Top Things to Do in Doha During Ramadan in 2019

By Ketki Hanamshet on May 29, 2018
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Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic lunar calendar, holds the charm of transforming the face of many cities. Be it the pace of life slowing down during daylight or the markets coming alive at the time of Iftar, this holy festival soaks Islamic cities in different cultural flavors than usual. Doha, being a Muslim-majority metropolis, is no exception to this, making it one of the ideal-destination-to-visit for reveling in the festivities of Ramadan. Take a look at the variety of things to do in Doha during Ramadan and you will know how to live upto the festival vibes.

Feast Your Taste Buds During Iftar  


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Iftar is a celebratory occasion in Doha during Ramadan. This meal, taken to break the fast every evening, presents a great opportunity to bond with locals and taste lip-smacking food. You can have a unique experience of dining in a tent in Doha. Many hotels and restaurants go out of their way by setting up tents and majlis to make Iftar a special affair for their customers. You will be awestruck looking at these huge tents that are vibrantly decorated and illuminated with bright lights. Right from humble dates to mouth-watering Middle Eastern cuisines, you will be served a variety of traditional dishes during the course. Enjoy the delicious cuisines while listening to the traditional music being discreetly played. 

Watch The Firing of Cannons


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Doha follows the tradition of firing cannons to mark the end of the fasting day. The tradition was started in olden days so that every fasting person would know that the sun has set, signalling the end of fasting hours. Today, although the cannon cannot be heard at every other corner of the city, it has turned into a much anticipated Ramadan ritual. A tradition followed ardently, you will see  such cannons stationed at few places in the city. If you haven’t seen or heard a cannon being fired before, then this is your only chance. 

Revel in The Garangao Festivities


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Garangao festival is celebrated after breaking fast on the 14th of Ramadan throughout Qatar. This is a festival for kids wherein they wear dressy traditional clothes and visit their neighbors in the vicinity to collect sweets and nuts in a bag. Garangao is considered to be similar to the festival of Halloween from the West. You will see children singing the traditional Garangao song and having a gala time roaming across streets till late night. Now-a-days, the Garangao festivities are also held at particular venues in the city. You may visit these venues to soak in the spirit of the festival.

Visit Abdullah bin Zaid Al-Mahmoud Islamic Cultural Centre


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Abdullah bin Zaid Al-Mahmoud Islamic Cultural Centre is the ideal place to visit during Ramadan in Doha. Through the sessions held at this center, you will be able to gain an insight into many Ramadan practices as well as a few Islamic traditions. Opt for a mosque tour and you will know about the importance of Ramadan in the lives of Muslims. 

Visiting Doha during Ramadan will allow you to experience its hospitality in true sense. Also, it may prove to be an ideal time to visit the city since many of its attractions remain deserted during daytime, leaving it entirely for you to explore. Head towards the capital of Qatar during the holy month and you will have a unique culturally rich experience in your pocket.

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