Best Things To Do In Delaware To Unfold This Small State

By Ketki Hanamshet on Mar 11, 2020
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Delaware is the second smallest state in the US, but it is full of bustling cities and laid-back beachside towns that attract many tourists throughout the year. Delaware imposes no sales tax, so, many may think that this state lures in the crowds only for the tax-free shopping experience. While that is one of the reasons to visit Delaware, it has a lot in store to offer you a memorable vacation. From sprawling state parks to historic mansions, and from soft sandy beaches to annual festivals, there is a lot to explore Delaware. Begin planning your trip with these best things to do in Delaware that are waiting to make your visit a one to remember.   

1. Beaches - Catch some tan along the Delaware shores

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Beaches in Delaware have set a way of enjoying vacations by the sea. For all those who love sun, sand, and surf, this US state is the best getaway.

Visit Fenwick Island to simply unwind and relax, or escape to Dewey Beach to party and have a blast. Many beachside activities such as surf fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and swimming can be enjoyed at Broadkill Beach. But, of all the places to visit in Delaware, vacationers flock down to Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach to have a time of their life during summers.     

2. State Parks - Wander through Delaware’s nature

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For a state so small, there are a total of 17 state parks in Delaware, offering plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors for nature enthusiasts.

Every state park in Delaware is unique with a variety of features. For a good hike, you can visit the Auburn Valley State Park, while White Clay Creek State Park invites all those who are interested in fishing. Kayaking, tubing, canoeing, and wildlife viewing are the activities to be taken up at Brandywine Creek State Park, and other adventurous watersport activities like windsurfing are best enjoyed at Cape Henlopen.   

3. Festivals - Understand the culture of Delaware

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It seems like there is not one month throughout the year when Delaware doesn’t celebrate an event or a festival. 

The Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival and the Delaware State Fair are the two main Delaware U.S events. The Delaware State Fair is a 10-day long annual festival that has a long entertainment lineup including concerts, rodeo, races, carnival rides, and much more. The Firefly Music Festival, held in late June, is also considered to be one of the top 20 Delaware events and festivals. Dover Days Festival, St Anthony’s Italian Festival, and Old Fashioned Ice Cream Festival are a few other festivals of Delaware that are worth attending.  

4. Craft Beverage - Taste some of Delaware’s smooth ales 

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Riding along a crafted brewery trail can be seen as one of the off-beat things to do in Delaware.

The state of Delaware has some nationally-renowned breweries along with a few hidden gems that produce unique spirits. From casual beer drinkers to wine connoisseurs, everyone can find a suitable crafted beverage tour in Delaware. Visit the Crooked Hammock Brewery in Lewes and as the coastal vibes wash over you, cool down tasting some of their signature brews like the creamy ale called Hand of Buddha. 16 Mile Brewing Company, 3rd Wave Brewing Company, and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery are a few other great options. 

5. Tax-free shopping - Shop till you drop in Delaware

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Delaware is a U.S state that has no sales tax which means you can go on a tax-free shopping spree without shedding a drop of guilt. 

While there are a number of great shopping destinations in Delaware, you must stop at the Christiana Mall for it boasts to have more than 100 stores under one roof. Concord Mall and Tanger Outlets are the other places that promise tax-free shopping in Delaware. If you aren’t much of a person who shops at malls, there are also a few shopping streets in Delaware where you can spin some great deals on a variety of items. These include Main Street of Downtown Newark, Concord Pike in the north of Wilmington, and Rehoboth Ave at downtown Rehoboth Beach.  

6. Museums - Get a sneak peek at Delaware’s different aspects

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What can be a better way of understanding Delaware’s history, art, and culture than by visiting its many museums! 

Learn about America’s colonial legacy and know about its evolving cultural ideas by making your way to the Delaware museums. The Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover lets you know about the rich history of the United States Air Force, while the Delaware Art Museum gives you a glimpse of American art and illustration, ranging from the 19th century to the 21st century. Biggs Museum of American Art, Delaware Children’s Museum, and Zwaanendael Museum are also worth visiting.

7. Brandywine Zoo - Watch some local and endangered species

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Occupying only 4.7 acres of land, the Brandywine Zoo might be small, but it one of the best places to visit in Delaware along with kids. 

Brandywine Zoo was opened to the public way back in 1905 and has been attracting visitors ever since. Home to mammals, birds, invertebrates, and reptiles, this zoo showcases to you the wildlife from the tropical and temperate areas of South and North America, along with Asia and Africa. Red Panda, Florida Bobcat, Golden Lion Tamarin, and Swift Fox are a few of the highlights of Brandywine Zoo. Visit this place along with your children and discover a wide range of wildlife species.    

8. Du Pont Mansions - Step back into the historic past

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The Du Pont mansions in Delaware are labeled as museums today but, hopping around to visit these heritage residences should be considered as one of the top things to do in Delaware.

Drive to the northwest of Wilmington in Delaware, and you will be welcomed by the enchanting sights of lush green rolling hills and wooded groves. Each of du Pont stately homes features curving driveways and sweeping gardens that take us back in splendorous time. Be it the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library, the Nemours Estate, or the Hagley Museum and Library, you will be left spellbound during each of your visits.

9. Funland Rehoboth Beach - Have fun with your kids and revisit childhood

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Funland is a seasonal amusement park in Rehoboth Beach, but once it opens for the season, it attracts thousands of visitors every year. 

Although it is considered to be amongst the kid-friendly places to visit in Delaware, Funland is loved by adults alike as it takes them back to their childhood days. It is a small boardwalk amusement park and arcade that is full of rides, games, and entertainment, promising classic family fun. Rides like Superflip360 or Freefall are for the adventurers, while the ones who prefer laid-back entertainment can go fishing in the Duck Pond and win every single time.  

10. Food and drinks - Treat your taste buds with Delaware’s classics

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Delaware may not be seen as a gastronomic capital by many, but it definitely serves some delicious dishes that would please the foodie in you. 

With a long coastline, fresh seafood cuisines are obvious on the menu. And who would not be tempted by the boardwalk treats that you come across while heading to the beach! You cannot miss having Capriotti's Bobbie which is said to be Delaware’s most iconic sandwich while you are here. And mind you, if you come back from your Delaware vacation without getting your hands on Dolle’s Salt Water Taffys, then you will be missing out on tasting some 6 billion flavors. 

With so many things to do in Delaware, you will certainly not have one dull moment during your trip.

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