15 Best Things To Do In Barbados

By Ketki Hanamshet on Oct 31, 2018
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If you are wondering whether it is safe to travel to Barbados, then know that it is one of the countries that has not been hit by the Coronavirus epidemic. No cases of COVID-19 are detected in Barbados till this date. The authorities in Barbados are taking all the steps to not let COVID-19 spread in the country and it is recommended to take precautionary measures while visiting Barbados. Also, we suggest that you check flight operations to and from Barbados as they might be affected amidst the virus outbreak.

Note: The Coronavirus statistics mentioned in this article are based on the updated reports available on March 3, 2020. These figures will be updated depending on how the outbreak unfolds.

For a perfect beach vacation, Barbados is undoubtedly your best option. The silky-soft sandy beaches and the vast turquoise waters charmingly lure all the vacationers. But that is not all that Barbados has. With natural caverns, lovely tropical botanical gardens, and a variety of museums, Barbados has a plethora of attractions that would interest every traveler. If you are in Barbados just to enjoy the calm waters, then the Carlisle Bay, Paynes Bay, and Miami Beach are your best bet. Visiting The Animal Flower Cave and the Harrison's Cave would prove to be the best things to do in Barbados. Other things to see in Barbados must include Hunte’s Garden and Andromeda Gardens. Read on and you will know the 15 top things to do in Barbados.  

1. Catch some tan at Carlisle Bay, Barbados

Carlisle Bay, BarbadosImage Source: maxpixel.com

Clear skies, long beaches, and sweeping views of the turquoise water - that is Carlisle Bay for you. Located to the southwest region of Barbados, this is a small natural harbor, home to the island nation’s capital Bridgetown. The capital is turned into a marine park, making it a prime destination to go scuba-diving in Barbados. One of the best Barbados activities is to go snorkeling with a variety of fish and explore the relics like cannonballs and anchors on the ocean floor. On quiet evenings, you may go on a stroll along the silky white sand and sit at the beach bar, drinking in the serene vistas at twilight. 

2. Be awestruck by nature’s wonder at the Harrison's Cave

Harrison's CaveImage Source: flickr.com

Harrison’s Cave is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Barbados. First found to be documented in 1795, it was rediscovered in the 1970s. The cave is naturally formed due to the water erosion of limestone rock. The depths of the cave can be discovered traveling by tram. Harrison’s Cave is divided into a variety of areas, namely ‘The Great Hall’, ‘The Village’, ‘The Rotunda’, ‘The Church’, and ‘The Altar’. All of these areas are characterized by fascinating formations of stalactites and stalagmites. 

3. Admire the naturally formed Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower CaveImage Source: wikipedia.org

If you are looking for fun things to do in Barbados, then go swimming in the natural rock pools of the Animal Flower Cave. This is a sea cave, located to the northernmost part of Barbados in St. Lucy. Using the steps leading inside, you can easily access the cave. Animal Flower Cave gets its name from the sea anemones that are found in the cave’s pool. Treat yourself to the breathtaking vistas of the vast sea from the openings in the cave. There is also a restaurant and a clifftop bar here for you to enjoy delicious food while taking in the amazing views. 

4. Get closer to nature at Andromeda Gardens

Andromeda GardensImage Source: barbadosnationaltrust.org

Spanning over 6 acres of land, the Andromeda Gardens in the village of Bathsheba, Saint Joseph, let you step into the heart of nature. The botanical garden is home to more than 600 different species of plants, including tropical trees and flowering plants. The garden was first opened to the public in the 1970s and has risen to be one of the famous Barbados attractions since then. One of the prime features of the Andromeda Gardens is the magnificent native banyan that is at the center of the upper garden. There is also a cafe, a classroom, and a gift shop in the gardens. 

5. Have fun swimming at the Paynes Bay, Barbados

Paynes Bay, BarbadosImage Source: wikimedia.org

One of the top things to do in Barbados is visiting the Paynes Bay for a memorable beach experience. Also known as Platinum Coast, it is said to be amongst the best swimming beaches in Barbados and is a favorite amongst visitors for the calm Caribbean Sea and vivid neighborhood. The golden sandy beach is just right for sunbathing. While swimming at the beach, you may spot several turtles, fish, as well as stingrays. Sunset is a sight to behold at the Paynes Bay. 

6. Step into the wild at Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Barbados Wildlife ReserveImage Source: wikimedia.org

To wander through the wilderness of Barbados, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve is your best bet. First started as the Barbados Primate Research Center, it was later expanded into a wildlife reserve in 1985. It occupies a total area of 4 acres and is home to a variety of wild animals, primarily the green monkeys. Red-footed tortoises, red brockets, Cuban rock iguanas, and Patagonian maras are a few of the animals that you may spot at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. A number of tropical birds can also be seen here.

