8 Best Things To Do In Aruba

By Preksha Goyal on Mar 12, 2019
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If you are wondering whether it is safe to travel to Aruba, then know that it is one of the countries that has not been hit by the Coronavirus epidemic. No cases of COVID-19 are detected in Aruba till this date. The authorities in Aruba are taking all the steps to not let COVID-19 spread in the country and it is recommended to take precautionary measures while visiting Aruba. Also, we suggest that you check flight operations to and from Aruba as they might be affected amidst the virus outbreak.     

Note: The Coronavirus statistics mentioned in this article are based on the updated reports available on March 3, 2020. These figures will be updated depending on how the outbreak unfolds.

A tiny yet magnificent island located off the Venezuela coast, Aruba offers unmatched beauty and natural marvels like no other. From beaches and national parks to forts and lighthouses, this Caribbean island is one vibrant hippie destination that serves as a delight to tourists. You can try adventurous water sports, appreciate the panoramic views, watch rare and exotic wildlife and do lots more at this small treasure. So make the most of your Aruba trip with the following most spectacular experiences the island has in store. 

1. Sip some cocktail and spend a calm evening at the Eagle Beach

media_gallery-2019-01-28-5-Eagle_Beach_4ceb26e4b7dc477ade2b9f56be102ce7.jpgPC: wikimedia.org

Sparkling white sand and azure shore waters make the secluded Eagle beach a favorite destination among those looking for a laid-back ambiance on their vacation. Offering opportunities for kayaking, snorkeling and jet skiing, the Eagle beach has to be your one-stop destination if you are an outdoor enthusiast. And to top it all, the beach is loaded with cocktail bars and restaurants so you never go out of options to treat your taste buds. 

2. Treat that adventurous soul with watersports at the Palm Beach

media_gallery-2019-01-28-5-76_309d75a4c6636019f139e5ff54a3b5b6.jpgPC: flickr.com

A spectacular shoreline, soft white sand, and magical sunsets adorn the beauty of the Palm Beach in Aruba. This 2-mile long stretch houses some very posh hotels, restaurants and trendy bars making it a favorite holidaying spot among tourists. You can get that adventure going with the various watersports, sip in some cocktail, have some delicacies, or simply take a stroll along the beach to best soak in the local vibes of Aruba. 

3. Let the beauty of nature and wildlife take over you at the Arikok National Park

media_gallery-2019-01-28-6-70_87588918668c38648f004231fbff79a1.jpgPC: flickr.com

An extremely famous tourist spot best known for its natural beauty and abundance of wildlife viewing opportunities, Arikok National Park is the perfect place to explore beautiful caves, cliffs, and sand dunes. Spot rattlesnakes, iguanas, whiptail lizards and various species of migratory birds on your visit to this Aruba gem. Don’t forget to look out for traditional Aruban houses, old Arawak paintings and majestic hiking trails for these are sure to leave you spellbound. 

4. Explore the island’s Dutch heritage at the Fort Zoutman

media_gallery-2019-01-28-6-Fort_Zoutman_682655e73215fe7da9947a53073c52eb.JPGPC: wikimedia.org

One of the oldest buildings in Aruba, Fort Zoutman stands tall in the heart of Oranjestad and offers the visitors insights into the Dutch heritage of the island. A historically significant building with shining magenta and white color adorning its royalty, the tower now serves as Aruba’s Historical Museum. So, if you wish to get a taste of the local culture, history, art, and culinary delights, don’t forget to add Fort Zoutman to your Aruba itinerary. 

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5. Watch and learn about beautiful butterfly species at the Butterfly Farm

media_gallery-2019-01-28-6-74_3ffd7bc5e3b258ef61f651dc1d32e8e5.jpgPC: flickr.com

If you are one of those people who gets excited with the idea of watching magical and rare species of butterflies, the Butterfly Farm is just the right place for you. You can marvel at the exotic species of butterflies, get to know about the evolution process of these species and even witness butterflies hatching. If it interests you, consider attending the workshop on butterfly rearing and butterfly-friendly gardening methods to ensure a fascinating visit. 

6. Spend a fun-filled day with donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary

media_gallery-2019-01-28-6-75_1a2afd277a54f8b136138613fcc5700e.jpgPC: flickr.com

Probably one of the most unique things to do in Aruba is to witness abandoned donkeys being taken care of at the Donkey Sanctuary. Protecting the donkey population on the island since 1997, this Donkey Sanctuary lets you interact with, feed and know everything you wish to about these creatures. And if you are visiting Aruba with children, this one is surely a must-visit. 

7. Watch the splendid landscapes at the California Lighthouse

media_gallery-2019-01-28-6-California_Lighthouse_69f987aaf60e079946719216058cb99c.jpgPC: wikimedia.org

A famous sightseeing spot abundant with scenic landscapes, sandy beaches, and coral shoreline, the California Lighthouse dates back to the 19th century and is the perfect spot if you are looking for a romantic getaway. You may take a guided tour of the lighthouse or simply walk down the picturesque surroundings with your loved one to best enjoy this majestic landmark. Do stop by the neighboring Italian joints to treat the foodie in you with scrumptious delights. 

8. Explore Aruba’s hidden gems with a Safari or Jeep Tour

media_gallery-2019-01-28-6-Aruba___s_hidden_gems_06cc1d3e0c69b76cc8a5ab5278fe1999.jpgPC: wikimedia.org

If you are the adventurous kind who would like to explore the hidden gems of Aruba on a safari or jeep tour, consider hiring a vehicle and travel to these unknown, yet surreal destinations. Some places you can explore include the Ayo Rock Formation, Burshiribana Gold Ruins, and the Natural Pool. So, rent a jeep and get going to explore the unspoiled spots of Aruba.

No matter which place you choose to explore in Aruba, the island is sure to make your vacation happening and rejuvenating. Pack your bags and head to this little gem!

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