15 Best Things to Do in Anguilla on a Vacation

By Revati Tamboli on Aug 24, 2018
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With a cultural heritage dating back to the Taino Native Americans and a cuisine that is influenced by the Caribbean, African, French, English, and Spanish, Anguilla is a haven for travelers. The stunning architectural makeup of Anguilla is influenced by Europeans as well as Africans. The Wallblake House and the Valley are a proof of this. The Shoal Bay, Sombrero Island, and Little Bay are a haven for all the watersports lovers. In this article, we have curated a list of all the interesting and top-rated things to do in Anguilla. Have a glimpse and get set for a memorable trip!

1. Snorkeling at Shoal Bay


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The Shoal Bay located in Anguilla is considered to be one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. The white sand and turquoise blue waters will mesmerize you. The shore is laced with a lot of restaurants and resorts. The Shoal Bay is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and spotting the iridescent fish.

2. Bird watching at Dog Island, Anguilla


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Located 13 kilometers north-west of Anguilla, the Dog Island is one of the top 10 things to do in Anguilla. The island is mostly covered with prickly pear. You can spot many seabirds on this island. Some of them are red-billed tropic birds, frigate birds, laughing gulls and bridled terns. The island also houses some rare species of reptiles.

3. Day trip at Prickly Pear Cays


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The Prickly Pear Cays is classified as a ‘wildland’ by the Eastern Caribbean Natural Area Management Programme" (ECNAMP). The island is popular amongst tourists for its abundant and diverse flora and fauna. With several sunken ships in the sea, snorkeling and scuba diving is a unique experience here.

4. Visit the Sombrero Island


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Popularly known as the Hat island, the Sombrero is located in the northernmost part of Lesser Antilles. The island is popularly known for Sombrero Ameiva, a widespread lizard species. The island is deserted and only has a beautiful lighthouse. The Sombrero Island is one of the popular Anguilla attractions.

5. Relax at Anguillita


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Located on the western tip of Anguilla, Anguillita is Anguilla's best-kept secret. The island offers good facilities for scuba diving, snorkeling, and other such activities. You can spot species such as turtles, stingrays, and barracudas on the island. Anguillita also consists of a lot of small underwater caves. 

6. Dolphin Discovery at Anguilla


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Dolphin Discovery Anguilla offers you a chance to interact with dolphins and that too in their natural habitat. You can do this at the Blowing Point Beach on the south coast of Anguilla. Also, there are professional photographers who capture your happy moments with the dolphins, which you can purchase.

7. Click pictures at Wallblake House


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The Wallblake House located in the Valley, Anguilla is a museum and a heritage plantation house. The house is considered as the oldest structure on the island. The house is currently used as a private property, but tours can still be arranged. It also has a museum annex which can be used for many social purposes.

8. Become a water baby at Anguilla Watersports


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Anguilla Watersports is an aqua park located in the Valley, Anguilla. The park houses a white sand beach, many water rides and sites for water sports. Kitesurfing here is very popular. You can also enjoy paddleboarding at the park. This place is one of the Anguilla best things to do.

9. Visit the Heritage Collection Museum


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Situated in the East End Village of Anguilla, the Heritage Collection Museum features artifacts related to the island history. The museum also houses exciting pieces on pirates. The artifacts date back to the Pre- Ceramic era. The Heritage Collection Museum is a perfect place to visit with your family.

10. Experience art at its best at Savannah Gallery


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The Savannah Gallery is a one of its kind art gallery in Anguilla. It features the metal sculptures created by Serge Jolimeau. There are many restaurants nearby where you can a nice lunch after your visit to the gallery. This gallery is a must visit in Anguilla.

11. Birdwatching Big Spring National Park


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The Big Spring National Park is located in the Island Harbor. It is a collapsed cave with a natural spring. The cave walls still have the spirited eyes drawn by the Arawaks. You can enjoy activities like bird watching here. You have to book a tour 24 hours prior to your visit. 

12. Experience serenity at Little Bay


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Still confused about what to do in Anguilla? Then Little Bay is your answer. It is the most serene and peaceful place in Anguilla. You either have to take a boat to the beach or climb down the rocky path that leads to the beach. The azure beach and white sands of the Bay are mesmerizing.

13. Enjoy a sunset view


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There are many spots in Anguilla that provide stunning sunset views. Some of the spots are the Four Seasons Sunset Lounge, Quintessence Hotel, and the Zemi Beach House. These resorts offer you an opportunity to revel in the beautiful sunset with a spirit-lifting drink to accompany.

14. Collect shells Rendezvous Bay Beach


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The Rendezvous Bay Beach is a scenic setting of translucent sea and white sand stretched for four kilometers. The beach is famous for sunbathing and swimming. It is also popular amongst the shell collectors. You can have a quaint evening stroll while watching the sunset at the Rendezvous Bay Beach. 

15. Have a day out at The Valley


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The Valley is the commercial, political and cultural center of Anguilla. This capital city has many popular tourist attractions. Some of those are the Wallblake House, Warden’s Place, Old Factory and the Crocus Hill. The Valley is a perfect place for a pleasant day out in Anguilla.

Head to this little hamlet and have a mind refreshing vacation!

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