things to do at Amsterdam Canal Rings at night.
Wander like a mad traveller,party like there’s no tomorrow and experience the extravagance of canal rings like never before!
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