7. See a variety of flowering plants at Hunte's Gardens

Hunte's GardensImage Source: youtube.com

Hunte’s Gardens is an enchanting place to visit in St. Joseph of central Barbados. The botanical garden dates back to the 1950s when it was created by the horticulturist Anthony Hunt in a sink-hole shaped gully. The garden is enveloped in greenery and is home to many tropical flowering plants. As you wander through the garden, you will be pleased to hear soft music being played along. 

8. Witness a tropical haven at Flower Forest

Flower ForestImage Source: flickr.com

Stop wondering what to see in Barbados and visit Flower Forest to be closer to nature. Spread over a land of more than 53 acres, the Flower Forest is a horticulture park that equals to a tropical paradise. There are many pathways in the garden that allow you to stroll through the park. The tall palm trees along the paths shade you from the scorching sun. The flowering plants are postcard perfect and a treat to your eyes. As you explore the garden, you will come across different birds, monkeys, and panoramic vistas.

9. Walk through Barbadian history at the Barbados Museum & Historical Society

Barbados Museum & Historical SocietyImage Source: wikipedia.org

To get an insight into the Barbadian history, you must visit the Barbados Museum & Historical Society. History buffs would be pleased to hear that the museum is home to around 500,000 artifacts. Opened in 1933, the museum is housed in the buildings of an 18th-century prison. There are several galleries in the museum that take us back to the olden times. These include the Military Gallery, Warmington Gallery, African Gallery, Children’s Gallery, Aall Gallery, Cunard Gallery, Harewood Gallery, and Jubilee Gallery.   

10. Go diving at the Folkestone Marine Park and Museum

Folkestone Marine Park and MuseumImage Source: climateandreefs.org

If you wish to view ship wreckage resting at the bottom of the sea, then head towards the Folkestone Marine Park and Museum. Featuring an artificial reef, this place was turned into a tourist attraction in Barbados by purposely sinking the ship Stavronikita. The wreckage lies at 120 feet of water and it is recommended only for the experienced divers in the company of others. You may also enjoy snorkeling and other water sports here. The museum here showcases aquariums that are full of a variety of marine life, including coral and sponge. 

11. Have a sunny day out at the Miami Beach, Barbados

Miami Beach, BarbadosImage Source: wikimedia.org

Popular amongst locals and tourists alike, Miami Beach in Barbados is the ideal place to enjoy the sun, the sand, and the sea. Blessed with serene atmosphere, calm waters, and spectacular vistas, come here to bask in the gentle breeze. Voted amongst the top 10 beaches in Barbados, it features a beach shopping complex, along with gardens. You may also indulge in bodysurfing and bodyboarding at the Miami Beach in Barbados. 

12. Enjoy panoramic island vistas at Mount Hillaby

Mount HillabyImage Source: barbados.org

With an elevation of 340 meters, Mount Hillaby is said to be the highest point on the Eastern Caribbean Island of Barbados. Engulfed in greenery, it features several rolling hills and a few cliffs. Take the winding road laced through the Hillaby Village and you will be treated to mesmerizing vistas. At the end of the road, take the steps that lead you to the summit of Mount Hillaby and its marker. The countryside vistas as seen from here are simply stunning.

13. Fly a Concorde at the Barbados Concorde Experience

Barbados ConcordeImage Source: flickr.com

Barbados Concorde Experience is a museum located at the Grantley Adams International Airport and is ideal to visit if you are early at the airport for your flight or having a layover. As soon as you walk into the museum, you will see panels that give you facts about flying. Then you get to enter the Concorde that is on display at the museum. The tour guides offer thorough information about it while giving away some interesting facts. A simulation experience of flying the Concorde will prove to be the highlight of your visit.  

14. Spend some time shopping at the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal

Bridgetown Cruise TerminalImage Source: flickr.com

If you like some hustle and bustle and wish to enjoy some local vibes of Barbados, then visit the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal. The terminal is dotted with many lovely stores from where you can buy several souvenirs. The cake shops serve delicious bakery products along with a steaming hot cup of coffee. Step into the duty-free stores and shop here to your heart’s content.  

15. Tour the historic George Washington House

George Washington HouseImage Source: wikipedia.org

The George Washington House is a historical place, located in Bridgetown, Barbados. The first president of the U.S, George Washington had visited this house as a nineteen-year-old, back in 1751. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the house is a great place to visit for a history lover. Guided tours of the house are available wherein you also get to visit the museum on the top of the house.  

Although featuring many lovely beaches, Barbados also promises to keep you entertained through many other tourist attractions. Just pack your bags and leave for a memorable vacation in Barbados.

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